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Caitlin gets involved in an class project with Gerard.

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Hey, Thankyou all for the reviews on the last story, It made my day I've have not been updating in a few days cos I threw my mum a party (major stressing) and I was gunna update at night but there was a meteor(idk how to spell it) shower, It was so pretty:3 anyway enjoy this;D

Everything about that stupid Tuesday morning was bad. I spilt coffee from breakfast on my new shirt and didn't have time to change, I missed the bus so was obviously late then got detention. So yeah, I wasn't exactly happy at 4th period as I trugged into health class and took my seat at the back sighing.

"Ah the cheery Miss Wilder, your never ending happiness really makes my day brighter" Frank said sarcastically smiling at me.

"Fuck off Frank" I mumbled putting my head on the desk, planning on getting some sleep this lesson.

"Would you like a tampon, with that darling" He said patting me on the back.

"Ask me again tommorow, ill most likely say yes" I mumbled in reply.

"Ewwwwww, TMI CAITLIN" He yelled taking his hand off my back.

"Nature is a beautiful thing Frankie"

"Quick look who just came in" He whisper screamed.

"Frank, I really don't care" I replyed yawning.

"Its Gerard" He said matter-of-factly.

My head snapped up and my stomach filpped. Let me tell you something about Gerard Way; He is the most beautiful thing to ever grace my vision. He is in most of my classes and I guess we speek sometimes, but I can't really stutter out more than 4 words around him and when I do I ramble. But yes, I have dreams that we run away to the scottish highlands together, raise sheep and then have beautiful Gerard Way scottish babies together....What.

"Caitlin, for gods sake" Frank said shaking me.

"What?" I asked dreamily.

"You just zoned out then blushed, you looked like Mikey that one time he had a wet dream" He said shuddering.

"Umm...I'm just tired"

"Pfft, whatever" He snorted.

"Okay, class! As you are getting older and the school insits you learn more about the 'practical aspects' of life, I have a new project called the 'Mother and Father' chance. I will pair you up and give you a flour baby, you and your partner will have to spend time together and write a report on spending to much time together, you must take you child with you everywhere and inform the other parent where you are at all times. Understand?" Miss Duncan said cheerily.

Half of the class laughed the other half moaned. I stayed silent.

"I hope we get paired" Frank said looking around the class with horror.

Turns out Frank got paired with a very geeky bossy girl called Beth. He did not look happy, I found it very funny though.

"Caitlin Wilder" Miss Duncan asked

"Yeah" I replied, knowing I would get paired with a sweaty fat guy who will hit on anything with a vagina. Yay.

"You're going to be paired with Gerard" She said smiling.

No! no no no no NO. This has to be some joke Frank set up, but to my supprise he looked as horrified as me. This can't be happening. PLEASE JESUS SAVE ME FUCKING SAVE ME ASDFGFDS.

I choked on my own breath. And began coughing non-stop.

"Um, Caitlin..Are you okay?" Gerard asked. He was now stood in front of my desk looking concered. 5 seconds with the guy and I was already making the biggest fool out of myself. GREAT.

"Yeah, I mean I wasn't fine when I was coughing cos' I don't really like coughing it hurts a little bit, but im good now I mean cos' I stopped coughing..Does it hurt when you cough? whats the point of coughing, what does it even do, Its pointless like flys and stuff" My head was telling my mouth to stop talking, but It didn't and now im a rambling and coughing like a douche.

He looked confused and amused. And hot.

"Um..What" He asked, scratching his neck.

"I..Um..Can our baby be scottish?" GROUND SWALLOW ME FUCK SAKE.

"Sure, I love the scottish accent" He laughed.

"Me to" I laughed, I metally patted myself on the back for not being an awkward mess.

"Anyway, You should maybe come to my house, if we need to write about this 'baby' so, heres my adress and number if you need it, yeah cos' I kinda gotta rush off" he said, packing stuff away.

"O..K..See ye efter!" I yelled, in a scottish accent. Oh my.

"Caitlin, you are doomed" Frank told my happily.

"FRANK, WE HAVE TO GO CARE FOR OUR BABY" Beth yelled from the door.

He rolled his eyes.

"Later Caitlin, IM COMING SEXY" He yelled back before running off after her.

I'm I being punk'ed or something, I soon became paranoid of camera watching me, so hurried to lunch.

