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5- Kiss and Sell

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The plot thickens in a twist Gerard thinks up all by himself. Will Taylor play along?

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-If I had to guess I’d say we have a mess you could sell.-

Taylor was checking her reflection in the bathroom mirror at a gas station Mikey had stopped at to get gas and beverages. She had a missed text from Gerard which she promptly checked.

-I think I tied up our loose end. Or I have an idea to do so. Call me asap babe.-

Taylor curiously pressed the talk button and waited for her cell phone to connect her to Gerard. “Taylor! Where did you and Mikey go off to?” Gerard sounded excited.

“Mikey and I are headed to the beach. We just stopped at a gas station. We’re about halfway there.” Taylor responded, “What’s this loose end, and how are we going to be tying it up?”

“Wait a second. Let me get up to my bedroom.” Gerard answered, followed by the sound of footsteps as he walked upstairs. “The beach? Sounds like a romantic getaway. Too bad I’m not there. We could really make it romantic.” Gerard teased.

“Nothing like a little make out session with sand to get stuck to our bodies.” Taylor responded, teasingly as well.

Taylor could hear a door closing and then Gerard’s excitement became obvious again. “I was thinking over our break up once the family vacation is over.” His voice was hushed. “And I came up with the perfect plan.”

“Please do explain.” Taylor replied.

“Well Mikey’s relationship with Lauren is going to shit and he needs an out. He just needs to be pushed in the right direction. He needs someone who can make him feel good about himself…” Gerard trailed off, letting the idea sink in.

“You paid me to date you Gerard.” Taylor whispered, “Now you want me to date your brother instead?”

Gerard chuckled, “You won’t have to actually date him Taylor. It’s just a side thing. You just have to lead him on. Play with him a little. Some flirting required, probably kissing… You don’t have to have sex with him if you don’t want to but…”

“But?” Taylor was surprised by the turn of events. “So you want me to screw around with your brother supposedly behind your back, then you want me to leave you both and you think this will be easier why?”

“That is what I want and I’m willing to pay extra.” Gerard answered, “You’ll leave two supposedly broken hearts and it will be the perfect opportunity for me to get Mikey back in to the dating game, and I’ll be able to find him a girl he deserves instead of Lauren. We will both feel bad, you know, but it’ll be a happy ending.”

Taylor wasn’t so sure. “How much extra?”

“3500?” Gerard offered.

“3500 for flirting and kissing. If I sleep with him then that is an extra 1500. Do you want me to sleep with him Gerard?” Taylor pushed the question out so that what Gerard was asking of her became completely clear not just to her, but to him as well.

“Well, uh yeah.” Gerard answered. “If that’s okay with you.”

“It’s my job.” Taylor replied flatly.

“Good.” Gerard responded cheerfully.

“What makes you so sure he’ll go for it?” Taylor asked, somewhat curious.

Gerard chuckled, “The whole reason I came up with the idea was the way I caught him looking at you. He’s already in to you. Now you just have to fuel his desire. I can tell you exactly what he likes.”

“I can read guys pretty easily.” Taylor answered, “I already know exactly what he likes.”

“Perfect. See you later babe.” Gerard sounded like he was smiling widely by the time Taylor hung up.

She was a little caught off guard by the turn of events but she could deal with it. She’d been in trickier situations, and broken plenty of hearts all along the way. Never before had she pretended to cheat on someone, with someone who was close to the one she was cheating on. That made it a bit trickier.

Taylor finally left the bathroom. Mikey was leaning against the car outside, and he yawned when he saw her. “I was about to come to the rescue.” He teased, coming around to open Taylor’s door for her.

She smiled, “Sorry, Gerard called.”

“Oh.” Mikey nodded, closing the door.

Taylor watched as Mikey got in his seat and started the car. She knew she couldn’t be completely forward so she’d have to make a game plan and stick to it. Mikey was the type she’d have to win over with passive aggressive flirting tricks. He wouldn’t go for a skank that was completely willing to cheat on his brother, and he wouldn’t want to steal his brother’s girlfriend. He wasn’t an asshole; that much was already clear. Everyone had their weak spot though, and Taylor was determined to find out what made Mikey shake.

“We’re almost there.” Mikey said, “And the Sprite is yours by the way.”

Taylor reached out and started untwisting the cap of the sprite, “Thanks. I love sprite. It’s delicious.” She took a long drink, “I can’t wait to feel the sand between my toes.”

