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Frank and Penina have a sleepover.

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First story, go easy on me?:( I tried my bestist, but if you don't like it please tell me, I won't get offended i'll learn from my mistakes (Lucy you cheesy fucker) Also, I put your nickname as Pen, if you don't like it i'll change it to your full name or something.. anyway ENJOY:3

"Pen" Frank beamed sitting down next to me, it was a cold New Jersey Friday morning, and I was currently turning blue in the freezing cold English room when Frank slumped himself down into the empty seat next to me.

"Hey Frank" I replied smiling.

"So, the Ways are away this weekend and I'm going to be so bored, so you wanna sleep over? we can go see a movie tomorrow or something?" He asked me casually.

My heart jumped, and I didn't even know why, it was just Frank? maybe I was having a heart attack..

"Sure Frank I'd love to" I smiled again.

"Yay, pick you up at seven slut" He clapped his hands in happiness.

"You look very camp right now" I commented.

"Penina, that's not nice" He said solemnly.

"You called me a slut first" I retorted crossing my arms to try and keep in little body heat I had left.

"Truth hurts" He muttered grinning at me.

"Frank I swear down you litt.."

"Penina Dayne, Name one scene in Romeo and Juliet which shows conflict?" Mr Morgan asked me, a cocky look on his face, knowing I wasn't paying any attention.


I could feel Frank laughing next to me.

"The one where her dad is shouting at her because she won't marry Paris" I answered 50% sure I was right, but because no one in the class started laughing and Mr Morgans face dropped I guessed I nailed it.

"Bad explanation, if I do say so myself, but yes generally correct. Try to pay attention during class please." He sighed before turning to pray on another unsuspecting student.

"Good save" Frank snorted.

"Bitch please, You would never be able to answer that question"

" Whateverrr, i'll see you at six you little slut" He said getting up and hugging me.

"I hate you" I called after him.

"Love you to" He yelled back causing alot of people to make wolf whistle noises, and my heart rate to increase again, yup im dying.

The rest of the day dragged because I had something to look forward to at the end. But finally it was home-time, I didn't see Frank for the rest of the day, as we mostly had a opposite schedule except for English and Music(which we didn't have today)

I rode the bus the familiar way home from school and hopped in the shower when I got home, singing loudly along to The Midnight Beast as I washed my hair. I dressed in my usual attire that consisted of cut off denim stonewash shorts that showed of my tanned legs with a green day shirt tucked in and my trusty converse, I ruffled my brown hair slightly before adding eyeliner mascara foundation and a little blusher. I quickly packed an overnight bag, shouted bye to my mum and was walking the calm and secluded route to Franks suburban home.

I stopped at the corner store to get some candy and picked up a few bags of sweets(not sure of the kind I was pretty new to America) half way there I noticed my heart was doing little flips and my palms getting sweaty, I swear I had some deadly heart condition, I shrugged it off. A few beeps of ongoing cars boosted my confidence to say the least and before I knew it, I was stood right in front of Franks big oak door, I knocked loudly and stepped back, heart in my mouth. Seriously what is wrong with me.

"PENINA YOU MADE IT" He opened the door and looked pretty good, his black hair was ruffled and he was wearing tight jeans and a Radiohead shirt. he embraced me.

"A big hello to you too Frank" I said hugging back.

"Come innnnnn" He sang.

"So, you're straight, right?" I asked unsure. It sure would be a waste if he was.

"No silly, If I was gay, I wouldn't think you look very stunning this fine evening would I?" He turned round and grinned at me, while I blushed a deep red and tripped over my own feet, great going Penina.

He threw a movie in the DVD player and settled down next to me, and threw me some chocolate.

"Eat, you're far to skinny. You don't have a problem with horror movies do you?" He asked fiddling with the volume setting.

"No" I lied.

"Pen, I can see straight through you" He chuckled throwing an arm carelessly around my shoulder, After the first movie I stretched out.

"Going to put my Pjs on" I told him

"Okay" He said putting in another DVD.

I ran downstairs A few moments later in my flannel Pjs covered in strawberry's.

He looked at me from his place on the sofa and groaned.

"What" I asked, unsteadily scared of the answer.

"Your pajamas are making me hungry" he complained.

"Theres a little bit of chocolate left, but its mine" I said gesturing to the coffee table where two sqaures of chocolate lay waiting. We both ran at the same time but I obviously got there first. I put in in my mouth and grinned.

He grabbed my wrists and pulled me towards him. I was so close I could smell his sweet breath and see his deep green eyes twinkle.

"No, I think you'll soon see its mine" He whispered leaning in closer and my heart was pounding in my ears. and he slowly and sweetly kissed me, before deepening the kiss his tongue asking for entrance into my mouth(which I gladly allowed). He pulled away slowly grinning, and we lay there in each others arms for the rest of the night slowly falling asleep to the sound of each others slow rhythmic heart beats.
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