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Chapter 3

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Disclaimer: I do not own Yu Yu Hakusho/its plot/characters/etc. and make no money from this story.
Recap: Komeko captured the demon, participated in a small training session, and was assigned to safeguarding Botan and Keiko while Yusuke took care of the Saint Beasts.

Komeko’s midnight black locks were tamed into a thick braid that swayed behind her as she ran to find Botan. A few strands escaped the braid and framed her face when the wind wasn’t whipping them back. Her legs were clad with light-wash jeans and a gray hoodie hugged her torso. She would be able to conceal herself if necessary, at least a little, with the hoodie. She paused only for a moment when she felt a wave of spirit energy being let off. Her nose sniffed the air tentatively and several scents hit her at once. She could smell Kuwabara, Yusuke, and Botan. She let her legs lead her in the right direction.

She rounded a corner, went through a stairway, and saw the three she was after. She waited back for a few moments until only Botan was the only person left. Kuwabara had just jumped in to the portal way, but Yusuke was hesitant. Who would want to jump into a seemingly bottomless green miasma?

“Oh, no! I left Keiko at the movie theatre.” Yusuke exclaimed. “Why don’t you go take care of things with her and I’ll get this stuff down here!”

Botan protested, but he was already gone. Komeko cleared her throat and the blue haired deity noticed her presence.

“Oh, there you are! Koenma told me you would be coming, but I didn’t know when!” She grabbed the girl in a hug happily. “Here you go! I brought an extra bat. If we leave the humans alive, then they’ll turn back once the whistle is destroyed, so don’t hurt them too badly.”

Komeko took the dark bat and they made their way out of the storage room quickly. As they left, Komeko noticed the scent of both Hiei and Kurama near by. Presumably, they were headed to join Yusuke and Kuwabara. Adrenaline hit her veins in a way that was a warning of what was yet to come for the group; then a thought occurred to her.

“Hey Botan, did you tell them about the trap in the castle?”

She paused, looking pensive for a moment. “I knew I forgot about something!”

Komeko sweat-dropped. “Eh heh. Good job. What about the communicators?”

“No worries! I gave Yusuke one before he left.” Botan smiled brightly, holding her fingers up in a victory sign.

The two girls worked their way around the city, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible. However, it was hard to ignore a girl with blue hair in a red tinted leather jacket and a girl that was the same height with metal baseball bats at their sides. Komeko paused in her steps, ducking quickly while pulling Botan down with her. She came up from the crouch to swing her bat and hit the demon right in the temple, knocking him out cold.

She held a hand out to Botan to help her up. “Thanks!”

Komeko smiled at her and dusted herself off. They peered down at the demon with purple and green skin for a moment before Botan pulled the aforementioned communicator out of her pocket and called Yusuke. He picked up quickly and they exchanged hellos with an interruption from Kuwabara. Komeko made sure to place herself out of view from the device and stood in front of Botan.

“I’ve got things under control here. I’ve narrowed down my search because the insects only like to nest in depressed people.”

Komeko looked away from her for a moment and kicked a small pebble with her shoe.

“I’ve also found another spy for the Saint Beasts. I just can’t figure out how they’re getting past the barrier, but, I think they’re demons from outside the city, taking orders from along the wall.”

Both a groan and scream from the communicator caught Komeko’s attention. She looked at Botan and watched her hit the demon with her bat without even looking at him. A smile spread over her mouth as she gave the blue haired girl a thumbs up.

“Don’t worry about me! These guys are weak. My bigger worry is the insects. They’re very hard to find!”

Hopefully this would change now that Komeko was with her. Being a demon definitely had its perks. Botan turned around and conked the demon again when he tried to get back up. Komeko felt a surge of pride for her friend, who closed the communicator after a few more words.

An insect flew right in front of them. Botan pulled out a small gray can and sprayed the bug, which dropped instantly and disintegrated.

“Ha! Nothing beats bug spray from the Spirit World!” She smiled triumphantly and Komeko agreed.

In Reikai, Koenma watched Kurama face off against Genbu. He had just drawn his rose whip and Koenma’s eyes glossed over.

“Oh! It’s gorgeous. I remember hearing about this kind of weapon. It’s so beautiful.” Some drool escaped the toddler’s pacifier-stuffed lips.

“Koenma, sir?” Jorge poked him in the side of his head, worrying about the prince.

“What?!” The toddler was very disgruntled and at the same time embarrassed that he had been caught.

They both continued to watch the fight as Kurama caught Genbu’s centerpiece hypothalamus, so he reassembled with his head on his crotch.

Botan sprayed a few insects to her right while they were outside of the elementary school. They had found several clusters near the place and worried instantly about the children inside. The young were so easily influenced that they could be taken over by the insects just as effortlessly. Komeko squashed a few with her bare hand that were outside the gate. Quickly, Botan pulled out her compact to once again call Yusuke and explain the progress to him.

While she was speaking, a very tall man possessed by an insect rounded on the two of them. Botan fell over and Komeko grimaced. Botan ran, so Komeko followed. The compact stayed on and a few glimpses of Komeko could be seen, but she kept her hood pulled up.

“Who is that with you, Botan? What’s going on?”

Once they were safe in a different room, the possessed human smashed in through the door. Komeko swung the bat she had and followed with her fist to catch him in an upper cut when he wouldn’t go down. She had to be very careful with her strength, as she didn’t want to kill any of the humans.

Botan finished her call quickly and the two gathered themselves to figure out their next moves. Makai bugs lined the walls around the outside of their building and they both grew nervous for the state of the city. Making their way south, they continued on, until Botan had an epiphany. She stopped dead in her tracks.

“Oh no! I forgot all about poor Keiko. Yusuke said he left her all alone at the movie theatre. I wonder if she’s okay.”

“Let’s make our way that direction and see what we can find out. It has been a few hours though. Unless it was a long movie, she may be gone.” Komeko mentioned.

Roughly an hour later, they passed an electronic store on their way. The screens flashed with different news stories with reporters covering the recent outbreak. The mayor had just declared a riot alert for the city and they mentioned the police were detaining people left and right. They closed hoping for the best for the plagued city.

The girls ran towards an alleyway and Botan rested her back on a small green building. The backstreet was quiet, too quiet. She pulled out her communicator once again, even though she had only called the boys a little while ago.

“I’ll need to inform the guys. They really need to hurry up. This can’t go on any longer!” The deity was flabbergasted and temporarily winded from all her running.

Komeko stood by while she called them.

“You need to go faster Yusuke!” Apparently, they had only just beaten two of the beasts so far.

Botan was not patient. She also caught them up on the news they had just seen, while a police officer passed the end of the alleyway, chasing after another possessed citizen. While the two girls were distracted, another one of the infected showed up behind them. Both girls swung around with their bats, but the guy ducked. So, Botan pivoted on her foot and hit him with a roundhouse kick to the head. They gave each other high-fives and Botan bid the boys good luck and farewell again.
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