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Chloe encounters a strange boy, who can't leave her alone.

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Hello, I just want to thank every amazing person out there that reviewed these storys, I love you, yes thats right I FUCKIN LOVE YOU okay well enjoy:-)


6am. Sunday morning. There is a million things wrong with that sentence.

I groaned and pulled a hand through my bright red hair, dragging myself out of bed. I had to be at work early because of some new CD coming out, which proved popular and seen as 'Big D's CD'S' is the only record store in this dead-beat town it would be pretty packed. I sighed again.

I threw on some pink flowery dress with a brown belt around the waist on, quicky did my make up and hair I was running late so I put on my black converse and yelled bye to my mother before walking very fast down my street.

My street is very ugly, filled with dull cars, gum littered streets and fucking grumpy people. Only last week I was walking, minding my own and some old lady came up to me and starting shouting about 'kids these days' She kept waving her walking stick, its not us kids with the problem I swear down..

I got to work in time but a que round the front of the shop was forming, it was going to be a very long day.

"CHLOE, YOU'RE HERE" my camp boss Bob(sorry I had to ;D) yelled at me.

"Yes, ready for whatever you have in store for me this lovely sunday" I fake cheered.

"Well, darling you're behind the counter today" he smiled then skipped away to do somthing camp.

I sigh and watched the clock tick. 3 more minutes and this place would be crowded with kids my age, being angry because the line 'wasn't moving fast enough'.

"Come innnnnn" Bob sang while he opened the door, and a large amount of teenagers shuffled in all heading to one place.

After scanning various amounts of the same CD (which looked very dark, judging by the cover.) A boy wandered to the tills.

"Do you have rasins" He asked cheerily, I looked up to see the boy was small, about my height and age with skinny jeans and a tight fit shirt on he had shaggy black hair and glossy green eyes. and a lip ring that shone in the light of the store.

"" I replied confused as to where this was going.

"How about a date then" He asked innocently and I couldn't help burst out laughing at his cheesy chat up lines. his face fell an inch.

"Thats a no then?" he asked glumly

"Not today" I grinned. He looked back up at me a sparkle in his green eyes.

"I'll see you tommorow then" He winked at me then stalked out the door. I sigh slightly before packing up and going home.


The next day was the same as the previous, many other teenagers buying the same CD moaning about everything.

"Hello again" The green eyed boy said leaning against the counter.

"Um hello" I waved awkwardly.

"Oh how rude of me not to introduce myself, well..Some people call me Frank, but you can call me tonight?" He asked hopefully smiling.

Oh god this boy never gave up.

"Sorry Frank, Im busy" I replied.

"That's cool, see you tommorow" He yelled.

"Woah, wait there" I shouted. He turned on his heel running back, a cheeky look in his eyes.

"Yes beautiful?"

"Why do you keep coming back" I asked.

"Well, you see im going to come here everyday untill I get a date with you" He smiled innocently.

"But..Why" I asked confused, he was a very good looking guy i'm sure he could do better.

"Well, for the simple reason you're the most beautifuly stunning person i've ever seen. You're perfect, and if coming here everyday for however long, gets me one date with you I'll die happy" He smiled at me once more before taking off out of the shop. I stood shocked at his confession. Then slowly blushed to myself.


For the past few days i've grown used to Franks company, his cheesy chat up lines and I even find myself looking forward to his vists.

I walked in the shop to find Frank already there standing at the counter, he smiled when I came in.

"Hello Chloe, can you step away please you're melting my popsicle" He warned winking at me.

"Good morning Frank, nice to see you to?"

He was silent for a few seconds.

"Can I take you out?"





"Fine but only to shut you up okay?, no chat up lines don't be cheesy and don't go to fancy" I yelled.

His eyes lit up and his smile streched.

"You won't regret it, i'll pick you up at 8" He skipped out of the shop and I found myself smiling fondly at the hypo green eyed boy.


"So, thats how I met you're father, I only dated him to get him off my back for a while, but he was the best thing that ever happened to me" I sighed in happiness.

"Neat story, mom"

"Yeah, Its cool" my youngest giggled.

"I know haha, goodnight kids" I said shutting off their bedroom light and slowly shutting the door.

I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist and instanly smiled.

"Did It hurt?" He asked concern lacing his voice.

"What?" I frowned.

"When you fell from heaven" He whispered to me.

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