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Not Kissing You Goodbye

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“One kiss is all it takes Gerard…” warning Character death.

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Gerard’s POV

We got into the building safely, relief flooded my body knowing I hadn’t lost anyone, knowing we were all going to survive, but the gun shot from a few minutes ago, seemed to put Mikey and Frank on edge, so I walked toward the source of the sound, I walked into the room to see Bob with his hand on Ray’s shoulder and his eyes closed, Ray was breathing heavily, his face trying not to show emotion, but failing, you could see how disgusted he was with himself, I looked to where Ray was pointing his gun, on the floor, lying motionless was Brendon, no rise and fall of his chest, nothing just a ruby coloured fluid pouring out of his head, I looked at Ray “Ray! What the fuck did you just do?” I shouted slightly disgusted but mainly shocked, Ray wasn’t a killer, but then again, I wasn’t until I pulled the trigger on my dad, I felt guilty for giving Ray such a harsh reaction but Bob stepped in “He was infected, the antidote doesn’t exist, he had to” Bobs voice was reassuring, it calmed my nerves, I glanced to Brendon’s body and saw the bite on his arm, the I heard a small gasp come from behind me, I turned to see my brother and Frank, Mikey was wide eyed and mouth open and Frank was just scanning the room, trying to put together what had happened, I placed my hands on his shoulders and pulled him into a tight hug, I didn’t know what else to do, I knew this was going to affect Frank more than any of us, I pulled away and ducked down a little so my face was level with his “I’m sorry…” I whispered softly, I moved forward to give him a gentle kiss but he pushed me away violently “No. No don’t kiss me.” he stated quickly his face looked panicked his eyes scanning my face quickly, I felt hurt that he pushed me away I think he noticed, but my pain was soon replaced with concern, why did he act like that? I heard footsteps from behind me as Bob Ray and Mikey approached us “Frank, are you okay?” I muttered, he shook his head, he looked like he was about to burst into tears, his eyes finally settled on mine for a brief moment, before he ran from the room and down the corridor, I turned around to look at the others Mikey looked confused but then ran out of the room after Frank, but Ray had no emotion showing on his face, but Bob, Bob looked as if he was about to have a mental breakdown, my gaze fell on Ray’s face “What? What is it?” I asked I needed to know, I felt like I was in the dark “It’s Frank…” Bob spluttered tears were now streaming down his face “What about Frank?” I was beginning to panic my eyes widened and I glared at Ray “One kiss is all it takes Gerard…” Ray trailed off slowly, my heart sank in my chest, It was as if I could feel it crack straight down the middle. “No…no not Frank…” I said slowly trying to let it sink in, but it wouldn’t, I turned around and ran after Frank as fast as I could, I couldn’t let Ray do it, I wasn’t going to…

Frank’s POV

I found myself in the bathroom down the corridor, I was staring into the mirror my heavy breathing causing the mirror to fog up, the tears stained my face and my hands gripped the sink tightly as I held my eyes shut tightly, I heard the door open, I looked up hoping it was Gerard, but it was Mikey, I tried to force a smile, but at this point there was no hiding how I was feeling “Frank…what, what’s wrong?” he asked sheepishly the tears started to pour out “I can’t…I can’t leave you…I can’t leave him…” I said between deep breaths I was crying so much it got to the point where I couldn’t breathe, Mikey kept his distance, not knowing what to do, but then the door swung open violently and Gerard ran in “Come on, we have to go…” he grabbed my wrist and dragged me out of the bathroom, Ray and Bob were in the corridor, I pulled my arm from Gerard’s grasp “No Gerard.” I said shakily “Ray…” he looked at me and nodded, I turned around so I wasn’t facing him, I didn’t want his to have my dying face haunting his mind, I heard his load the gun “Will someone tell me what the fuck is going on?” Mikey shouted tears on his cheeks “I’m infected Mikes…but it’s okay, I’m not scared…” I smiled as the tears rolled down my face, I saw Gerard disappear from my sight “Ray put that fucking gun down right now!” he demanded, I turned on the spot, to see Gerard standing with the gun at his throat “Gerard, move!” I screamed, he turned to me, “Frank, remember you said we were Romeo and Juliet, you die I’ll die…” he whispered, I slapped him across the face “Don’t you dare. Mikey needs you. And you need him.” He shook his head I placed my forehead against his and took a deep breath knowing this was the last time we’d make contact while I was still breathing “move Gerard…” I whispered softly, and he nodded, he moved out of the bullets path and stood next to Bob and Mikey, I nodded at Ray and turned around so I wasn’t facing him, Gerard was facing me now, he looked me in the eye “I love you…” he stated “I love you too…” I whispered just before the shot rang out, and as I took my final breath I felt alive, closing my eyes for the last time.

Never again, and never again
They gave us two shots to the back of the head
And we're all dead now…

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