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Chapter 6

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Recap: Komeko had a brief encounter with Kurama. The next day, she was assigned to locate Yukina so that the detectives could rescue her.

Komeko hit the roof when Koenma dropped a bomb on her.

“You want me to what?!” She yelled angrily.

The toddler tapped his fingers together nervously as the pissed off demon got closer to him. Her body was tense and she slapped her hands down on either side of him, onto his desk.

“Have you lost your damn mind and replaced it with a squeak toy or something?!”

Her raging blue eyes glared down at the now sweating toddler who pulled at his shirt collar nervously. He could see the vein above her eyebrow plumping up.

“I don’t believe it to be that bad of an idea. You’d get more information and we’d be able to give the boys much better knowledge of what they’re doing. You can handle yourself.”

“I can handle myself against most demons, not the fucking Toguro brothers! They’re demon hunters, not the cuddle time friends.”

To say she was upset was an understatement of severe proportions. Koenma’s idea, after thinking about it carefully, was to send Komeko into the party that Tarukane was throwing. She would get the chance to scope out the competition and report back, but Komeko had other ideas.

“How is what I already got you not enough?! I got this damn close to them for you!” She made a motion with her fingers together that made the prince flinch, thinking she would hit him.

“Please?” He gave her his best attempt at puppy dog eyes. “We’ve already got you set up to go as a woman who declined the invitation. We intercepted it and changed it to say she would be coming. You two look very similar.”

A picture of a woman not unlike Komeko lit up the screen. They had very similar features right down to the eyes. She stared at the picture for a moment and sighed.

“Fine.” She mumbled.

“What?” Koenma looked surprised.

“You heard me!” Her rage returned easily.

“Great! I’ll get Botan to help you change into another outfit. We’ll get you all set up and ready for tonight!”

A snarl ripped out of Komeko’s throat as she became victim of Botan’s tantrum of hair pulling. She was trying to tame the demon’s unruly, curly locks and having a rough time. Komeko’s indignation fell on deaf ears as the deity continued her torture.

“Sit still!”

“It hurts!”

Botan sighed with her hands on her hips. “I’m almost done here. Just strip and we’ll get you changed.”

Komeko, fed up with all the preening she had endured, ripped off her tank top, shoes, socks and pants angrily, without messing up her hair. She stood in a pair of black boy shorts and a sports bra. She was about to plop back down onto the chair when the door opened.

“How are things go-” Koenma started walking in.

“What do you think you’re doing?! Don’t you know how to knock, you pervert?!”

Immediately, the prince was assaulted with Komeko’s shoes and shoved out the door by Botan. He rubbed his head where one of the shoes had hit home.

“Come in again, Koenma, and I get your eyes for fish bait!” Komeko threatened.

He sweat-dropped nervously and made his way back to his office, but couldn’t deny he had liked what he had seen.

Komeko let out a haggard sigh and stood instead of sitting this time. “What do I even wear to something like this?”

“I picked out your dress and accessories after Koenma mentioned the mission to me.” Botan directed her towards a black dress in the corner.

It was a halter dress that would show a little too much chest for Komeko’s taste.

“Any particular reason you want me to look like a stripper?” Komeko questioned as she eyed the black pumps next to it distastefully.

Botan started whistling to herself and pointedly ignored her question. Komeko grunted, but accepted her fate. She walked over to the dress and carefully pulled off her sports bra before slipping the gown on. She was not at all afraid of being naked in front of Botan, as the two had become close friends, but she was not in love with the dress or lack of fabric in her opinion. The way the neck line swooped down would show the sides of her breasts quite clearly.

As she looked at herself in the mirror, she didn’t hate how it looked. She hated where she would have to wear the dress. The neckline dipped down almost to her navel.

“Botan, why would everyone need to see more of my boobs than anyone else has?”

“I’ve seen more than that! You need to show those puppies off. Don’t you think you look sexy?”

At Komeko’s blank look, Botan nervously started fiddling with some of the jewelry she had picked out. She had pulled Komeko’s hair up into a side swoop of waves that looked very elegant. She gently put in a pair of pearl earrings into her ears; they had a diamond that hung below them. She then fastened a pearl necklace from behind after handing her a silver ring. The ring had a diamond center that was accentuated with two sapphires and smaller diamonds.

Botan tapped the centermost pearl above her cleavage thoughtfully. “This one has a camera planted in it that will be hidden from anyone looking, but we’ll be able to see easily.”

Komeko turned to look at herself in the mirror thoughtfully after she put the pumps on. Staring back at her was a very elegant looking woman. She felt disguised and enjoyed the makeup that Botan had put on. Her eyes were outlined in eyeliner and blue eye shadow while her lips were given a light pink gloss that sparkled brightly. She looked down at the ring on her middle finger for a moment before realizing a problem.

“What about my wrists?”

“Oh, yeah!”

Botan held up her finger, silently telling Komeko to hold on for a moment. She held out two bracelets that would cover up the tattoos well enough. The beads were onyx and smoothly rounded.

“Now, your name for tonight is Mai Minobe. Just try to keep to yourself and get a good eye on everyone. You’ll do great!”

The two hugged and Komeko made her way to the portal that waited for her.

Komeko stepped out of the limousine that stopped in front of a very picturesque building. It was not the same place she had surveyed earlier when she was looking for Yukina and was also not in the mountains. This was further away and much more hospitable looking. Komeko smiled to the man who opened her door and walked towards the staircase that would lead into the palace.

