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1- Indecent Proposal

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Mikey finds himself interested in Gerard's pretend girlfriend, except he doesn't know they're pretending. (Mikey/OC)

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-Cold comes, cold goes. Could you fill this hole, because I can’t do it alone.-


The escort’s high heels clicked violently against the wood flooring of the restaurant. She showed no signs of being intimidated of her surroundings as she held her head high, her eyes finding the man who’d invited her in the first place. He blushed, but for different reasons than she suspected.

Once she took her seat opposite of him he spit out awkward words, “I’m gay.”

“Yeah? Well the charge is still the same.” She replied, not missing a beat. “So gay, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Taylor.” She lied with ease, throwing out the name she’d adopted for work purposes. It was simple, and a lot less sparkly than the other escorts’ but it was a name that she liked.

“Feel free to call me Gerard, and keep my sexual preference to yourself please.” Gerard snapped, taking a sip of his water. He had already ordered for them, and Taylor didn’t mind.

“I’m completely confidential Mr. Way.” Taylor responded, glancing at him. “But I’m really not sure that I’m what you’re looking for if you’re as gay as you claim.”

“You’re exactly what I’m looking for.” Gerard answered, “Though I would prefer if you wiped the makeup off of your face. You look like a damn doll.”

“Next time specify and we’ll send the right girl to meet your needs.” Taylor replied, calmly.

Gerard rolled his eyes, “You’ll do just fine. I have a … a proposal.” He blushed once again.

Taylor watched him carefully, reading him as if he were a book. People rarely surprised her, or got the best of her. She’d been in the business for longer than she’d care to share.

“As you now know I am gay.” Gerard repeated, feeling the need to make it crystal clear. Taylor nodded, showing that she understood. “Well, no one else knows and I don’t care for my family or friends to find out.”

Taylor had heard the story before. Gay, but didn’t want to be judged for it. Hidden sexuality was a thing of the past, yet still so much of the present.

“So, what can I do for you?” Taylor didn’t even attempt to flatter Gerard by batting her eyelashes. She knew the trick would be wasted on him, and quite frankly she didn’t feel the urge to waste efforts upon people who wouldn’t appreciate them.

“My family is getting together for a- get together…” Gerard awkwardly spit the words out, his face lighting up once again and Taylor could tell that the family get together was where the problem presented itself.

“I’m guessing your parents- or someone in your family doubts that you’re straight because you’ve never had a girlfriend?” Taylor suggested when Gerard went silent.

“Exactly.” Gerard replied, frowning. “So, I need a pretend girlfriend.”

Oh. Taylor hadn’t quite been expecting that one.

“For your family get together?” Taylor double checked, surprised.

“Yes.” Gerard answered. “It will be a three week event, and we would be staying in my childhood home together. You’d be paid well to pretend to be my girlfriend the entire time.”

Taylor had never done anything past a night so she was hesitant to accept. Gerard noticed that she was hesitating, “You’ll be paid very, very well.” He reiterated.

“Where is it?” Taylor asked, “And will I be required to be with you twenty four seven?” It would be a pretty big job, allowing little time for Taylor to have her own life on the side… for three weeks.

Gerard Way was a high paying client however so she listened to him, and seriously considered the job. He was the lead singer of a famous band, My Chemical Romance. She couldn’t just turn her nose up at the idea of payment from him- she wasn’t foolish enough to do so.

“It’s in New Jersey, and yes you will be required to be with or around me constantly.” Gerard replied, “We would act as if we were a happy couple.”

They were currently sitting in a fancy upscale restaurant in New York, which is where Taylor was born. New Jersey would be far enough away for her to be unable to resume her normal daily activities anyway, “And the payment?” She inquired.

“Ten thousand dollars.” Gerard didn’t even blink at the absurdly high amount of money he was offering.

Taylor sighed heavily, “Tell me more Mr. Way.”
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