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Chapter 8

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Disclaimer: I do not own Yu Yu Hakusho/its plot/characters/etc. and make no money from this story.
Recap: After going through a small altercation with Tarukane’s men, Komeko went back to Koenma, but ran into not only Hiei, but Kurama as well.

Komeko rubbed the back of her head nervously when she realized that Kurama had just walked in and caught her well off guard. She grabbed his hand and pulled him outside the room quickly. She didn’t want this to be any more awkward by doing it in front of Koenma. They were a ways away from the toddler’s room when she spoke up.

“I’m sure you’re very surprised to see me here. I’ve got a lot to explain and I’m sorry to have misled you like I have. I hope you’ll accept my apology and listen to my story.”

She blurted everything out very quickly, but he caught it easily.

“Go on.”

“I am obviously not who I’ve portrayed myself to be. I am from the Makai and I’ve worked for Koenma for quite a while now. I work odd jobs for him mostly, but have been directed to you and the spirit detective as of late. My main purpose is extra things that go into helping you guys out.”

She felt like it was unnecessary to inform him about watching his mother to make sure she was out of harms way or anything like that. She would still be able to do this if the guys were relatively uninformed. She felt slightly guilty of omitting the information, but covered it up quickly.

“I’ve kept myself at arms length with you for a reason. I didn’t want you to know who I was until the time was right. So, I suppose that would be now as fate has it!”

She smiled nervously and rubbed her arm absentmindedly.

“I have to say that I’m surprised, but I can see where you’re coming from. I only have one question.”

She was surprised herself. “Yes?”

His hand touched her chin very gently and directed her to face him. “What happened to you?”

She heaved the heaviest sigh of the day and looked at her feet for a moment. “I think it would be best to talk to Koenma about this one.”

The two walked back into the room and Koenma popped in a copy of the tape he had given Hiei. Kurama laughed behind his hand at the beginning of the tape.

“See, Koenma, I told you it was lame!” Komeko busted out.

The prince looked angry for a moment, but let it slide. Once the tape had finished, Kurama didn’t have many questions, save his initial one.

“That still doesn’t explain what happened to Komeko.”

“Well, I’m the one that helped get most of this footage. There’s some extra that Koenma didn’t put into the one he gave to the rest of the gang. Basically, I got caught up in my temper and this was the result.” Komeko explained, trying to keep it vague for the sake of her pride.

Koenma flipped his television on to a picture of Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Botan running through the forest near Tarukane’s mansion. Everyone’s attention was instantly drawn to the screen, other things forgotten. They were following the tracker that Komeko had helped them establish earlier. Only she could track Yukina down, because her signature demonic energy had been hidden by the wards, but her scent had not.

The three had run into a man by the name of Hiru who seemed to randomly be out in the woods. They all gave excuses of being lost, but eventually the man caught on. His form changed into a very mangled demon that seemed to be modeled after an anteater and a Venus flytrap with octopus-like tentacles. Kuwabara and Yusuke battled him and defeated him quickly. Kuwabara had sliced off his arms with his spirit sword so that Yusuke could blast him with his spirit gun, then they were running on the path again.

Kurama turned towards Komeko and frowned slightly. “May I ask you to let me help you with your wounds? We can speed up the healing progress and alleviate some of the pain.”

She shrugged half-heartedly and agreed; she was a proud person, but she was really starting to feel the pain more. They got up and went down the hall, Komeko for the third time that day. From his pocket, he pulled out a small container that smelled minty when he opened it. It hit her senses hard and she hid her grimace as best she could. He smiled and gently applied some to her lip with the tip of his finger.

“Where else?” His question was plain and well meant.

She held out her hands to him and he saw the scrapes and cuts on them. She had taken the dirt from them already, but he still put on the salve. Komeko thought his touch was careful and borderline ticklish. It was hard for her to keep her hands steady and not pull them away. She didn’t precisely hate it either.

She took the time to study him while he looked over her hands more closely. She watched his deep emerald eyes scrutinize her palms and she started to feel a little self conscious – very unlike her. Why should she care about how he looked at her? His hair was very shiny and rose colored; she could smell his scent and it spread its way into her veins automatically, wrapping itself around her. She mellowed out immediately and let her body relax. He smelled really nice.

“What was that?”


Had she really just said that? She wanted to smack herself in the forehead, but a faint blush crept onto her cheeks instead.


“Is that everything?” He questioned, watching her reaction.

“Yup! All good, boss!” She stood to salute him and regretted it, instead clutching her ribs immediately.

He smiled at her in a knowing manner before asking her to lift up her shirt if she was comfortable with him applying the salve. She agreed and lifted her white tank top up to the top of her ribs, not showing her sports bra.

He took in a quick breath when he saw her torso.

“What?” she worried.

“Have you seen yourself?” he asked.

“I looked earlier, but I wasn’t that bad.”

She took the opportunity to look at herself again and frowned. She had started to get darker around her ribs and parts of them were even a sickly green color.

“How are your ribs? You could have broken them.”

“I don’t think so.” She replied quietly.

“I’m going to touch them as carefully as I can, let me know where it hurts the most.”

He placed one hand on her shoulder, near the area where her neck met her collar bone. Then, he took two fingers on his other hand and pressed each of her ribs. She hissed when he touched one that was particularly sore and very dark colored.

“I would say you haven’t broken them, but you may have partially cracked this one.” He touched her skin lightly. “I’ll apply the salve and we’ll be done, if that’s alright with you still?”

She nodded and let him do as he wished. The balm made her shiver as goose bumps broke out on her skin. The cream started to numb the area quickly, like it had her hands and lip. She noticed also that her lip started to tingle and feel significantly less painful. Hopefully the rest of her body would feel that way soon too. His touch was very feathery and felt good on her sensitive skin, not that she would tell him that.

Likewise, he wasn’t keen about letting on how he enjoyed the expanse of skin he was presented with. Sure, it was sort of marred with bruises, but the taught skin was attractive as he got to see the definition of muscles she had. He also noted the small scars that were on her body from what looked like past battles. Kurama admired them also. He wasn’t sure what type of demon she was and was even slightly confused about how he couldn’t feel her energy, but it didn’t stop his wondering eyes. He scolded himself mentally and finished the job.

“All done!” He closed his eyes with a genuine smile.

“Thank you, Kurama. I feel better already!” She pulled her shirt down and they walked back to see Koenma.

“There you two are! I was beginning to wonder!”

Was Koenma jealous?

“Don’t worry, boss. I won’t fall for his powers of seduction that easily!”

She jokingly pinched Koenma’s cheek and sat down next to Kurama again, who looked like he was blushing. Komeko smiled to herself, quite satisfied.
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