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2- Girlfriend

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“Your girlfriend?” It was like the concept was foreign.

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-I’m in the business of misery, let’s take it from the top.-


Taylor took her time in the ladies’ restroom, wiping the somewhat heavy makeup off of her face as Gerard had offhandedly requested earlier in their night. She still hadn’t confirmed whether or not she would play ‘pretend girlfriend’ with him but she was leaning towards taking the job. It would be a decent pay out. She wasn’t one to turn down money so easily earnable.

She walked back to the table, aware of all of the eyes on her. She’d let her dark brown hair tumble free around her shoulders- giving her a more natural appearance. Without all the makeup, and cleverly tied up hair she looked more her age- a stunning twenty three year old with a body to die for, and she was well aware of that.

Gerard’s eyes widened as she sat down, “That’s more like it.” He commented, “You’re beautiful.”

“Thank you Mr. Way.” Taylor winked at him, “So, think we can fool everyone who knows you?”

Gerard shrugged, “I’ve already been acting secretive and talking about a certain someone. It will be a somewhat expected surprise for everyone I think. Now we just need to get to know each other a little better. Maybe we could take this conversation to a more private setting?”

“Where do you suggest?”

“My house.” Gerard answered.

“Sure.” Taylor stood.

Gerard had already taken care of the bill.

He held the door open for her and Taylor blinked in momentary confusion as dozens of cameras flashed in her face, causing her to nearly lose her perfect balance. She went stumbling and Gerard grabbed on to her, pulling her against his chest. She inhaled his scent, leaning her head against the chest. Once the flashing went off she realized what was going on- the press had caught wind of Gerard being at the restaurant, and now they wanted pictures. She knew how to play the part of girlfriend, though she’d never actually been one- legitimately.

“You okay?” Gerard mumbled, grinning down at her as he held her close. He was playing the part just as well.

“Yeah, just surprised.” Taylor breathed out, staring at the cameras with wide eyes.

Gerard glared, holding Taylor tightly against him. “Excuse us!” He yelled, forcing his way through the crowd, “My girlfriend and I were just trying to have a nice night out.”

“Mr. Way, that’s your girlfriend?” A reporter chirped up, boldly staring at the couple.

Gerard hardened his glare, “Yes, Taylor is my girlfriend.” He confirmed, “Now if you would please excuse us. My girlfriend does not appreciate cameras going off in her face.” He was playing it up and the reporters were eating directly out of his outstretched hand, scribbling furiously.

Taylor leaned close to Gerard, her breath up against his cheek. “One for the cameras baby?” Gerard asked, gazing in to her eyes.

Taylor parted her lips, waiting for the impact.

Gerard leaned down, connecting their lips.

It was like a fireworks display, the reporters going off chaotically as they snapped pictures from every single possible angle. Soon enough Gerard was pulling away and pulling Taylor out of the line of fire.

Once in the back of Gerard’s vehicle they both relaxed, “I’m sorry about that.” Gerard finally muttered, clearly annoyed.

“I figure it comes with the territory.” Taylor responded, shrugging. “I’ve been around plenty of affluent members of society but… never had my picture actually taken.” She wasn’t quite comfortable with that but she was playing Gerard Way’s girlfriend so she would have to suck it up. “I figure it’s best though, since I’m your girlfriend.” Taylor winked.

Gerard chuckled, “True- you’ll go down in history.”

Taylor wasn’t entirely sure she was comfortable with that but she wanted the money and she was in too far already. It was all the way or straight down to hell.

The world didn’t need to know about Gerard’s sexual orientation or about Taylor’s career.

So, instead they were dating.


Taylor laughed as Gerard walked out of his closet, wearing nothing but a tight pair of jeans. “What, it’s too much?” He asked, grinning.

It was half past two in the morning and they were both exhausted but neither wanted to stop their conversation. “Just a little.” Taylor responded.

“You’re warming up to me.” Gerard commented. “You seemed kind of cold at the restaurant.”

“So did you.” Taylor immediately fell back in to business mode, as she thought of why she was even in Gerard’s home.

“I kind of had to be.” Gerard answered, “I didn’t know how you would receive the offer.”

“I didn’t know what offer I’d be receiving.” Taylor commented, yawning.

“Are you staying the night?”

“Well-“ Taylor glanced out the window, cringing. “Seeing as how you have people with cameras camped out across the street I think so. Is it always like this?”

“No, just sometimes. Seeing me with an unknown female that I labeled as my girlfriend really set them off, I think.” Gerard answered, closing the blinds.

