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4- The Beach

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Mikey says he's sorry for flirting, but is he really?

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The table didn’t suffer in silence at any moment throughout lunch. Frank kept conversation going, even while he was eating. Mikey whispered in to Taylor’s ear as Gerard and Frank animatedly led the conversation. “I always thought he was gay.” Mikey admitted quietly, as Frank laughed at something Gerard said.

Taylor couldn’t help but grin, “So, what would that make me?”

“A highly attractive cover-up.” Mikey replied.

Taylor smiled easily, not in the least bit worried about Mikey seeing through her. It wasn’t her first time acting, and it certainly wouldn’t be her last. “Is that right?” Taylor murmured, still smiling.

Mikey laughed, “Of course not, but that’s what most of the world will hope.” He set his glass of wine down, and rolled his eyes at something Frank said.

Taylor turned her attention to Frank, and the way he interacted with Gerard. She’d been in the business of attraction long enough to figure out when two people were attracted to each other. Frank and Gerard were attracted to each other. “So, you said Frank didn’t bring a girlfriend, right?” Taylor leaned close to Mikey, whispering the question in to his ear.

“Nah, he never does.” Mikey whispered back.

“Is he gay?” Taylor whispered, just a little too loudly.

Frank laughed, “Me? Of course not.”

Mikey shrugged, “Nope.”

Taylor faked a blush, “My apologies. I’m just getting a feel for the group.”

Frank smiled, none too warmly. “No need to apologize.”

Gerard caught on to the tense situation and pulled Frank back in to their humorous conversation. Frank was laughing again within seconds.

Taylor had her suspicions.


“I think I may never be able to go to that restaurant again.” Mikey laughed as the car door closed behind him, “Are you sure you don’t want to go with your boyfriend? I’m not headed back just yet.”

Taylor buckled her seat belt and stole a look in Frank’s direction. “Where are we headed then?” She knew Frank didn’t like her, and she suspected it was because he liked Gerard- so why did he say he wasn’t gay then? “And I don’t know. They might have forgiven the explosion of banana split but I’m not so sure they’ll forget everything else that happened.”

Mikey shrugged, starting his car. “I can’t believe that Gerard lifted the waitress’s skirt.” He shook his head, as if trying to shake the memory out. “I swear he usually doesn’t act like that, and around you? It was rude.”

Taylor was surprised at how offended Mikey seemed for her, “Its fine Mikey. I mean, I felt worse for her. Poor girl was mortified.”

“Yeah, well he’s your boyfriend. He shouldn’t be doing that shit.” Mikey spit out, and Taylor could see that he actually was upset for her. “I’ll talk to him later, when he’s not under the influence.”

“Under the influence?” Taylor giggled.

“Of Frank Iero.” Mikey replied, “They always act weird together, but this time it’s weirder than usual. I don’t know what’s up with them.” Taylor did though. She’d thrown a wrench in to Frank’s life when she’d shown up as Gerard’s girlfriend.

Mikey backed out of his parking spot and Taylor’s eyes went to the road as she thought over what was going on. Was there something between the two men, or was it all for show? She’d heard of men in bands putting on homosexual shows for their fans. This had to be more though, because who were they playing for now? It was just them, so it had to be for them.

She would have to ask Gerard- as awkward as that would be.

It was that or Mikey was going to see right through their faux relationship.

Mikey pulled out his cell phone and began texting someone. Taylor laughed and stole it away, “Texting and driving Mikey Way? That’s a damn big offense.”

Mikey laughed, “It’s a pretty big offense to steal someone’s cell phone Taylor.”

“What are you going to do, pull over and arrest me?” Taylor teased.

“Don’t tempt me.” Mikey warned. “Just give me back my cell phone and all will be forgiven.”

Taylor glanced at Mikey’s cell phone, “I don’t think I’m ready to apologize.” She continued to tease, “Okay, Lauren- the girlfriend. Who is Anna?” She licked her bottom lip, “Just how many girlfriends do you have Mr. Way?” She asked, as if she were interviewing him.

Mikey swerved to the side of the road, throwing his car in to park. Taylor barely had time to react as Mikey threw himself at her, making her laugh. His bony fingers viciously poked in to her sides, as he tickled her mercilessly. “You asked for it.” Mikey laughed, as Taylor struggled away from his fingers.

“Stop, stop Mikey!” She laughed harder, snorting.

Mikey had Taylor pinned down to her seat as his fingers viciously explored every single ticklish spot on her body, “Did you just snort Taylor?”

Taylor’s face was red from lack of air as she tried to stop laughing so that she could breathe, “S-stop.” She spit out, between laughing.

Mikey finally relented, though his body kept Taylor in place. “Surrender?”

Taylor grinned, “You play dirty.”

“I do. Shall I continue?” He asked, fingers lightly poking at her tender sides.

“No, no, don’t.” Taylor held her hands up in defeat, opening the one with Mikey’s cell phone in it.

Mikey just grinned as he pulled away, “I only have one girlfriend. Anna is Lauren’s friend. She texted me about my horrible cheating ways, check for yourself.”

Taylor glanced at his cell phone, “I’m not going to poke around in your business. I was just playing.”

“I was just playing too.” Mikey assured her, “Go ahead and read the text. It’s pretty fucking funny seeing as how I’ve never cheated in my life, though just about a half an hour ago I was trying pretty damn hard.”

Taylor groaned, opening Mikey’s cell phone. “We didn’t do anything wrong Mikey. We were having lunch together.”

Mikey shrugged, but smiled. “Thanks.”

Taylor frowned as she read the angry text message, about Mikey cheating on Lauren- and how Lauren had left. “Hey, so she left? So you’re free for vacation?”

Mikey grinned, “Thought you’d catch on to that part. I’m a free man!”

“I don’t get why you’re with her if you’re so miserable. Do you even really want to be?”

“Miserable?” Mikey asked, glancing at Taylor as he pulled away from the curb and continued driving once again.

“With her.” Taylor replied, “You don’t seem all that happy.”

“I’m not.” Mikey sighed, “Lauren is cool though, or she used to be. Okay, well she never really was but… Ray set us up. She’s just- I don’t know.”

“I’m getting a…” Taylor glanced out the window, “a maybe out of that?”

Mikey laughed, “Yeah, maybe. I don’t know. I just need to think, without her so damn close to me.”

Taylor grinned as she shook her head. In all honesty she’d never understood the pain people put each other through, the emotional sacrifice involved in a relationship. She didn’t want that. She didn’t want any part of it.

Mikey was nuts, but so were so many others- and that was why she was in such a profitable business.

“Where are we headed?” Taylor finally asked, realizing Mikey hadn’t given her an answer earlier.

Mikey smiled widely, “The beach. I sure as hell could use a little sunshine.”

Taylor relaxed against the seat, rolling the window down for fresh air. “That’s two hours away from here.” She informed Mikey.

“Want me to turn back?”

“I like car rides.” Taylor mumbled, leaning her head out the window.

Mikey watched as the wind blew her hair all around her face, and she smiled at him. “Me too.” He replied, gaining speed.
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