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Unholy Reunion

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Frank's on the run and goes back to him home town of Belleville to seek out a lost friend

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It’s been two weeks since then, my actions sent everyone into a panic, they couldn’t tell anyone I’d escaped, so they just named it as a ‘terrorist attack’ which is always a possibility on companies like that, Better Living are a very deceitful corporation, they lead the human public to believe that what they do will benefit the world in positive ways, like finding ways to preserve energy and save fossil fuels, but in reality, they’re burning twice as much fossil fuel as any other company, because their real job is to develop biological weapons that can be used against terrorists or during wars, they handle chemicals much like those found in an atomic bomb, the building itself is highly dangerous, when walking around certain areas you must wear a gas mask or you’ll get radiation poisoning and die, although for me that wasn’t so much a problem, but while the chaos of the present was on everyone else’s mind, the chaos of the past was on mine…

It all started five years before I was born so twenty four years ago, in Belleville New Jersey, The war between Vampire’s and Lycan’s was more destructive than ever before, my father was a vampire, to the coven he was a Death Dealer, one of a small elite fighting team who killed Lycans, each coven had a group the same, meaning when Lycan’s struck they could all come together and form a sort of army, Death Dealers were trained in Stealth, Defence, Attack and Killing, all Death Dealers really knew was how to kill.
My father was sent out to investigate some Lycan activity down by the pier, and when he got there he found the bodies of four humans, “Completely ripped to shreds” he used to tell me, then he heard the echoing scream from a woman beneath the pier, he jumped down to see a Lycan about to salvage itself another meal, but my father did the one thing he knew to do, and he killed it, then he saw her “The most beautiful human being I’d ever laid eyes on” he always said that when he spoke of my mother, and well she practically fell in love with him straight away, I mean he basically saved her from a giant, man eating, wolf. My father on the other hand he went through stages of denial, telling himself she was human and it was forbidden, which it was, but eventually his rotten vampire heart got the better of him and they started a relationship, to which the coven were not impressed with, at all. But he kept her safe, and five years later she found out she was pregnant, at first my father thought she’d cheated on him, because well, it shouldn’t be possible for a human to be impregnated by a vampire, but it happened, my father told the coven, and for our family’s sake they exiled my father from the coven, striping him of his duty as a Death Dealer, they did it to protect us, so the coven elder wouldn’t have to kill my mother while she was carrying me, but my mother and father always knew, as soon as I was born, I’d be hunted by everyone, Vampires, Lycans even the humans, I am the only hybrid of my kind, and as much as vampires and lycans will claim their race is the superior one, they’re wrong, because I know now, that I could kill them all, and they knew that, the humans who took me away, the humans who murdered my parents, the humans that locked me in that prison for nine years, they knew of my power before I did, and they intended on using me as a weapon, their greatest, most powerful weapon, they trained me to fight and to kill, much like how Death Dealers were trained, they trained me to take down an entire army within two hours, they moulded me, a child, into the world’s most dangerous weapon, and now at the small age of nineteen pained by the death of my parents, and seeking out my revenge, that weapon’s about to backfire.

So here I am, on the run in my home town of Belleville, not the smartest place to run to but it’s the place I was born and raised until the young age of ten, I always knew I was different, my parents made sure I knew, because if I didn’t it’d put me in more danger, I needed somewhere to go, and if my memory is right, I’m heading in the right direction.
I knocked onto the blood red wooden door of the small brown house praying that the person I was looking for hadn’t moved since I had been gone, I waited awkwardly for a few minutes, I heard shuffling behind the door and the it opened with a rather loud creak, at the door was a girl, a vampire, my age, she had dark hair up in pigtails, her lips stained red and a black waistcoat covering a plain white shirt, her childlike eyes were scanning my face intently, I smiled “Hi yeah, sorry, you don’t where I can find Loopy Lindsey Ballato do you?” I said in a serious tone of voice, her face turned to one of confusion, then one of realisation and her face lit up and her smile, god I’ve missed that scarily big smile, she grabbed my arm and pulled me inside slamming the door shut behind me “Oh my god! Frankie! Little Frank Iero!” she smiled and engulfed me into a tight hug, I’d missed Lindsey, she was -besides my parents- my only friend as a child and she was my best friend, she pulled back and frowned before slapping me across the face “nice to see you too…” I said confused holding my hand to my left cheek; she shook her head and hugged me again “I thought you were dead dipshit! What happened, what did they do? Where did they take you?” she asked quickly changing her mind about which question she wanted answering first. I shook my head and smiled “I’ll tell you later, where’s your dad?” I asked, she shrugged “I don’t know, this is my place now, mom and dad moved back into the coven after…well you know, after what happened, they only stayed out here because they spoke to your parents, once they…well, once it happened they went back to the coven.” She said awkwardly, I sighed “Linds you can say that they died, it was nine years ago, don’t feel awkward about it.” she nodded “hey do you want some coffee?” I smiled and sighed again “I thought you were never going to ask.”

AN- So new story, Frank's a super powerful Human-Vampire hybrid as you know know
so this was the first proper chapter, hope you enjoyed it, I'm going to to taking more time on this one because uite frankly I want my writing to be better, so updates will probably be longer, but not too long I wont leave you guys waiting forever, I promise, okay so Rate and Reviews would be awesome! thanks - BitterLoveBlackHeart xoxo
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