Taylor leaned back on his bed, “Where would you like me to sleep?”

“How about here?” Gerard asked, glancing at his bed. “I mean, we just might as well start sleeping together now… We will be at my parents.”

Taylor grinned, “Aren’t you afraid that you might catch straight?” She joked.

Gerard laughed, “Try your best.”

“Oh, I will.” She winked, before jumping off the bed. “Got a spare toothbrush?”

Gerard grinned at how normal Taylor was being and he instantly knew he’d made the right choice when checking out escort services. He’d met with multiple women over the last two weeks and she was the only one who really stood a chance at impressing his friends and family. She was so versatile and though he knew she was faking it- no one else would.


The end of the week came quickly and Taylor’s bags were packed for the trip she was taking with Gerard. Due to Gerard’s request she hadn’t taken any other clients on throughout the week. It had been a little boring, without business to attend to.

Gerard pulled up in front of her apartment in a beautiful car that she couldn’t name since she knew very little of cars. All she knew was that it was impressive, as she knew it would be.

“You know what they say about guys with beautiful cars?” Taylor asked, throwing her two light bags in to the back seat before sliding in to the passenger seat beside Gerard.

“What’s that baby?” Gerard asked, falling easily in to the role of boyfriend.

“They have impressive cocks.” Taylor said, grinning from ear to ear.

Gerard laughed, “Keep smiling like that and my family is going to love you.”

Taylor laughed as well, “Not going to tell me?”

“Tell you what?” Gerard asked, pulling back on to the street.

“About your cock.” Taylor giggled.

Gerard laughed loudly, swerving a little before straightening out on the road. Thankfully no one was nearby. “Well, why don’t you look for yourself?”

“You’re kidding, right?” Taylor asked, surprised.

“Nope. You’re my girlfriend.” Gerard was starting to find the game they were playing to be somewhat fun. Taylor was fun to be around. They’d only spent one night together and kept in touch over text for the rest of the week but already he felt comfortable around her. He knew it was her skills- the skills that made her a wonderful escort but… He didn’t like to think about that. He just liked to think about how easily they would fool his friends and family- and the rest of the world that saws the photographs. “You’re privy to that kind of information.”

Taylor grinned crookedly. “This is one for the books.” She joked, her fingers flying forward.

Gerard kept his eyes on the road as he heard his zipper being pulled down. Taylor didn’t’ waste any time as she glanced down at it, “Damn Mr. Way.” She muttered, “I’d have to say that today the old saying is still being proven correct.” She quickly and carefully zipped his pants back up, jokingly patting it.

Gerard groaned, “You know it still reacts to touch, female or male, right?” He grinned.

Taylor laughed, “You know that for the next three weeks I’m your girlfriend, not a whore, right?”

“Why do you do it, if you don’t mind me asking?” Gerard curiously questioned Taylor, as he turned on to the highway.

Taylor rolled the window down, feeling the wind brush past her face- blowing her hair everywhere. “It’s just what I’ve always done.” Taylor answered, never having been asked the question. “It’s just who I am.”

Gerard stopped asking questions as Taylor turned the radio on and soon enough she was falling asleep, unable to escape the sleepiness that being in a car brought upon her.

As Gerard drove closer to their destination he couldn’t help but feel unease creep in upon him. Would he really be able to fool everyone, with a girl he’d only known for a few days?

A girl that was paid to pretend?

He knew that she could do it, but he wasn’t sure that he could.


“Taylor.” Gerard gently shook Taylor but she was completely and utterly passed out, even snoring lightly.

Gerard realized he was going to have to carry Taylor inside because she wasn’t going to wake up anytime soon. Once he got out of the car he was caught in a violent hug though, causing him to stumble back in to his car.

Frank Iero grinned at him, and Gerard could only stare. “Frank, I didn’t know you’d be here.” He finally choked out, beyond surprised.

Frank glanced behind Gerard in confusion, “Gee… who is in the car?”

Gerard shifted, uncomfortably. “My girlfriend is asleep in there Frankie.” He finally responded.

“Girlfriend?” Frank repeated, staring behind Gerard in to the car. “Your girlfriend?” It was like the concept was foreign.

“Girlfriend?” Mikey repeated from behind them, startling them both.

Gerard cracked a smile, “Yeah but calm down guys. She fell asleep on the drive down.”

“Are you going to wake her up?” Mikey asked.

“She’s a hard sleeper.” Gerard answered, “So I was just going to carry her in.”

“She’s your girlfriend?” Frank double checked.

