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3- Lunch

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Mikey takes Taylor out to lunch.

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-I’ve read about the afterlife but I’ve never really lived.-


Taylor rolled the window down, letting air in to the car. It was just as nice as Gerard’s but Taylor wasn’t the least bit surprised. Mikey? She’d heard his girlfriend call him Mikey, and Taylor was absolutely sure that Gerard had said his little brothers name was Mikey. She put two and two together just fine on her own.

“Shit.” Mikey seemed to be reading her mind, “I never even introduced myself. I’m sorry. I’m Mikey Way.”

Taylor grinned, “Your girlfriend said your name enough times for me to figure it out.” She glanced out the window before looking back at Mikey, “I’m Taylor.”

“Taylor?” Mikey said her name, “I like that name.”

“So do I.” Taylor said, causing Mikey to laugh.


“This is my favorite restaurant to come to whenever I come home to visit my parents.” Mikey admitted, walking in to the old fashioned restaurant.

It was nice, and mellow. Taylor took in the surroundings. “Well, tip one.” Taylor started, as Mikey stared at her. “Bring your girlfriend here. She’d love it, and girls love when their boyfriends take them out.”

Mikey grinned, “Note taken.” He promised, holding up two fingers to the hostess who quickly seated them.

It was a one sided booth and Taylor slid in first, as Mikey slid in beside her.

They were offered menus and Mikey knocked his water all over Taylor immediately. “Shit, fuck! I’m sorry Taylor.” Mikey said, grabbing napkins and pressing them against her shirt. “Fuck, is it cold? Of course it’s cold- it’s ice water. I’m sorry.”

Taylor laughed, pressing his hands away. “It’s fine.” She said, grinning. “It’s warm out. This is kind of… refreshing.” She said.

Mikey blushed, pushing both of the glasses of water away from them. “It won’t happen again.”

“Well if it does- just to let you know, I prefer wearing water to any other beverage.”

Mikey smiled, “Another note I’ll take.”

“You seem to have forgotten your notebook.” Taylor teased.

“The notebook in my head is harder to lose.”

“So, what do you usually eat here?” Taylor asked, glancing down at the menu.

“I can eat anything.” Mikey responded. “How about I pick something for you and you pick something for me?”

Taylor had never done that at a restaurant before, “Sure. I’m game.”

They sat in silence for a few minutes, searching the menu.

Soon enough the waitress arrived to take their orders. Mikey was grinning like he had a secret hiding behind his lips. Taylor couldn’t help but smile with the way he was grinning at her. “We’re ready.” Mikey said, setting the menu down.

Mikey ordered first, “New York style steak, well done please. As sides how about mashed potatoes and corn. For a drink can we get a bottle of red wine, and also for desert we would like a banana split- to be delivered after dinner of course.”

The waitress turned to Taylor, “The riverside burger, with all toppings please. French fries as the side dish.”

Once the waitress disappeared Mikey patted his stomach, “Well, that sounded wonderful. Lovely pick.”

“Red wine?” Taylor inquired.

“Wine is okay every now and then.” Mikey answered, “They have lovely wine here though.”

The waitress quickly returned with the bottle of red wine, and two glasses. She poured them each a glass and then disappeared again. Taylor took a quiet sip, “It is good.” She answered at Mikey’s questioning stare.

Mikey’s cell phone went off but he quickly hit the ignore button. Taylor gazed at him in confusion and Mikey shrugged, “I’m not going to be rude and answer the phone while I’m hanging out with you. That’s a pet peeve of mine.”

Taylor smiled warmly, “Not many people have the ability to ignore their phones. Phones are an addiction of sorts.”

“The worst.” Mikey replied, pushing his cell phone away from him.

Taylor took another drink of wine, finding herself a fan of the substance. She wasn’t much of a drinker though, for she knew it could leave you helpless if you drank too much and she didn’t do helpless. “So, how can I help you with your relationship?” Taylor finally asked, since that was why Mikey had asked her out after all.

“Oh.” Mikey frowned for a fraction of a second before smiling again, “Say we’d been fighting.” He leaned over and Taylor watched him carefully. Mikey pressed his thumb over her cheek, rubbing something away, “I’m sorry- you had some smeared makeup.” He wiped it on his napkin.

“So, we were fighting?” Taylor prompted.

“How could I make it up to you?” Mikey asked.

“Flowers?” Taylor offered.

“What kind?” Mikey asked.

“It doesn’t really matter. You see, buying a girl flowers is never about the flowers… It’s all about the gesture of going out and getting her flowers. It means you were thinking about her for longer than the five seconds it took to apologize. It means something. It means you thought about it and then took action. It’s all about the action behind the flowers but, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be pretty.”

Mikey grinned, “Maybe after this you can show me what qualifies as a pretty flower? I thought they were all pretty.”

“Sure.” Taylor smiled back.

“What if I just wanted to impress her?” Mikey asked.

“That’s definitely going to vary from girl to girl.” Taylor replied, “But being in a band gives you the upper hand with any girl.”