Mikey grinned, “Is that your favorite part of the beach?”

“Favorite part of the beach?” Taylor grinned, “That’s my favorite part of life.”

Mikey’s smile widened, “Did you want to get back tonight? I was actually thinking we could get a hotel room. There is this beautiful place right near the beach- and it’s not the busiest time of the year so we shouldn’t have a problem getting in… Then we could spend tonight at the beach, and then tomorrow before heading back. I mean, it’s not like the family has even arrived yet so it would give-“

“It would give the boys time to hang out.” Taylor finished, smiling warmly. “But won’t you miss hanging out with them?”

“Nah.” Mikey shook his head, “I’d rather spend the night with you- and the beach.”


The city sparkled and Taylor was enamored by her surroundings as Mikey found a parking area and pulled in. “It’ll be a walk. How about we stop by the hotel first?”

Taylor glanced over at Mikey and smiled coyly, “Whatever you decide.” She tested out giving Mikey a little power.

His face lit up at her words, “I know an ice cream place along the beach that you’ll love.”

Taylor continued to smile. “I do love ice cream.”

“Mikey and I are staying the night over here so we will be back sometime tomorrow.” Taylor informed Gerard over the phone as Mikey booked them a room, or two. They hadn’t really discussed it. Taylor expected a sneaky move though, so she wouldn’t be too surprised if Mikey returned with just one key.

“Wow. You move quickly.” Gerard whispered excitedly, “He isn’t even putting up a fight about it?”

“It’s not me, and it hasn’t gone there yet.” Taylor cryptically informed Gerard. “Do you want a play by play of what happens?”

Gerard chuckled, “I only want to know about the good parts.” Taylor heard knocking and then Gerard’s tone completely changed, “I’ll miss you babe, have fun.”

“Miss you too.” Taylor replied, as Mikey appeared. She ended the call and gave Mikey her full attention. “Did we get lucky?”

“They had an opening.” Mikey responded, “One opening.”

Of course. Taylor faked surprise, letting her face fall in to a perfect frown, “Oh no! Two beds?”

“One bed.” Mikey answered.

Taylor was going to give him a hard time but then the bell above the door rang and another person entered the entrance hall of the lobby, walking directly up to the desk.

Taylor overheard the person get turned down, as the last room had just recently been rented out.

Mikey was being honest.

“Uh, Taylor?” Mikey caught Taylor’s attention again, “Is that okay?”

“It will be fine.” Taylor answered, “I believe you promised ice cream though, and I seem to be lacking ice cream.”

Mikey smiled again, “I can fix that.”

The air outside was cold and the sky had become cloudy, lending the appearance of a potentially stormy night. Taylor thought it was beautiful. Mikey was worried about rain.

The ice cream shop was cute, with decorations of boats and huge waves- separate photographs of course.

Mikey instantly fell in to a smile, “You know the drill.”

Taylor couldn’t help but smile along, “Hmm. He will have the… butter cluster in a waffle cone.” It was peanut butter ice cream with caramel drizzle and chocolate chips.

Mikey glanced at the menu, “And she will have the cotton candy blast in one of the containers.”

Taylor searched the menu, looking at all of the creative names. “So, my ice cream was unworthy of a cone?” She teased.

“Cotton candy sounds disgusting with cone.” Mikey replied, “I don’t want to ruin this game for you by choosing something you hate.”

Taylor chuckled, “Good call. I’m not that forgiving.”

“I’ve been getting that vibe.” Mikey remarked.

“What does that mean?” Taylor glanced at Mikey. She’d never had anyone even try to read her. Or if they had… They’d never bluntly stated it.

Mikey shrugged, “It’s nothing.”

“No, my curiosity is spiked.” Taylor replied.

They were momentarily interrupted as two different people returned with their ice cream. Mikey was handed a cone overflowing with peanut buttery goodness, while Taylor was handed a medium sized dish filled with blue ice cream that smelled quite sweet.

They headed outside together, advancing towards the beach. “Well, I can just see that you’re a really strong person- or I get that impression.” Mikey commented, after a short silence.

Taylor didn’t say anything but she didn’t have to because Mikey wasn’t finished. “I have no doubt that you’d get your way with anyone if you really put your mind to it. I couldn’t imagine Gerard changing your mind about anything. In short I can really see why he likes you.”

“But there is something I don’t get.”

