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Chapter 9

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Disclaimer: I do not own Yu Yu Hakusho/its plot/characters/etc. and make no money from this story.
Recap: Without compromising her mission, Komeko revealed to Kurama her reason for being in Spirit World. With Kurama and Koenma, they watched Kuwabara, Yusuke, and Botan work to rescue Yukina.

Komeko kicked off her black converse and let them drop to the floor while her feet were clad in neon orange socks, like her head band. She wrapped her long arms around her jean clad legs as she drew them closer. She was finally comfortable, but still understandably nervous for the three on the screen. Since she had honed in on Yukina, they could watch the mansion before the three got to it. The screen flashed around Tarukane’s office as he spoke to the Toguro brothers.

The younger noticed that his demon, Hiru, had been killed and he told Tarukane as much. Tarukane became irate and tense immediately, wondering why he hired the brothers. Toguro was not nervous though. The men stood up and Tarukane told him he’d show him something.

The screen flashed to a different area of the mansion where numerous demons were set up in cages. The corrupt trio stopped in front of a creature that was kept behind bars and thick glass. Tarukane introduced her as ‘Helen’, a very Americanized name for a creature he said was created by scientists and genetic engineers. He had gotten her when they found they couldn’t control her any longer.

Komeko and Kurama were both disgusted by Tarukane. It got worse when the demon dealer continued.

“I want you to try to best this beast, Toguro.”

At first, it seemed like he wouldn’t, because he replied saying, “I don’t want to kill her.”

Tarukane was miffed and then pissed, but recovered when he saw Toguro throw off his jacket once he went into the demons cage. Tarukane grinned to himself and it looked like he expected Helen to rip Toguro to shreds. The tables were turned when Toguro mentioned he thought 30% of his energy would be enough to kill the monster. He powered up as a white electric energy surrounded his body.

His muscles expanded and Komeko believed he looked far less handsome than he did before. The man was vicious and something to be feared, but she didn’t deny that he was physically attractive. It was just that everything piled on top of that made him far less likeable. She appreciated good hearts and lean muscle much more.

Toguro sliced clear through the green, sharp-toothed monster easily. Tarukane was in awe and stared at the blood that covered the walls. Sympathy filled Komeko.

“I apologize for killing this creature.” Toguro whispered.

The screen changed in time to see Kuwabara get an eerie feeling and turn from the original pathway they were on.

“Let’s go this way, guys. I got a creepy feeling from that direction.”

Botan didn’t agree and kept on going the previous direction. She was caught by a spider’s hook line and soon captured in its web. Worry filled Komeko; she was very mad to have stayed behind. She didn’t worry for long, though, as Kuwabara cut up the web and made the spider demon fall to the ground. Yusuke landed a severe blow to the spider’s abdomen and killed it. They trudged on and made camp for the night.

Kurama let a yawn escape his lips after the screen turned off. Koenma yawned also and all three agreed that it was time to rest as well.

The next morning, the room was full of its previous occupants once more. Kurama and Komeko’s attention was drawn to the door as Jorge came in.

“Oh, wow, a sugar coated strawberry rice cake. You must’ve stood in line a long time for this, ogre.”

Jorge did not hide his desire for the cake at all. Koenma held the plate in front of himself so Jorge couldn’t get it and turned the screen on.

Tarukane, the Toguros, and Sakashta, the butler, were back in Tarukane’s office. He had put in an order for a conference call for every member of the Black Black Club. The five screens lit up and Komeko eyed them wearily. The first, leftmost, screen was clearly a young Japanese man with long hair. He had a scar running down his face, but it didn’t make him less handsome.

The other men were considerably older. Next to the young man was a guy in a green robe that was oriental, but he spoke in a strangely German accent. The next two men were both gray haired businessmen who Koenma identified as Butajiri and Gondawara. The last man was similar to the German, but wore a red suit and mustard colored tie with no beard. His accent was more distinctly Russian.

All of the members started to place bets on how the ‘intruders’ would fair against the demons – up next, the Demon Triad. The screen changed again and Komeko wondered briefly if the prince ever used his spying powers for evil. Brows furrowed, she didn’t want to think about the possibilities. Koenma, Komeko, and Kurama all knew about the triad and only watched as Yusuke came face to face with Miyuki. All three were sickened to see the betting, but Koenma made light about the situation.

“Ogre, want to place a bet on who will succeed where the winner gets the rice cake?”

“Koenma, sir, wouldn’t it be foolish to bet on anyone besides Yusuke?”

“I already chose him, so you can’t.”

“What?!” Jorge was outraged.

Komeko and Kurama exchanged looks. “Really?”

Yusuke’s fight with Miyuki came to a halt when he openly groped the demon. Komeko grimaced and Kurama had the sense to look embarrassed on Yusuke’s behalf.