I let out a happy sigh. As the final bell rang, I could soon sit in bed and eat after my stresfull day.

"Caitlin, hey Caitlin wait up" A voice called, I halfway turned around and saw Gerard running towards me a flour baby in his arms, my eyes widened and I tripped over my untied lace and fell staright on my ass, blushing.

"You okay?" He asked.

"Um, yeah...I mean..I..Just...Y-yeah"

He giggled, oh god could he get any cuter.

He gave me his hand. And I took it. ugh.

"Anyway, you should come over tonight, figure out a name for this little thing and write the first of our report?" He asked

"Umm Oka..."

I was cut off.

"Gerard, We're going to be late, come on" A blone plastic girl yelled over to us, giving me the once over and sneering, I looked down.

"Don't let them get to you Caitlin, Besides you're a whole lot prettier than they ever could be" He lifted my chin with his finger and smiled and me, then ran off to join his plastic friends. While my whole insides where buzzing agaist his touch and his words. I stood in the same spot for a few seconds in shock, before walking off in a dream like state home. My head replying that moment. Again and again.

I got home and changed into some stonewash jeans, some HopTopic shirt my black hoodie and my converse, I couldn't do much with my curly hair, I put some water on it and straighted my side fringe and puffed it up a little, I went over my make up and started walking to Gerards, seen as it wasn't far from mine.

I knocked on my door of the fairly big house. My palms sweaty and I prayed that I wouldn't say somthing stupid.

A skinny boy opened the door, he has baggy jeans on and a Misfits shirt on, he had big black rimmed glasses that where falling down his nose, his sandy spiky hair was stuck up in a unruly way. Oh fuck, he gave me the wrong address I bet him and his stupid plastic friends where laughing at me now. I blushed red.

"I...Is this...I think I have the wrong..Um..H-house, sorry" I mumbled head down.

"Yeah, I think you do" He laughed "Im Mik.."

"Mikey, are you hitting on my babies mother" A familar voice came from the hallway.

He gaped and looked very confused. My face broke into a grin.

Gerard shoved the flour baby in the other boys face and he smiled to.

"Sorry you had to find out this way Gerard" The boy said mockingly.

"Caitlin, this is my idiot younger brother, Mikey" He said, smiling fondly at his younger.

"Hey, Im Caitlin, I gave birth to your brothers baby..Not like that, I mean im a virgin so I couldn't do that" Facepalm.

"Come in" He said stepping aside. I walked into the small house and it was cute and cosy.

"My rooms in the basement, follow me down" He said smiling.

"Okay, You have a nice house, Its like a log cabin, I like those" What the fuck Caitlin. Im going to sew up my mouth.

"You're go adorable Caitlin" He giggled.

I just died and went to heaven.

"Just mind the step.."

To late. I lay on the floor and I heard him rush to my side.

"You okay?" He asked..Again.

"Y-yup" I mumbled.

He laughed again helping me up. He led me into his room, which was dark and littered, he made an attempt to clean it by kicking some dirty clothes out of the way.

"Take a seat, so what do you wanna call it"

"I d-dunno" I mumbled.

"Somthing scottish"

"Like Loch Ness" I aksed.

"Sure, Loch Ness it is" He laughed, and sat next to me..Very close I may add.

I began blushing.

"Are you nervous?" He whispered.

"Um..I..A l-little" I stammered.

"Why?" He whispered his eyes twinkiling.

"Cos' Um..Y-you, are, nice?" I mumbled looking down and blushing. My stomach doing backflips.

He lifted up my chin with his finger.

"You shouldn't look down, I can't see your face..And I like to look at your face" He said, no traces of joking on his face. He must be a good actor.

"I-is this um..a joke?" I asked.

He frowned.

"No, why would it be?" He asked.

"Well..Um becuase I'm me and you're..You?" I replyed. Blushing a deeper red.

"Have you seen a mirror lately, you're beautiful" He was whispering again.

I snorted. Right in his face. Oh god.

He grinned at me.

"Let me show you" He whispered before closing the gap between us slowly and smushing our lips together.

He pulled away and grinned at my expression which was a mixture of shock and well more shock.

"Why don't we take Loch Ness out for a walk?" He winked at me, amusement in his voice.

I nodded still lost for words.

"Great" He grabbed my wrist and pulled me out the door, our fingers intwined together.
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