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Chapter 5

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Disclaimer: I do not own Yu Yu Hakusho/its plot/characters/etc. and make no money from this story.
Recap: Botan, Keiko, and Komeko traversed the school and stayed safe while Yusuke defeated Suzaku. Then, they had a week off from school to rest up.

Komeko, clad in a black and gray plaid shirt, dark jean shorts, and gladiator sandals made her way home from the park. It had been so peaceful since everything had happened in the city. It was virtually deserted and just calm. With a small skip in her step, she passed by the entrance of the park and made a right. She felt like it would be an excellent time to take a bubble bath and just forget the world. Her mind wandered down that path until she ran directly into someone and almost lost her balance.

She was caught by none other than Kurama. She struggled from his light grip, embarrassed. He looked at her calmly and let go of her wrist and shoulder once he understood she wanted it.

“Are you okay?” He seemed concerned in his questioning.

“I’m fine.” She stated coldly and started to walk towards her home.

She realized too late that she was not very far from his house, having just passed it. Kurama walked next to her quickly and she stopped her steps immediately.

“Yes?” Her eyebrows knitted.

“I had hoped to ask you a few questions about the other day.”

‘Oh, crap.’

“About what, precisely?”

“Komeko,” their eyes met, “playing coy hardly suits you.”

She bristled at the comment for a moment before letting out a sigh. “Well, I was just helping out a fellow citizen. I don’t see any problem in that, nor do I see any reason for it to be your business.”

She did her best to shrug off his query and press on to get to her bubble bath. The suds, the music, the release of tense muscles…

“Don’t you have some extra homework to work on, Minamino? We’ve got the break, might as well hop to!” She saluted him and bolted the rest of the way home.

She entered her front door and re-pocketed her keys hastily, even dropping them once or twice. “Ugh, that kid!”

She was tense now, but decided that bubble bath could just not wait any longer. To boot, she opened up one of the cabinets in the kitchen and pulled out a bottle of whiskey to take a shot. She wasn’t allowed to have any alcohol from the Makai here, since it was lethal to most humans, so she had to settle for something weaker. The shot would take her mind off her current situation.

How could she really deal with Kurama? Should she keep up the façade or spill the beans? If she let her position slip, then the guys would not really be as relaxed as if they didn’t know.

“Complications, complications.” She sighed.

She walked up the stairs and towards the hallway with the bathroom. Her fingers nimbly turned the faucet on the bathtub before working on her buttoned shirt. Her clothing found the floor as she squeezed some bubbling soap into the stream of the bath. Hair piled up on her head in a messy bun, she eased herself into the waiting water.

She looked at her wrists absentmindedly and gently traced the lines around them. Typically, any identifying marks would be something to shy away from. Her solution: bracelets. The tattoos were generally indiscernible when they were surrounded by bangles or beaded strings of the same color. What was the purpose of the marks? They were the aftermath of energy cuffs. Whenever Komeko wore them, she would be able to completely hide her demonic energy. This gave her the upper hand in many cases. She would come off as being completely human to anyone who did not scrutinize her.

The cuffs were also relatively easy to remove on her own, should she need her energy. The downside of wearing them was that it cut into her normal abilities. If she was hurt, it would take her longer to heal than if she wasn’t wearing them. This was another perk towards maintaining her cover, but she wasn’t necessarily very fond of it.

She submerged her body further into the water as her muscles unwound themselves.

A few days passed in what felt like no time. Komeko found herself back in Koenma’s office much sooner than she liked. Currently, she was seated in a chair opposite him. Jorge had just brought them both some tea and Komeko accepted happily.

“The reason I asked you to come here it to tell you about your next mission. It’s purely reconnaissance, but still dangerous. We’ve gotten word that a man associated with the black market in Human World has kidnapped a demon. She is an ice apparition named Yukina. This is a very sensitive assignment because the girl is Hiei’s sister.”

Komeko’s jaw dropped.

“I want to send the boys on this mission, but need more information to give them. You will go to his mansion and scope the place out and locate Yukina.”

His small hand hit an intercom and he yelled into it. “Botan, bring me the camera!”

The deity came through the door a second later and it closed with a mechanic whir. She hugged Komeko in greeting and placed the device in her hands. It was small and did not look like a camera. It was a pendant attached to a slim chain. Looking at it closely, Komeko could see a small lens in the center of the black heart shaped charm. A sigh left her lips.

“Alright, so where am I going?”

In response, he handed her a small piece of sea foam green colored fabric. Before accepting it, she fixed the clasp around her neck and tapped the pendant curiously.

“Is this on or…?”

She jumped in surprise when the screen flashed on to the camera view. Once she was righted, she quirked her head to the side.

“Gotcha.” She plucked the fabric from Koenma’s hand, saluted, and left.

She ended up in the mountains outside of where Yusuke lived. It was more than 150 miles away, in fact, probably closer to 200. The green of the forest blurred into one after the other and made the area look ominous. She flitted through trees at a quick pace until she was stationed in a tree very far off the ground and looked down at the building below her. The scent carried her this far and she could tell exactly where Yukina was from there.

The mansion had a T-shape to it for the main wings and a few curves and add-ons behind it. At the end of the T, to the left, was a tower covered in moss. That was where Yukina was located.

“Yukina is just in that tower there. I’ll get a closer look in a moment, but it seems like we’ve got company.”

As she spoke, a hum in the air began to intensify. A green plane with two sets of blades like a helicopter landed in the center of the lawn. Men filed out first and a man in a purple suit walked out to walk between them. This must be the man in charge who had kidnapped Yukina. His face was scarred, bulged out on his left side and she could hear his thick accent from where she was.

The man made his way into the building, but not before two men followed behind him. Komeko swallowed thickly and held on to the tree tighter. She recognized the men instantly and it filled her with dread.

“Koenma, do you see this? You know who that is.” She whispered, afraid to pull any attention to herself.

They all made their way inside and Komeko carefully moved left of her current position and went to get a better look at Yukina. She saw the apparition sitting with small blue birds on her fingers. She spoke softly to them as she was kept behind the warded window. When the girl went to touch the diamond pattern covered window, she was burned. The scent of her wound hit Komeko’s nose and she recoiled slightly.

The poor girl was being held captive here, all in an attempt to get her tear gems. It was a new time low for her view of humans. The birds left the room abruptly and she pushed herself further into coverage of the branches, but made sure the pendant was clearly able to see the window.

The Toguro brothers came in with the man in the purple suit and spoke in harsh words towards Yukina. She became completely stoic and did not flinch until the birds came back to the window. Yukina tried to get them to leave, but the elder brother crushed the birds in his deformed hand. The apparition wept openly and small tinking sounds hit Komeko’s ears.

She jumped down when they left the room and followed them as best as she could. She stayed outside one of the rooms, just beneath the window, and caught the conversation in full.

“That was perfect, you guys. I’m glad I hired yas.” The man spoke.

“It’s what we’re paid for, Tarukane.” The elder brother replied.

“Now I’ll be able to show off the broad’s gems at the little get together I have planned tonight. Some of the wealthiest will be there and they’ll be more than happy to bid on her jewels.”

A few other unimportant pieces were caught afterwards and Komeko bolted out of there and as far away as possible.
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