“Even you?” Mikey asked.

“Even I can’t resist a guy in a band.” Taylor nodded, “I don’t know of a single person that can.”

“What else can’t you resist?” Mikey asked, playing up his curiosity.

Taylor shrugged, “I’m a sucker for food. Comfort food? It’s all about the fruit. I love blackberries, strawberries, watermelon. Oh, and lemons.” Taylor grinned.

Mikey laughed, “Lemons?”

“I eat them with salt.” Taylor said, grinning. “It’s my little secret. If I’m ever upset it’s the first thing I go after.”

Mikey glanced down at the table, “I hope I never have to see you eating a lemon then.”

Taylor just smiled, “It’s been a long time since I’ve been caught eating one, so don’t worry about it.”

“What does it take to upset you?” Mikey inquired.

Taylor placed her elbow on the table, relaxing enough to forget her manners. “The earth has to shift, and swallow me whole.”

“That’s pretty impressive.” Mikey responded. “If someone takes my clothes I get annoyed.”

Taylor laughed, “You don’t share with your girlfriend? That’s the fun part of being in a relationship.”

Mikey shook his head, frowning. “Nah, I’ve never shared with any of my girlfriends. Girls are messy. I don’t want food spilled down my shirt- or for one of them to have their period while wearing my boxers.” He wrinkled his nose in disgust.

Taylor laughed, “I’ve always thought that wearing a guy’s shirt and boxers was the most romantic thing ever. I have to admit… I get butterflies even when I see it in a movie.”

“Really?” Mikey asked, surprised.

“Yeah, it’s just so sweet. Then you get the smell of her stuck on your clothing, and she smells you while she’s wearing your clothes. What isn’t sweet about that?”

“I guess I never thought about that.” Mikey answered. “So, you’re a repeat offender of stealing your boyfriend’s clothes?”

“Nah, the closest I’ve ever come to seeing that is in a movie.” Taylor admitted. “I stick to my own clothing.”

“I think any guy would let you wear their shirt and boxers.” Mikey commented. “Even if just to see you in them.”

Taylor blushed on cue. “Even you?” She teased.

“Especially me.” Mikey replied, blushing wildly after the words escaped.

“Be very weary Mikey-“ Taylor teased, “I both eat food and have periods monthly. I’d been in danger of both bad things happening… and with my luck they’d both happen at the same time.” She joked.

Mikey laughed, “Clothes can be replaced.”

Taylor bit back her reply, finding with horror that she had been flirting with Mikey. She internally took a step back, “Are you excited to see your parents?”

Mikey noticed the change, but he adjusted to it. “I guess. It’s been a while. They won’t be here until tomorrow night though.”

“So, tonight it’s just going to be your band- and girlfriends?” Taylor asked.

“Yeah.” Mikey frowned, “Frank didn’t bring anybody though- I don’t think. I’m not sure if Ray or Bob are. They usually don’t like to bring girlfriends around.”

Food arrived and Mikey quickly switched the plates around. Taylor glanced down at the steak, picking up her knife just as Mikey unceremoniously dug in to his food- taking a large bite of the burger. “Great choice.” He said, once he’d swallowed.

Taylor grinned, “Thanks. I’m liking your choice as well.” She mixed her mashed potatoes and corn immediately, taking a small bite.

Mikey watched her.

Taylor didn’t seem to notice as she cut her steak in to small bites. She took another small bite, washing it down with a drink of wine. “Want me to refill your glass?” Mikey asked.

Taylor nodded, “Yes, please.”

Mikey’s glass was still nearly full as he refilled her glass.

Taylor took a grateful drink, “Thank you.”

“My pleasure.” Mikey replied, continuing to eat his food.

They didn’t talk much as they ate.

Taylor kept her eyes on her plate; Mikey kept his eyes on Taylor.

“Is it good?” Mikey asked, finishing off his plate.

Taylor took another bite. “It’s delicious.”

“Do you always mix your corn and mashed potatoes?”

“Always, whenever I have the option of them both. It’s much better that way.”

“I’ve never even thought of it.”

“Want to try it?” Taylor asked, glancing up at Mikey.

Mikey’s breath caught in his throat as Taylor batted her eyelashes, gathering mashed potatoes and corn on to her fork. She extended her hand and Mikey leaned forward, his mouth encasing the fork.

Taylor watched him with a smirk as his face heated. She’d been a call girl for too long- falling in to flirting, just like one would fall in to breathing.

“Delicious.” Mikey choked out, as Taylor took another bite.

She grinned, “It is.”

Once the waitress came and cleared their plates she brought the banana split, which was on a large platter. It had three scoops of vanilla ice cream- chocolate and strawberry syrup dripping around the sides. There was a banana in the middle, and three cherries on top of each mound of ice cream.

“This is my favorite part of this place. Their banana splits are huge.” Mikey commented.

Taylor eyed it in amazement, “I’ve never had a banana split.” She finally admitted.

“What?” Mikey was stunned, “Really?”