She held a small black clutch in her hand gently. It hid a communicator, in case she needed to get ahold of Koenma or Botan, and if that wouldn’t work, she had a small knife strapped to her upper thigh. She hoped she wouldn’t have to use it. A slight panic rose in her mind as she realized she had to walk by a man who had a metal detector wand. She didn’t have much time to think as the man ran the wand over her body. He gave her a hard look when it beeped over her hip area. An idea coming to her quickly, she smiled in a way meant to disarm the man.

“This is terribly embarrassing, but I’d explain myself in saying I have a more creative side when it comes to piercings.”

The man blushed faintly and stuttered his understanding. He finished his scan when he went over her chest area, blushing again at the beeping sound that, this time, came from actual piercings.

Koenma stared at the screen blankly for a few moments, a little drool starting to form on his lip. Botan smacked him out of it quickly.

“Pull yourself together, Koenma!”

“I’m fine, I’m fine! Just surprised is all.”

Now out in the clear, she worked her way further into the party. The room was done up with beautiful decorations that made her envious for a moment, until she kept her goal in mind. Everything was a pale blue color accentuated with silver. She fit right in, oddly enough.

She saw all the new arrivals walking past Tarukane and realized she needed to blend in. After the man in front of her moved, she was next. Tarukane took her hand and kissed it in greeting. She resisted the urge to go wash her hand in hot lava to get the germs off.

“Miss Minobe, how pleasant to see you here.” His eyes trailed down to her chest.

“Thank you for your invitation to this lovely event, Mr. Tarukane.” Komeko ignored his blatant staring.

“Please, call me Gonzo, Miss Minobe.”

“Well, thank you again, Gonzo. I’ll see you later.” She left him with a small smile.

He continued greeting his guests for a while after their exchange, but she could feel his eyes on her retreating form while she walked. It sickened her to no end.

“I’m going to kill you, Koenma. Put you into a hooker dress and see how you like it.” She spoke under her breath, but the prince could hear her loud and clear.

She greeted people dressed up even more richly than she was who just seethed money. She felt completely out of place, but did her best to blend in. She just needed to see the jewels, hopefully grab one when no one was looking, and get out of there. She snatched herself a drink of water and stayed near the back for a few moments.

“Not one for parties, Miss…?”

Her heart skipped a beat at the sound of the younger Toguro brother’s voice. “Minobe, Mai Minobe. Frankly, I’m not that social I would say.”

She smiled at him calmly even though her insides were threatening mutiny. It wasn’t easy being in the presence of someone who hunted her kind for so long. He gave a noncommittal noise in reply.

“I would happen to agree with you. What brings you here, anyways?”

He leaned against a wall, hands in his pockets. His garb was as it was earlier, glasses included, and only reminded her of everything his brother had done.

“I was invited. I heard that Tarukane has something he’d like to share with us that we’d all be eager to see. Rumor has it he’s managed to get his hands on some very rare gems. I do agree with the saying that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but I’m not opposed to other jewels.” She hoped her explanation had worked.

She tried very hard to keep the nervousness from her tone and hoped he bought it. He gave no indication otherwise, but it didn’t quell her fears that well. A sound caught her attention; Tarukane was trying to get everyone to focus on him. Apparently, it was time for his spiel.

“I’ve brought you all here to unveil my newest treasure. I, Gonzo Tarukane, have come into a very healthy supply of Hiruseki stones.”

Audible gasps escaped many of the guests as he revealed a set of jewelry made from the tear gems. There was an intricate necklace, a simplistic ring, a bracelet, and a pair of earrings spread out on a spotless table, commanding attention with their shine. Komeko’s eyes widened in surprise. Poor Yukina had to cry for all of those gems to be made. Her rage was nearly tangible when she saw a small bowl that was filled with the gems as well.

“Perhaps I’ll speak with you later?” She tried to dismiss her time with the younger Toguro brother.

“I’m sure we’ll see each other soon, Miss Minobe.”

She couldn’t stop the shiver than spread over her body and down her spine. It made her stomach flip-flop as he smiled at her. She did her best to keep herself visibly calm and smiled back at him.

She casually managed to place herself near the stones a few moments later, but Tarukane was not far from them.

“Gonzo,” she gave him her most flirtatious smile and touched his shoulder gently, “these pieces are beautiful. I’m pleasantly surprised to see a worthy man like you gain such precious gems.”

She hated herself for putting on this façade and wanted to do nothing more than beat the crap out of herself for being so fake.

“Well, babe, I am quite capable of getting what I want. Everyone has a price, when it comes down to it. It just takes finding the right deal to get it.”

His eyes made another swoop of her body and inside, she bristled with his insinuation of her being bought. She told Botan she looked like a hooker! Perhaps a high class call girl, but a hooker nonetheless!

She forced a smile and kept her voice even. “They are very beautiful. Would I be able to try on the ring?”

She gave him another sexy smile and he caved. “Anything for you, doll. We’re pretty tight on watching who handles the merchandise, but what would you have to do with any of that ugly business?”

His laugh bounced off her and she gave a small chuckle in reply. A man lifted the cover and she reached over to pick up the ring. She brought her hand back and placed the ring on her left hand, pretending to admire the shine of the gem.

“It looks beautiful on you, dollface. I wouldn’t mind seeing you with my jewels on you any time.”

That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. She slapped Tarukane on the cheek hard enough to turn his head and split his lip.
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