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Chapter 4

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Disclaimer: I do not own Yu Yu Hakusho/its plot/characters/etc. and make no money from this story.
Recap: While the Spirit Detectives work together to fight against the Saint Beasts, Komeko and Botan planned to try to contain the city’s problem.

The heroines worked their way towards the inner city slowly, batting down the infected as they went. A few close calls had happened, but they were relatively unscathed. The busy streets were fairly untouched by the plague of insects, but both girls noticed a man acting strangely and followed him. His body was swathed in sweat and he held his head after he dropped his briefcase. He worked his way down a side street and they cornered him; Komeko swept his feet out from under him and Botan knocked him out with her bat.

She pulled out her communicator and handed it over to Komeko this time.

“Call Koenma and we’ll let him know what’s going on. I feel like such an operator right now!” The deity gave an exasperated sigh.

Komeko nodded in agreement; both of them were tired of following all the possessed. Koenma’s face lit up the screen as he answered and Komeko lowered the hood of her jacket to speak to him properly.

“Hey, boss! It’s been rough out here, but we’re doing okay. There are too many of them for just the two of us to take out, but we’re keeping them contained to at least one part of the city for now.”

“That will have to do for the moment! All we can do is wait for Yusuke to destroy the whistle and stop the insects. Let’s hope they hurry.”

The call ended.

Komeko had sympathy for the boys, more so than she believed Botan and Koenma did. She knew what it was like to be under pressure to get things done and have it rest on your shoulders. It was a lot of strain and even she had never gone up against four powerful beasts, not to mention in that booby-trapped castle. At least they had their strength in numbers.

With their agility and powers, they should be able to put their heads together and accomplish their mission. She knew about the beasts well enough, mostly from stories that rumored around the Makai. She had even been to Demon City, many years ago, but it was not a place she cared to revisit. Shaking herself from the memory, she shifted her concentration back to the matter at hand, but a flash of neon green feathers caught her attention. She shook it off when she didn’t see anything more of it.

Between calling Koenma again and trying to keep up the pace, the girls had knocked out many more infected and killed numerous insects. Right now, they were being chased by several humans and they realized quickly they were in front of Yusuke’s school. Komeko sniffed the air and her eyes widened abruptly. Keiko.

“Botan! It’s Keiko. I smell her at the school. We have to hurry up now!” Komeko shook Botan roughly and they ran on.

They rushed in through the gate just as they heard Keiko’s screams. She was being followed by a whole horde of infected humans. They saw her turn a corner and run right into a man she called Mr. Iwamoto. An evil grin spread over his pale blue features and he churned out a few insults that made Keiko flush with embarrassment and anger.

Komeko swung her bat, putting a little more strength into her swing than before and knocked out three of the infected at once.

“Good job, girly!” Botan cheered.

They had little time for any leisure as they chased after Keiko and Iwamoto. Botan pulled Komeko into the bushes while Keiko kept running. Eventually, she ran in front of them and they grabbed her, dragging her into the bushes.

“Hey! You’re that girl that was with Yusuke before.” Keiko claimed, recognizing Botan quickly. “I don’t remember you though.”

She turned to Komeko, who lowered her hoodie to say hello. “My name is Komeko. Pleasure to make your acquaintance! I’m here helping Botan, but we need to stay quiet.”

Botan once again called Yusuke, this time to let him know about Keiko. All three girls made their way around a corner as they were ambushed. Yusuke’s outraged cry was cut short as the connection ended.

“Hey, Urameshi, who was that other girl with them? I never saw her before.”

Kurama looked pensive for a moment. “I believe I know her.”

They found themselves in front of a phone in the school, but it was dead. So, they moved on to the teacher’s lounge in an attempt to find a normal person. They happened to stumble upon Mr. Takenaka, but he was passed out. Komeko turned quickly as they were jumped by Iwamoto again. She landed a few hits on the man.

“Run you two! Get out of here!”



They were separated as Komeko fought off the possessed humans. Iwamoto had brought his friends and they meant serious business.

“Come on, you little whelp. We’re not after you, just Yukimura!”

