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That Zombie Raid.

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I am Legend, 28 days later, Dawn of the dead (1997). Based Fic. :3 It was cold, dark, and horrifying. Thats when the crimson monster took me.

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- DAY 9- 
It was dark, cold and just terrifying. 
The beasts had taken over the far side of london, thousands had already lost there life's, the blood thirsty creeps, limbs missing, blood dripping, blood curling. Zombies. Yes, i said it, real life, motherfucking blood hungry, flesh feeding, dead humans. Oh and with the dead animals, y'know: Wolfs, dogs, cats. Crazy really. 
There was me, William, Frank, Olly, Holly, Hannah, Claire and George. 
Were fighting back, those zombie dicks, won't stop us, Yet. They'd have to get threw us first.  We wasn't the only ones fighting back, believe me. But sometimes it felt that way. 
Have you ever seen, I am legend?  This place is like the film, sleeping in bath tubs, killing dogs, staying in the sun, waiting for people at bays. The rest of the world shutting us out. The cries of help, the other countries, to scared to help the needy. They blew up the euro tunnel, the dismayed it, Day 4, 6:35am, sun rise. That was the day, i felt more alone than ever. Suicide almost took me, till i heard the survivors radio cast. I went to the port, got geared up and taken to base. Like the little 'I am legend' base, but we was at Buckingham Palace. It was safe. For now...      
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