Mikey laughed, “Yeah, we are all shocked Frank… just watch; she’s going to be a total dog.”

Gerard glared at him, “I do have a unique taste, but I’m sure it’s one that everyone will enjoy- not that I’m sharing.”

Mikey just shrugged, “I have to go help dad out back. Frank, you gonna help him with his bags or just stand there and stare?”

Gerard chuckled, “It’s okay if you just stand and stare. I can get the bags after I get Taylor.”

Mikey disappeared quickly around the corner as Frank shuffled forward, opening the door behind the driver’s side. He stole a glance at Taylor, seeing nothing but long bare legs and dark brown hair.

Gerard opened her door and leaned forward, her hair tickling his face. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close, completely aware of Frank’s shocked eyes on him- and Taylor. He knew he had to make this real. He even brushed a kiss on Taylor’s forehead as she slumped against him.

Frank hurried ahead of them, holding their bags and Gerard walked through the door he held open. Frank’s breathing hitched as Taylor shifted, her arms coming to life as she grabbed on to Gerard’s shoulders- she was somewhat awake now.

Gerard found his old bedroom quite easily and Frank once again held the door open for him, “You awake Taylor?” Gerard asked, as he laid her down on his bed.

Frank got a full view of the beauty and cringed, as if her good looks were a blow to his ego. Taylor mumbled something and rolled over. Gerard grinned, “You can just drop those bags Frank.” Frank dropped them without a word and headed out.

Gerard knew something was wrong so he followed his friend, closing his bedroom door behind him.

Taylor shifted in bed, starting to wake up more at the sound of the closed door.

She had always been a hard sleeper- when she was in school she was late a lot, and it was something that she just had to get used to. She’d used multiple alarms but nothing worked. It was just the way she was.

As she sat up in Gerard’s bed she took a quick look around, noticing tons of drawings and posters. It was just as Gerard told her it would be.

She got off of his bed and walked over to the full length mirror in the corner of the room. She was wearing a pair of shorts for the drive, since it had been hot but she figured now that she was at Gerard’s parents’ house she should change. She grabbed her light blue bag and started sorting through it.

She ended up changing in to a pair of baggy blue jeans, with manufactured rips in the knees. She just wanted to look laid back- she had formal wear as well, just in case things took a turn in that direction. She was prepared for everything. She also slipped on a black tank top.

After her hair was brushed and thrown up in to a messy bun she headed for the door, ready to meet the people she’d have to impress- and fool for the next three weeks.

The hallway was empty but as she turned a corner she ran in to a body. It was a man but it wasn’t Gerard because the chest wasn’t quite broad enough. He steadied her, “I’m sorry. I wasn’t watching where I was going.”

Taylor glanced up at him through thick eyelashes and smiled, “Neither was I. I suppose that makes us even in our guilt.”

“That it does.” The man said, taking a moment to drink her in as his grip on her shoulders remained- though eased up.

“Could you tell me-“ Taylor started talking at the same time that Mikey did.

“Could I help yo-“ They both stopped at the same time as well.

Taylor grinned, “I think we are going in the same direction with this so, could you help me locate Gerard?”

“Gerard?” Mikey’s smile fell for a moment, “Um, he’s with his girlfriend.” Or so he thought.

“I really hope not.” Taylor said, chuckling.

“Why’s that?” Mikey asked, “Are you friends with her?”

Taylor opened her mouth to speak but they were cut off, “Mikey!”

Mikey let go of Taylor in complete surprise as a girl with strawberry blonde hair rushed up to them. Taylor quickly stepped away, realizing it was probably the boy’s girlfriend.

Mikey shot her an apologetic smile but Taylor was already disappearing, hearing the petty arguing that was ensuing. “Who was that girl?” The blonde demanded, “What were you doing with her?”

Taylor sighed and went in the other direction, hoping she wasn’t stirring up drama already. She went down the elegant stairs and glanced around at all of the artwork, wondering if any of it was Gerard’s.

“Taylor!” She turned in surprise at Gerard’s voice, a smile slipping on to her face. “I was just about to go and wake you babe.” Gerard said, quickly reaching her.

There was another man beside Gerard and he glanced over at Taylor, frowning.

She didn’t mind, as she smiled at him. “Hello, who is your friend Gerard?”

Gerard grinned, “This is Frank sweetheart. Frank, this is my girlfriend Taylor.”

“Hi Frank.” Taylor smiled widely at the unwelcoming man.

His frown dissolved, though it seemed against his will. “Hi Taylor. It’s nice to finally meet you. How long has Gerard been hiding you?”