“What’s that?” Taylor asked, scooping some of the blue substance in to her spoon. She brought it to her lips as she looked over at Mikey who was watching her.

“You seem reserved about something.” Mikey answered, shrugging. “Maybe it’s just because we don’t know each other very well just yet.”

“Maybe.” Taylor answered, closing her lips around the spoon.

Mikey fought to look away, acting as if the sight didn’t leave him hot and bothered. “Don’t worry, I’ll change that.”

Taylor smiled, “I’m not worried.”


The first thing Taylor did with the sight of the beach in view was take off her flip flops. Mikey stopped to take off his sneakers and then he scooped both pairs of shoes in to his hands and gestured for Taylor to lead the way. “You don’t have to carry my shoes Mikey.” Taylor assured him, surprised at his lack of disgust. Most people found touching other people’s shoes or feet to be a hard limit.

“I don’t have to but I’m going to.” Mikey sniffed the air. “They don’t even stink… that bad.”

Taylor just rolled her eyes and took her very first step on to the sand. Her toes spread slightly as the cold sand nestled in between, and with each step sand was kicked over her feet as well. Mikey followed, happily kicking sand at the back of Taylor’s legs.

The motion was guarded by her jeans but she knew what he was doing. “We didn’t bring towels, or a sheet to lie on.” Taylor realized out loud as they walked closer to the water line.

“You’re okay with the sand getting between your toes but you don’t want it on your back?” Mikey asked.

Taylor laughed, “It’s not fun washing sand from your hair.”

Mikey immediately leaned down, scooping sand in to his hands. Seconds later Taylor was running away from him, sand shaking free from her hair.

Mikey chased after, quickly catching Taylor. They stumbled to the ground together, with all of Mikey’s weight falling on Taylor. “I’m so lucky you’re just a twig.” She grunted, the impact making Mikey seem to weigh more at first. She was starting to get a little more comfortable underneath Mikey.

“Who are you calling a twig?” Mikey asked, poking Taylor in the sides. “You’re the twig. What is this?” He pinched one of her sides lightly, “You barely have anything to grab.”

Taylor stuck her tongue out, “I’ve never heard any complaints before.”

“Well…” Mikey trailed off as Taylor started squirming beneath Mikey. He chuckled and grabbed her wrists, pinning her down completely. “Believe me Taylor, I’d never really complain about your body.” Mikey whispered, gazing down.

“You know some onlookers might find this to seem a bit… romantic.” Taylor commented, wanting to gauge Mikey’s reaction to her words.

He took them easily, “In a really sadistic way, possibly. People would be more inclined to believe that you’re my brother’s girlfriend and I’m just giving you a hard time. I am restraining you after all, not kissing you.”

Taylor struggled uselessly, “For such a skinny guy you’re pretty strong.”

Mikey laughed, “Flattery will get you nowhere- literally nowhere.”

“So then what will get me somewhere?” Taylor asked, batting her impossibly long eyelashes which were coated perfectly in black mascara making them appear thicker and longer.

“Hmm.” Mikey pretended to think for several seconds, “That cotton candy ice cream smelled wonderful. I’m curious of how it tasted.”

Taylor gazed in to his eyes, which were glued to her lips. “We could go back to the ice cream shop.”

“It’s probably closed by now.” Mikey answered, “Plus, I just want a little taste.”

“What are you proposing Mr. Way?” Taylor’s voice became somewhat darker with lust, something that Mikey picked up on without being able to clearly identify.

“Would you like me to spell it out Ms…” Mikey trailed off, “Hmm, it seems I don’t know your last name.”

“How about my last name in trade of freedom?” Taylor bargained.

“Well… I sort of had my sights set on a different trade.” Mikey replied.

“I’m sure my trade will suffice.” Taylor calmly answered, gaining control of the situation quickly.

Mikey let go immediately, pulling himself up from the ground. Without missing a beat he smiled, reaching out a hand to Taylor. She gratefully took hold of it and he pulled her to her feet, brushing some of the sand away from her back and out of her hair.

Taylor giggled, “It’s been years since I’ve been to the beach.” She confided.

Mikey didn’t let go of her hand, “Why? You obviously love it.”

“I strongly believe that all things should be carefully measured in life. Even good things need restrictions.” Taylor answered, staring out at the water.

Mikey thought over her words, “I don’t believe that for a second.” He finally responded, and Taylor smiled lightly as she gave his words thought.
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