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Chapter 7

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Recap: Komeko went undercover at Tarukane's party, but let her anger slip when he propositioned her with his sexual innuendo.

She could not have helped herself any more. Keeping her calm was just making her absolutely nuts. It was clearly the devil that possessed her when she decided it was a good idea to slap Tarukane, because that was one of the dumbest things she had ever done.

Instantly, the ring was ripped off her finger, nearly taking the finger with it. She was dragged, none too carefully, from the party and out towards the back. The party goers’ attention was focused on the scene, but Tarukane laughed it off to redirect them.

“Some people just don’t know how to act. Enjoy the party, everyone!”

She was shoved into the harsh gravel that dug into her skin sharply. A kick was delivered to her ribs and other parts of her body. She grimaced as she felt the blows hone into her torso heavily. She was pulled up by her hair, which was now disheveled beyond compare, and brought face to face with Tarukane. He held her chin and spoke to her in a dark tone.

“You better think twice before you do that to me again, you dumb bitch.”

She spit in his face, splattering blood on him. He recoiled in disgust and kicked her once himself before leaving his men to do away with her. Now, with her opportunity present, she stood from her position and kneed the man closest to her between his legs. As he started to fall, she pushed him onto another man who was charging her.

She landed a hard uppercut to the third and punched the fourth man straight in his nose, breaking it. As the second man started to stand, she took out the knife from her thigh and aimed it directly at his crotch.

“Move and it’s mine, you pig.” Her voice was venomous.

He nodded quickly and fainted from the anxiety. She looked down at him and could not believe he had actually passed out. She pulled the device from her bag and called Koenma.

“I’m done. Get me the hell out of here, now.”

“Komeko, I’m-“

“Just, get me out of here.”

A portal opened up around the edge of the property and she walked into it. She didn’t even notice the younger Toguro’s gaze on her as she left.

She threw her clutch on Koenma’s desk and set herself down on the chair opposite him. Her glare made him feel guiltier than he did already and he glanced between the clutch and her lithe form at least twice before sighing.

“I’m so sorry, Komeko. I didn’t think you’d end up like this.”

“I got myself into this position. Forget about it. I need to learn to control my damn temper.”

She licked the wounds on her hands carefully, removing the gravel with her fingers skillfully. She sported a split lip and could feel the bruises forming on her body. She would heal in a few days and was thankful that school wouldn’t be springing up on her too quickly. At least she’d have time to recuperate.

“Well, the good news is that I just have to add a little more to the tape and I’ll be able to send it to Yusuke.” Koenma offered gently.

“Good job. The gem is in my clutch. Damn those bastards. You make sure you tell them to hit him for making her cry all those gems. He had a huge set of – well, you saw! Disgusting.” Komeko flailed her arms out with her frustrated words.

Koenma agreed with her completely and asked her if she wanted to go change and wait to see the tape when he finished. She left to do that and heard things falling in the room behind her after the door closed.

“Not there, ogre!” This was followed by a harsh smacking sound.

‘Poor Jorge.’

She walked down the hall and into the room she had been in earlier to change her clothes. She pulled the dress off and let it hit the floor. She inspected herself in the mirror and hissed at her reflection. Her make up was smeared horridly between the sweat and blood, while her lip was swollen where it split. She hardened her gaze as she looked at her torso closely.

Bruises were already forming at her ribs and she touched them gently. The pain was minimal, but still present. She grabbed her clothes from earlier and threw them on before she cleaned her face of the offending make up and red liquid. She undid her hair, threw it up into a bun and grabbed herself a drink of water from the corner of the room.

She walked in a stiff manner back towards Koenma’s office. As she went in, she noticed the prince wasn’t there at first. Then he appeared behind her, so she looked down at him. He waved a tape at her excitedly and popped it into the machine so they could watch it.

Komeko was torn between face palming and avidly raging on the toddler once the tape finished.

“Really, a Koenma production? I was the one who got the footage and risked my ass for it!”

“They don’t exactly know about you, now do they?”

Point made, she kept quiet and scowled at her shoes. Her gaze shifted to Koenma as she thought about breaching that very topic with him.

“I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to maintain my space from them, Koenma. They’re going to figure out that my presence isn’t coincidental eventually.”

The young prince put his face in his hands and sighed.

“I figured as much, but hoped to keep them out of it for as long as possible. May as well just tell them; I think you should tell Kurama first, because I intend to give Hiei the tape I’ve made to pass over to Yusuke. I want to see how he handles it and in the mean time, Kurama will be around here while Yusuke, Botan, and, I suspect, Kuwabara go to apprehend Tarukane.”

Komeko was surprised to hear that Kurama would not be accompanying the boys. She believed his intelligence was quite crucial to their missions. It was hard to beat experience with impulsivity. She definitely understood why he didn’t want to include Hiei, because he would more than likely slice Tarukane into a million pieces.

The thought didn’t sound half bad to Komeko right now, but she knew that Hiei would be in big trouble for killing a human. She didn’t want that to happen, especially with them possibly facing the Toguros. They needed all the help they could get.

“Alright, who’s spilling the beans, me or you?” She questioned.

The thought was cut short as his door opened up and Hiei walked in. His eyes narrowed momentarily before he faced Koenma.

“Where’s the tape?”

“I’ve got it right here!”

Koenma handed the VHS over to Hiei, who took it and walked past Komeko slowly. She felt his quick assessment even though she knew he didn’t mean for her to.

“You’re bleeding.” He pointed out.

She let her tongue lick over her slightly protruding lip and cleaned the wound. He watched her carefully, for a millisecond, and then was gone.

“Well, that was eventful! When is Kurama coming?”


Her eyes widened drastically as she sweat-dropped upon seeing Kurama standing where Hiei had left, so the doors had stayed open.

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