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We gave them to shots to the back of the head.

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They gave us two shots to the back of the head and we're dead.

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~DAY 10~ 

The zombies where closing into are location, we had to stay in the light, they could catch us in the darkness, that was there strength, the dark of the night, the shadows of the day protected there sorry little maggot asses. Are strength was the sunlight, the warmth of the sun beating down apon us. Our weapons a second advantage, we gave them two shots to the back of the head. 

6:05am, sunrise over the london streets, it was now safe to go outside, away from the protection, the palace, to the streets, if we wasn't back by 9:32pm exactly, we was left for dead, to become a member of the walking dead, sounded great, really. Sometimes i asked my self, should i just end it? But then i thought about my girls: Cherry and Lilly. My boy: Miles. My wife: Jamia. 

They was back in New Jersey, with my whole life. Me and Gerard, was staying in the UK for a little while longer after tour, due to myself being ill and unable to fly, my band mates; Mikey and Ray. 21 days ago back home to NJ. I was happy for them not for them to be here, not having to get pulled threw this. Unlike Gerard, his little girl: Bandit and his wife: Lindsey (Lynn-Z). He needed to get back, but no. 

We sat on the meeting point, we did this everyday, guns in hand. 
"Hey Frank? Do you see what i see?" Gerard gasped, worry spread across his face. 
"Fuck." I cursed, seeing the hoard of zombies, crawling, moaning and limping towards us. "Lock and load, in the car." i ordered, grabbing my gun, loading and locking, ready to kill those motherfuckers. 
"We're just going to drive threw them?" Gerard asked looking at them, opening the land rovers door. "You know we to well, frankie boy" i joked, jumping into the drivers seat. 
"Die, Die. My Darling" I sang, softly. Pushing down the pedal, the car taking of, heading towards the hoard of zombies. Oh fuck we're Dead. 

Hello, I never said it on the first chapter so here i am now. Is it any good? If not please say, so i can like stop xD. No i won't but i feel like i waste my time;-; Oh well. :p 
Next chapter up, Either tonight or tomorrow. Adios! 
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