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Chapter 1

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Dark black hair fell into the eyes of a girl while she concentrated on the work in her lap. She swatted the invasive strands out of the way and allowed her gaze to stray away from her previous objective, out across the school yard to a few passing students. Who was she eyeing, exactly? That would be the ever coveted Shuichi Minamino accompanied by the infamous Yusuke Urameshi and slightly less well known Kazuma Kuwabara.

They were talking just outside of the school’s gates in a conversation that came across as both comedic and nonchalant. Shuichi sweat-dropped at something one of them said before waving them off and walking through the gates. The girl redirected her stare back to her work when she realized he was walking towards her.

“Hello, Komeko.” He acknowledged her in a friendly manner.

She stayed quiet and gave him a very stoic look, not returning the gesture in the slightest. A small frown graced his features, but was replaced with surprise as a girl with chocolate colored hair and eyes that matched tackled him in a hug. This was Shuichi’s friend, as he loosely used the term, Ai Ashida. The teenager was clearly head over heels attracted to him.

“Oh, Shuichi, I’ve been looking for you! I need your help with picking out different ideas for the school dance this weekend.”

Komeko rolled her eyes before dropping her attention back to the book she was studying from and spoke in a detached voice. “Don’t you guys have somewhere else to be?”

“Oh, shove it, Ishii. Don’t be jealous.”

With that, Ai dragged Shuichi away towards the school entrance, but in a manner that showed his hesitance, like he wanted to talk to Komeko more. She dismissed the possibility and her mind finally returned to the task at hand. She would nail this test today.

A triumphant look glossed Komeko’s features as she left school later that day. She had busted her ass to study for her math test and felt very confident that she had done well. Her mind wandered slightly as she kept her pace even, directing herself automatically towards her home. To her chagrin, she lived close to Shuichi. He was much closer than she’d liked, but she was happy that they only interacted on a handful of occasions.

One of which happened around the beginning of the year, when he offered to walk her to school respectfully. In return, she declined his offer in the most polite manner she could. Unfortunately for Shuichi, her politeness was not known for its magnanimity. Her ability to creatively tell someone off, on the other hand, was very extensive.

Why would someone hold such animosity towards a guy that seemed perfect in everyone else’s eyes? Well, obvious reasons were put to shame, because Komeko held a secret of her own. She was only enrolled in the school, here in the Human World actually, for one purpose. She was undercover to keep the stress off the spirit detectives. This was done to keep them focused, but in her opinion, it was sometimes a crummy job she got stuck with that was relatively thankless since so few knew about it.

She had to be uncaring towards Kurama on principle, regardless of her personal feelings towards him, whatever they may have been. This would keep him away from her and unknowing towards her mission. She was placed in his school on Koenma’s orders and was to be there, essentially, in reserve. When the detectives were involved in a case, then she would watch their loved ones carefully and make sure no harm befell them.

Sounded like a boring job, right? Nope. With as much attention as the detectives had garnered from the Makai, she was kept on her toes often. She even had to take care of a matter regarding Keiko, a lowly rogue snake demon, just to keep Yusuke happy. He wasn’t on any mission, as it was right after he finished training with Genkai; Koenma had just wanted to keep his head clear for a while. Needless to say, she was not particularly happy about that. This was small compared to how many demons she tracked down in the six months he was training.

She reached her destination, a small home surrounded by a dense patch of green trees. It was painted lilac and had a few unimportant lawn ornaments, but was maintained in the hopes of being inconspicuous. Komeko walked in to the house and set her bag and books on the table near the door.

The place was small and simple, but generally warm in its candor. She moved to the kitchen and prepared herself a cup of tea before sitting at the kitchen table. Before she would work on any school things, she had set herself up with a few files that Koenma had sent to her. There were rumors in the Makai about a group of demons that had been involved with Rando. Now, they were a little peeved that their friend had been defeated.

Komeko was quite proud of Yusuke for doing what he did, actually. She was disgusted at what had happened to poor Kuwabara and was glad the little spider monkey was being given precisely what he deserved. A slight rage bubbled in her soul over the creep and those who were corrupt in general.

She had received her assignment shortly after Yusuke had been appointed spirit detective. This was after she had spent a few years acclimating herself to the Ningenkai. She had picked up on most of their customs at the time and had the opportunity to see just as much corruption and vice here as she had in Demon World. She also vaguely wondered if the similarities transcended into Spirit World, however outlandish that may have seemed.

Koenma had given her the opportunity to do jobs for him and in exchange, helped her out of a few situations of her own. After all, no demon has a clean slate. However, she did take what was given to her very seriously. She would do as Koenma asked in a way to scratch his back as he had hers. Regardless, Koenma knew, after only a few exchanges with Yusuke, that he would assign her to her current position to help keep the fires Yusuke would attract burning low.

She hadn’t been given a specific name for her position, but what could one really call her? She obviously wasn’t a spirit detective. She wasn’t a tag-a-long, as they did not know of her presence since she had a few tricks up her sleeves to maintain that privacy. The closest she could come up with was being their guardian, but that still sounded cheesy.

She took another sip of her tea and collected herself from her memories. Since training with Genkai, Yusuke’s name had spread through the Makai more and more. So, some of the demons intended to nip him in the bud before he got too powerful. The file glared up at her and she noted all the important details. A demon by the name of Mitsuru was recently seen more frequently around the border between the worlds. He hasn’t been seen since, but the theory was that he had found a way to cross.

She carefully lifted a picture from the file and studied his face for a moment. Grotesque, nearly green in color, his eyes leered at her from a sideways view of his face. Needless to say, his profile was clearly lacking and – oh, he was just plain ugly, like someone beat him with a baseball bat! Next, she picked up a little piece of cloth that was contained in a small bag. It held the demon’s scent and she breathed it in deeply.

One reason she was useful to Koenma was because of the type of demon she was. She was a Tsuiseki demon. She could track any demon down, provided she was given their scent. It was a very natural and fluid ability that her senses did for her. They lead her exactly where she needed to go; it was like the blood in her veins guided her along with intense direction. She could also completely hide her own scent.

Tsuiseki demons were hunted down because of those tracking capabilities. This resulted in the near extinction of her race when it was coupled with their slow development. It was as good as that though, because, to her knowledge, she was the last one of her kind. Perhaps there were more in the Makai, hidden away from the more known areas like Gandara and Alaric; maybe they were stashed away in Kakusareta, an area that was not under any direct control, where chaos was law.

The scent from the cloth invaded her nose and made her blood hum. It was always something that thrilled her. It was the adrenaline from the hunt. Tracking down animals, humans, demons – it didn’t matter. It made her body vibrate with energy that pushed and directed her. Her heartbeat would increase minimally and often she would develop a sense of tunnel vision. She was set on her target.
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