“Urameshi, I’m gonna tell Keiko! Why’d you do that?” Kuwabara exclaimed.

“What’s Kuwabara wearing on his forehead?” Komeko asked.

“It’s his great fighting headband of love.” Kurama supplied.

Komeko smiled at Kuwabara’s antics. He was such a sweetheart. Sure, he may be a few cards shy of a full deck at times, but he was honorable. It made Komeko jealous a little bit, but she was happy that Yukina had the guys fighting to save her.

Yusuke began fighting again and hit the demon in the chest multiple times. “Now you’re hitting her in the ta-tas! What’s wrong with you?!”

Komeko laughed loudly. Yusuke had obviously figured out that the demon was a transvestite.

“She may have some tits, Kuwabara, but I can tell you, the family jewels have not been stolen.” Yusuke made a circle with his fingers.

Jorge and Koenma looked a bit grossed out at the realization, but Kurama just continued watching. Komeko felt her stomach rumble slightly.

Yusuke defeated Miyuki and they were ambushed by Inmaki next. The trio ran around a corner and Yusuke nailed him with his shotgun technique easily. Behind them, Botan screamed as she was picked up by the third member of the triad, Gokumonki. The giant red demon spoke to them angrily and laughed heartily. The guys couldn’t hit him while he held Botan, which was a cheap move, but Yusuke figured out how to fix the situation easily.

“Botan, lift up your arms!” She looked at him oddly. “Just do it!”

So, Botan fell right out of her jacket and Yusuke defeated the red demon.

Komeko smiled happily and bit into Koenma’s strawberry rice cake. Koenma looked over at the ogre smugly, thinking he won. When he looked down at his plate, he yelled.

“Where is my rice cake?!”

He looked over at Komeko as she licked her fingers innocently. “It was delicious.”

“Do you know what the punishment is for stealing the royal rice cakes?!”

She lifted a sculpted brow at him. “If you even think about spanking me, I promise you’ll never be able to eat anything but pudding for the rest of your life.”

Koenma quieted down slightly and just settled for glaring at her and grumbling to himself. Jorge and Kurama watched the exchange with looks of amusement and Komeko tapped Jorge on the elbow when the other two were watching the screen again. She motioned for him to bend down, so she whispered in his ear.

“After these guys kick these jerks’ asses, I’ll make us some rice cakes that are even better than Reikai’s.”

Jorge seemed happy with this and settled back to watching the screen. Now was the moment of truth and it really started to eat both Komeko and Kurama up. The boys were in the same room as the Toguros while Tarukane was safe up in his enclosed balcony, watching everything as his men held Yukina.

The elder brother transformed himself into a sword and his brother held him in an offensive stance while he powered up. Kuwabara avoided a fatal blow from them just barely and Yusuke attempted to grab their attention. They blocked Yusuke’s shotgun and avoided his spirit gun until he went for a point blank range shot. As the smoke cleared, everyone was staring in awe at the unharmed Toguros. The younger Toguro started hitting Yusuke repeatedly.

“Alright, I’m done watching.” Komeko stood up and stared at Koenma. “Care to loan me a portal to this jerk’s mansion?”

Kurama stood also and walked to the portal. “I’ll have to agree with her. Voyeurism has never been my strength.”

Komeko jumped in, followed a little too closely by Kurama. He found himself just outside of Tarukane’s home and right on top of Komeko. They stared at each other awkwardly before he moved a millisecond later and offered her a hand up. She dusted herself off and nodded to Kurama in thanks, not meeting his eyes. They both started running up the stairs.

It took them a little time to find everyone, but they found the entrance to the balcony just in time to see Hiei begin to beat up Tarukane. Komeko smiled to herself.

“Please, stop!” Yukina touched Hiei’s arm with tears in her eyes.

The two stood stalk still in the corner and watched.

“You seem very familiar, but I’m not sure why. Who are you?” Yukina asked.

“I’m just a member of the team.” Hiei replied quietly, stopping his assault on Tarukane completely.

Komeko and Kurama looked at each other and smiled warmly, understanding the fire demon’s feelings in a rare light. Yukina left to go down and help heal Kuwabara while Kurama made himself known to Hiei. Komeko took that as her cue to go help Yukina. She walked down and smiled at Botan, who was watching Yukina and Kuwabara’s exchange of words.

“I can show you the good in humans.” Kuwabara held her hands and promised her.

The tears welled up in her eyes; she was happy. Botan and Komeko held each other as they stared at the couple with glazed over eyes. Botan leaned more on Komeko, who realized she was limping slightly. She looked down at the deity.

“What hurts?”

Botan lifted her ankle lightly. “I just sprained it, that’s all.”

Komeko looked at her ankle for a second before getting Botan to hop on her back. She winked at her over her shoulder and the two friends followed everyone else out of the horrible place.
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