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Chapter 2

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Disclaimer: I do not own Yu Yu Hakusho/its plot/characters/etc. and make no money from this story.
Recap: Komeko Ishii, a Tsuiseki (tracking) demon, has been aiding the detectives in secret. Then, she went on a mission to find a demon.

Her senses were in high gear as she jumped over the rooftops of Japan. She moved with stealth and agility, cold eyes scanning everything. Humans, for the most part, could not see her actions because of the demonic speed, so she had little to worry about. She had changed into a different set of clothes for the time being. She wore dark pants and a shirt that gently clung to her body while still properly allowing for movement. Her choice of clothing matched her hair as well in style and color. It was pulled into a braid that wrapped into a bun on her head to keep it out of her way. Her natural hair color was a deep rich black that had a slightly blue tint to it that was also accentuated by the moonlight around her.

She felt the humming in her body strive harshly the closer she got to an area just a little ways away from where Yusuke lived. The rooftop was cold beneath her bare feet, but was relaxing as well as she prepared herself. She felt the demon’s energy closer than before. Her entire being was alert and she was the huntress – a role she slipped into easily.

She peered quietly over the edge of the building and saw him perched in a tree just besides the next building. He was leering in like a common peeping tom! The thought angered her to a roaring extent that combined with her already pumping adrenaline. She could see as clear as day whose window he was outside and she reached behind her back to draw her weapon.

She withdrew a bow and one arrow. Feet shoulder width apart, she notched it. Her aim held true as the arrow pierced straight into the demon’s right cheek. He promptly lost his balance and fell from the tree. Since the head was laced with a poison intended to put him to sleep, he was groggy as he descended. The quiver in her body lessened significantly once she saw him, limp, on the ground. It was not a second too soon, because Keiko peeked from her window shortly after this.

“Hm. Guess it was nothing!” she said as she smiled cheerfully, closed the window, and the light shut off.

A sigh left Komeko’s body once she was sure she could go retrieve the demon. After she had him gathered up and hoisted over her shoulder, she opened a communication device to get herself a portal. Sooner than she thought, she was transferred to the Reikai, where she would deliver the demon.

With a thud, the demon landed on Koenma’s desk. He released a groan and a disgusted squeal as some of the blood dripped onto his floor.

“Was that really necessary?! And why did you shoot him in the ass?!” he questioned.

“For your reaction, obviously. It was also the easiest place where it wouldn’t kill him. He’s unconscious, for now.”

Komeko gave a small smile at his antics and obvious discomfort. Koenma hit a button on his desk and called in Jorge. Once the ogre came in, he let out a similar reaction as Koenma, but eventually bended towards his wishes for removing the body. He would be imprisoned and then dealt with accordingly. Komeko stood from her previously seated position and allowed herself to stretch to relax the muscles that had been tense from her short mission.

“I caught him just outside of Keiko’s home. He was up in the tree, after her just like all the other demons have been.”

“She certainly does seem to be a demon magnet. It’s a concerning problem, since word has gotten around to her being one of Yusuke’s weaknesses.”

The young lord seemed troubled at the thought, but filed it away for another time. Komeko stretched once more to help relieve the ache her body felt. The let down of her tracking was almost always intense, like a withdrawal. She caught the kid sitting behind the desk staring at her and she gave him a wink before requesting a portal.

She greeted her home happily, then washed up and changed before going to sleep.

The blaring of her alarm woke her the next morning and she slapped it, effectively crushing the device accidentally. She rolled out of bed and promptly fell onto the cold floor. She made little effort in getting up right away and let her mind wander for a few moments before facing the world. Today would be a good day, as there was no commitment of her going to school – thanks to the weekend.

It would be a relaxation day for her. Most people would do something calm and quiet on their off days, but Komeko had other plans. Today she would get to run through some exercises in her back yard. While the property was relatively small, there was still plenty of room, both in the trees and on the ground, for her to use.

Every weekend, she got to treat herself to a day full of this and it was her outlet. Her first task was to get warmed up. To do so, she would take a run, at a normal pace, along the road outside and get a good feel for how things were holding up. This included making sure there were no demonic presences, no matter how slight, and making sure things maintained themselves in general around her neighborhood.

Wearing a pair of dark shorts, a white sports bra, and a light blue tank, she set off. She didn’t need any music like she would see others with as she ran. She preferred nature and the sounds she created more. The trill of different birds and the rhythm her body created between her beating heart and expanding lungs combined with the cooling breezes would sooth her and make everything she did much more peaceful.

Once she was done and back home, she would work on some of her archery skills. This consisted of keeping her position in the trees and aiming at targets below her, each time putting herself further up and away from it to test her capabilities. To get into the mood of it all, she wore a dark hoodie, which was not a bother since she had taken the time to cool off after her run, the same kind of dark pants from last night, and face paint that did its job in hiding her features.

It reminded her of being in the Makai. She was home there. She hunted for food on a daily basis, but did not have to do that in the Human World with sources readily available. The worlds were so similar, but completely dissimilar at the same time. It would raise nostalgia easily as she compared both places.

She notched the next arrow and hit the target below her steadily. After notching another, something caught her attention. A slightly rotten smell reached her nose and she grimaced. The next thing to alert her was a buzzing coming closer towards her. She unsheathed a small dagger and threw it expertly into the sound. Her weapon found purchase sliced into both an insect and the bark of a tree. She examined it carefully and realization dawned on her.

It was an insect from Demon World.

She was surprised by the sound coming from her home a moment later. It was the communicator from Koenma. In a second she was inside, answering his call.

“I need you here ASAP. There’s a portal just in your kitchen.”

She didn’t even reply, closing her compact as she went where she was needed after throwing off her hoodie onto the floor carelessly. She walked into his office and noticed the toddler was pacing around his desk unhappily.

“There you are! I’ve got so much to tell you!”

With that, he unleashed his explanation. The four Saint Beasts were planning to infect humans with insects from the Makai until they got what they wanted, which was access to the human world. Koenma mentioned he already sent Botan to explain to Yusuke what was going on and that he knew what would happen. They would definitely go after Keiko if Yusuke managed to put a dent into their fighters. This was completely logical and she understood her place in it. She would shadow Botan and Keiko to help keep them safe.

She stood to leave, but the door opening interrupted her, in walked Kurama and Hiei. Her eyes widened in a slight way, but she recovered quickly and nodded to Koenma, before strutting from the room.

“Oh, I didn’t realize you had company. You told us this was urgent, so we assumed you’d talk to us straight away. My apologies.”

Kurama’s words seemed to only fall on Koenma’s ears, not the stranger’s that was currently leaving the room. All he was able to discern from her was that she held no demonic energy and no tangible scent either. It was very strange. Physically, he noticed her hair color, ice blue eyes, and two thin black lines running around her wrists before she was gone out the door.
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