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The Hunters of The Predator

by BitterLoveBlackHeart 2 reviews

They were not prepared for this, for my escape, for my revenge.

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'Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge'

As I ran silently through the white corridors of the building, alarms going off all around me, I could hear the echoing voices of my captors, “It’s not a human being, it’s a blight of nature. It cannot escape.” I ran through the halls, holding one of the guns I’d conveniently stolen from the guard I’d killed just a few minutes after my breakout, I knew I was only free once I was away from this place, as I ran one of the elevators opened on the left hand side, a group of seven soldiers appearing from it, getting quickly into a formation when they saw me, I pulled the trigger on my gun before they could even let out a single shot or scream, the seven men dropped to the floor in silence, scarlet fluid staining the once perfectly white floor, I didn’t particularly like killing people, I was just very good at it. as I walked through the gaps between the bodies, I collected a few things, like a belt of hand grenades, some more ammunition a switch blade and their wallets, I pulled the pin on one of the grenades and threw it into the closing elevator, I walked toward the window at the far end of the corridor, using the gun to shatter the glass, I stood on the edge, and I jumped into the night the building lighting up as gravity took hold pulling me toward the ground twenty stories beneath me, my feet hit the ground and I looked back at the building, the prison, I knew they’d soon be after me. They were not prepared for this, for my escape, for my revenge.
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