“Really.” Taylor assured him.

Mikey grabbed a clean spoon, dipping it in to the ice cream. He gathered chocolate and strawberry sauce, along with banana and then brought it to Taylor’s lips, “You’ve never had a boyfriend do this?”

Taylor stared at Mikey as she parted her lips, allowing him to place the cold spoon in her mouth. She closed her mouth upon the spoon, still keeping eye contact with Mikey. Once Mikey pulled the spoon away it was clean. “Never.” Taylor breathed out.

“That’s a shame.” Mikey said, somewhat breathless.

Taylor went to pick up her own spoon but Mikey stopped her, “That’s not how you eat a banana split.” He said, grabbing her hand with his own.

Taylor became aware of the fact that she was crossing a line with Mikey and she pulled her hand away from his. He didn’t seem to notice as he continued to stare at her.

“How do you eat one then?” Taylor murmured, trying to keep her tone even.

“Well, you’re supposed to let the person you’re with feed it to you.” Mikey replied, shamelessly.

Taylor licked her lips, “I’m not sure-“

“Taylor! Mikey!” Gerard’s voice brought Taylor to her senses and she scooted away from Mikey, causing a small distance to appear between them. She smiled at Gerard, “Gerard, did you already pick up your friends?”

Mikey smiled easily, “Hey bro.”

“Yeah, Ray and Bob are outside with Frank. They will be in soon. We were going to grab a bite.” Gerard slid in beside Taylor. “I’m glad that you two already met.”

Mikey nodded, “Yeah, Taylor and I just decided to get out for a bit.”

“Great!” Gerard declared, rubbing his hands together. “Oh, there they are! Hey guys, over here!” Gerard called, in a wonderful mood.

Taylor couldn’t help but smile though she still had butterflies in the pit of her stomach and she desperately hoped she hadn’t led Mikey on, though she knew she had.

Ray, Bob, and Frank all made their way to the table. “It’s kind of small.” Ray muttered, as Frank slid in beside Gerard.

Bob jokingly punched Ray on the shoulder, “Don’t complain; just sit.” And so he did.

“So guys-“ Gerard placed his arm around Taylor’s shoulders and Mikey’s eyes widened. “I’d like you to meet Taylor, my girlfriend. Taylor, this is the guys-“ Gerard began to introduce them all but Mikey cut him off.

“Excuse me.” Mikey said, gesturing that Bob should move since he was the one that sat next to him. “I just need some air.”

Taylor watched him with weary eyes as he slid from the booth and walked quickly to the door of the restaurant. “Whoa, wonder what’s up with him?” Gerard pondered.

“Can you excuse me as well?” Taylor asked, glancing at Gerard.

He gazed at her questioningly, as everyone else moved out of the way- and Taylor suddenly realized why booths sucked so much. “He’s just having girlfriend problems.” Taylor whispered in to Gerard’s ear, “I was trying to help him.”

Gerard nodded, smiling. “Go get him babe.” He moved so that Taylor could leave.

She took off towards the door, looking for Mikey outside.

Mikey was sitting on the edge of the sidewalk, glancing at his car. “So, you’re his girlfriend, eh?” He asked as Taylor sat down beside him.

“I tried to tell you-“ Taylor said, frowning. She instantly cut herself off, “I’m really sorry if you thought I was flirting. I never meant to come off that way.”

“No.” Mikey shook his head, “You weren’t flirting; I was. I tried to flirt with you even though you acted like you didn’t want me to. It’s just all this shit with Lauren. She’s really getting on my nerves.” Mikey admitted.

Taylor’s body relaxed from the relief, “Oh, well was it such a good idea to bring her on vacation then?”

Mikey grinned, “Not really.” He leaned over, throwing his arm over Taylor’s shoulder. “Do you forgive me?”

“For bringing your girlfriend?” Taylor asked, confused.

“No.” Mikey laughed, “For hitting on you shamelessly, in an attempt to make myself feel better.”

Taylor laughed as well, “Oh, it’s no problem.” She teased. “You did treat me to a wonderful afternoon so I’ll let it slip.”

“So, you still had fun?” Mikey asked, smiling.

“Yeah, I did.” Taylor responded, honestly.

“Good.” Mikey glanced at the restaurant. “You probably shouldn’t leave your boyfriend alone with them for too long. Bad things could happen.”

Taylor grinned, “Mind coming back with me? I think bad things are going to happen either way. I saw the way they were eyeing the banana split when I left.”

Mikey laughed, “Sure thing.” He stood quickly, offering his hand. Taylor took it and he pulled her up so that they could walk inside together.

And sure enough when they reached the table the waitress was scowling at them, and Gerard, Ray, Bob, and Frank were all covered in banana split.

Gerard flung some towards Taylor and Mikey jumped in the way, getting it all over his shirt.

Taylor laughed, wiping it off. “I don’t even have to wear your clothes to get them dirty it seems.”

Mikey smiled at her, caught up in just how beautiful she was.
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