Taylor smiled easily, “For too long. I’m so happy to meet you, and the rest of the people in Gerard’s life.”

Gerard smiled at their easy interaction, “Frank and I were going to hit the town and go pick up two of our friends. I’ve told you about them. Ray and Bob.” Gerard explained, “I didn’t know the entire band was going to be here. Did you want to come with us or stick around here?”

Frank jumped in, “Taylor, you look so tired. Why don’t you just relax here?”

Taylor shrugged, “Sure. Do you think your parents will mind if I explore?”

“They aren’t even here yet but of course they wouldn’t.” Gerard answered, “Explore away. I’ll be back soon. If you need anything just call me. I’ll keep my cell turned up.” Frank looked away as Gerard and Taylor leaned forward. Gerard simply kissed Taylor on the forehead though. She smiled sweetly at him.

“You boys have fun.”

“We will.” They both said, heading towards the door.


“You like that one?” Mikey asked, appearing alongside Taylor. Though she didn’t know it he’d been watching her for quite a few minutes as she peered up at the piece of art, trying to figure out what the hell it was attempting to convey to the world.

“Er-“ Taylor forced herself to blush, putting her acting skills to the test. “All I see are colors, lots and lots of colors. What does it mean?” She glanced over at Mikey, finding that his eyes were glued to her.

“It means that there are lots and lots of colors in this world.” Mikey paused, smiling at her, “And this artist happened to have access to all of them.”

Taylor laughed, “I guess I was looking for a deeper meaning.”

Mikey shrugged, “If I did that with every piece of art I saw then I’d go crazy. It probably stands for someone drowning, or something along those very colorful lines.”

Taylor looked back up at the painting. “I’m sorry if I got you in trouble with your girlfriend.” Mikey tensed beside her.

“It was bound to happen.” Mikey replied after a moment, “She likes to fight, I’m sure of it.”

“Some girls- well, some people do.” Taylor agreed.

“Do you?” Mikey asked, curious.

Taylor bit her lip, “You know I’ve never really gotten anything out of fighting. I only fight when someone wants me to.”

“What does that mean?” Mikey asked, watching her- though her eyes were still glued to the painting.

“Take it at face value.” Taylor responded, “Your girlfriend wants a fight. Why don’t you give her one?”

“You think she wants me to get mad at her?” Mikey asked, completely confused.

Taylor laughed and looked back at Mikey, “I think she wants to know that you care enough to get mad. It’s confusing but it’s part of being in a relationship. You’re both going to test each other- but if she’s the only one that’s doing the testing then… She’s going to start wondering why you don’t care enough to do it back to her.”

Mikey thought over her words and nodded, “But what if I don’t want to test her? I don’t like yelling, and I don’t like getting angry with someone I’m dating.”

“Don’t yell then.” Taylor responded, “And don’t get angry.”

“Then what?”

“I’m not sure.” Taylor answered, smiling. “I’d say you’re ready for a mature relationship then and I’m not really an expert on those.”

Mikey laughed, “Colors.” He nodded to the painting.

“Colors.” Taylor repeated, laughing as well.

“Mikey!” Taylor heard the girl’s voice again and she made to step away from Mikey but he grabbed her arm.

“Stay, please.” He murmured.

Taylor did, but she knew it wouldn’t be pretty.

The blonde appeared around the corner and noticed them, eyes narrowing. “Mikey, again?” She asked, coming closer.

Mikey let go of Taylor and smiled at the girl, “Lauren, I was just looking at the paintings. What do you think of this one?” He gestured to the explosion of colors.

Lauren looked up, confused, “I don’t know. It looks like a kindergarten school project.” She replied.

“My mother is the one who painted it.” Mikey replied, sternly.

Lauren paled, “Oh- it’s fantastic.”

“For a kindergartener?” Mikey asked.

“I have something that I have to do… I will, um see you upstairs Mikey.” Lauren rushed away.

Taylor glanced at Mikey, “Did your mother really paint it?”

Mikey laughed, shaking his head. “No- you’re the one that said fight. That’s the best I’ve got.”

Taylor laughed, “And not at all what I meant but it was a cute attempt.”

Mikey groaned, “I’m really bad at relationships. Do you have a few hours to teach me?” He glanced at Taylor again, “You could tell me over lunch? I know a really great restaurant in town.”

Taylor hesitated for a moment but figured Gerard would be gone for at least that long, “Sure. I just have to run upstairs and grab my phone.”

Mikey smiled, “I’ll be outside waiting.”

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