“You won’t be laying a hand on either of them if I have anything to say about it!” Komeko countered.

Two of the humans grabbed her arms and one managed to pull her by the braid she had. She grunted in anger. She was frustrated at not being able to use her full strength on these humans - it was getting hard to control her power as her anger festered. She took her opportunity when the grip on her hair hesitated just the slightest. She used her forehead to head-butt the possessed man in front of her and broke his nose. Escape was hers, but Iwamoto had disappeared once again.

Botan and Keiko stood flush against a wall in the school. In front of them were several of the infected humans.

Botan spoke up. “Here we are, in a corner.”

“I’m the one these sickos are following. Let me lead them to one side so you can get away.” Keiko pleaded.

Botan sweat-dropped. “I’m sure you’d make a wonderful distraction, but it’s important you survive. We’ll find a way. We’re reasonably athletic girls with perfect sets of fists, aren’t we?”

Keiko nodded happily. “Yes and truthfully, I’m glad you didn’t accept my offer.”

Both girls spotted the fire extinguisher on the wall to the right and surged with the feeling of empowerment.

“You thinking what I’m thinking?”

Keiko nodded in agreement. They both counted down to three before splitting up. As the men went after Keiko, Botan grabbed the extinguisher, effectively spraying them as a distraction.

“Hurry, let’s go!” Botan screamed.

However, Keiko was grabbed up by none other than the ever persistent Iwamoto. There was little to worry about though as Keiko drew her hand back and smacked the living hell out of the teacher.

“Stellar hit Keiko! You should fight on the boxing team!”

Just then, they crossed paths with Komeko again, reuniting. “Well, here I was worried about you two. Guess I didn’t need to!”

Together, they all hid in one of the empty classrooms. They moved around and came up with a plan to set a trap with Keiko’s scarf hanging out of the small closet in the room. It was just in time as the infected broke in and savagely attacked the closet; they were fooled by the scarf Keiko left behind to distract them.

All three hopped out from behind the curtains and beat the daylights out of the diseased, Botan and Keiko brandishing mops, while Komeko still had her baseball bat. Once they were knocked out cold, all three of them made their way out of the room and down the hall.

While running, however, a lead pipe was swung out, hitting Botan and knocking her down. She collapsed on the ground. All three of them were surrounded. Komeko worked to beat the humans, but they grabbed her and held her down. She couldn’t fight them for risk of their own lives, but Keiko was in danger. Iwamoto soon got close enough to show he had a pair of scissors and was ready to strike Keiko, who was holding Botan.

Iwamoto raised his arm, intent on stabbing her, but as he brought down his weapon, he was blocked by a surge of energy protecting Keiko. Komeko could feel it and had the oddest sensation that it came from Yusuke. It felt like life energy, not spiritual energy. Worry coursed through her and she managed to push off the infected holding her down and grabbed the lead pipe that had hurt Botan.

Using it to her advantage, she knocked all of them unconscious. She and Keiko both witnessed their skin turning back to normal and Komeko saw the insects fly from their mouths. An audible sigh left both of the girls.

“Looks like Yusuke finally got everything under control.” Komeko slipped.

“What do you mean?” Keiko questioned.

Komeko sweat-dropped and looked around nervously. “I’m sure Botan could explain better than I could when she wakes up!”

The answer seemed to pacify her for now. Komeko lifted up Botan and carried her bridal style in her arms as they made their way out of the school.

It had been two days since Yusuke had defeated Suzaku. He was currently resting at Kuwabara’s house, where he had been taken just after the fight. Class had been canceled for a week because of all the chaos the town had been through. So, none of them had to worry about resting up and school simultaneously, which was a relief.

Komeko sat in the park, taking her time to relax. She thought over the events that had taken place during the entire trial. She had effectively blown part of her cover with the guys, especially Kurama. She knew he saw her when they made eye contact after Hiei’s battle. She decided that if he confronted her, she would still feign as much innocence as possible to keep her untied from the Spirit World.

For now though, she would bask in the calm air the park offered her.
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