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Olympian Mazy Iero, meets badboy rocker Gerard Way.

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"Mazy, Give me another back handspring" My coach Christine yelled out from the stands.

I sigh but did it anyway, I was competing in the London Olypics very soon In fact I was staying in London right now.

I fliped effortlessly off the beam I was standing on and landed straight on my feet, when I heard a loud cheer from the stands I looked over and stood there near my very unhapppy looking coach was my brother Frank grinning widely and cheering, I wasn't even able to give him the news I was olympian because he was touring and when he got back I had to go to London so I haven't seen him in months.

My face broke into a wide grin and I ran over to him.

"FRANKIE!!" I basically rugby tackled him into a huge hug, he chuckled and hugged me back.

"Hey Mazy" He laughed.

"What are you doing here" I asked still grinning like a fool.

His face fell into mock hurt.

"If you don't want me here Mazy, I'll..Just go" He cried.

"Shutup Frank, you know what I mean" I slapped his arm, still smiling.

"My Chemical Romance have a few shows in England I also was able to snag some tickets for the Gymnastics part of the olympics, me and the guys are coming to watch you" He grinned waiting for my reaction, I was so so so happy of course but this only made me more nervous than I already was. Which wasn't good.

"I hate to break up this family reuntion, but Mazy has training to do" My coach sneered at Frank, I threw him an apolgetic glance as he frowned.

"Um..Okay, Mazy we'll go out later you can meet the guys, text me when you're done here?" He asked backing towards the door.

"Okay bye Frankie" I called

"See ya. I missed you by the way, sirenhead" He'd been calling me that since I had red put in my hair.

I chuckled slightly and sighed fondly smiling at past memories.

"Mazy snap out of it, we're going to practice on the bars now, ok" Christine told me.

I worked for about 3 more hours on the bars and hoops till I was alowed to go back to my hotel. Feeling very tired and wating nothing more than to crawl into my bed and watch movies.

I threw my stuff on the floor by the door when I got in and showered. I got a text while I was sat in my bath robe from Frank, asked me what hotel I was in, I thought about lying because I knew Frank would force we to come out tonight. I sigh and told him, starting to blow dry my hair.

Great, theres this cool bar near there, see you at 9 in the loby -Frank xo

I knew it. I didn't make to much of an effort I just put on a little red dress, black tights to match my hair and slipped into my converse. Straighted my hair and did my make up by 8:45 so I decied to take a slow walk down to the lobby.

It slowly dawned on me I would be seeing the band again more importantly Gerard, The drunk greasy haired guy that hated me with a passion, He made me feel like shit and I studdenly
really didn't want to be here, I mean the rest of the band are nice enough, its just him

"Mazy, you okay? you look like you just saw a ghost or something" Franks concered voice cut my thoughts off. I was relived to see him standing alone, In skinny jeans and a baseball shirt.

"You could say that" I mumbled following him out to the car, and to my horror I saw 3 other silhouettes sat in the car my stomach began to churn and I started walking slower.

"Mazy come on" Frank yelled opening the door for me.

I awkwardly climbed in and was sat next to Ray, which made me feel a little better. Untill eveyone fell silent.

"Mazy?" Mikey aksed unsure.

"Um..Yeah?" I replied cursing at how shaky my voice sounded.

"Wow, you've changed" Mikey said quietly.

"Um, Is that..Good?" I asked still shaky.

"Yes" Mikey and Ray said together. Frank growled slightly from the front seat.

"Thats my little sister guys" He whined.

"Least your mom's hot genes was used on one of her kids" A voice came from the front, I could tell it was Gerard but he sounded more light-hearted and less husky than before.

"Guuuuuuuuuys" Frank cried out.

We all laughed and headed to the bar, all absorbed in chatter, I stayed quiet but listened to everyone. Laughing when I needed to.

"I'll park, Mikey get out and use you're skinny body for something useful like finding us a table, Ray go with him and Frank get drinks. Mazy stay here we need to catch up.

"My little sister Getard, remeber" Frank warned before hoping out the car and catching up with Ray and Mikey.

"So, Mazy Frank tells us you're an olympian now" He asked kindly. My breath quickened.

"Um yeah..Listen, do you still hate me" I mumbled playing with my hands, waiting for him to turn on me now we were alone.

"Oh, you still remember that?" He asked glumly.

"Yeah, How could I forget" I said a little coldly.

"Look Mazy, i'm sorry I was in a bad place at that time, I was hooked on alcohol and drugs, and I'm so fucking sorry, Im ashamed and if I could I would go back and I would change it all" He sighed catching my eye in the rear-view mirror and hurt gracing his features.

"Don't worry about it, People change eh" I said quite happy to for it all to be in the past.

"Yeah, I get you don't really believe me,But ill prove it to you" He said in a stern tone of voice.

"Im sure you will" I told him smiling.

"Anyway, what happened to you" He laughed softly

"What do you mean" I asked sounding hurt

"I mean, when did you get.." He trailed off


"Beautiful?" He said softly.

I blushed and I was sure it could been seen in the dark.

"You look good to" I said and the shaky voice was back.

He laughed.

"Lets go" he said stepping out of the car.

Hw walked around to my side of the car and held the door open smiling at me his eyes soft and kind, so much diffrent to the dark lifeless ones that used to be there.

The bar was small and crowded, it smelt of smoke and stale alchol with people pushing and shouting everywhere.

"You okay" Gerard asked from behind me, his breath tickiling my neck and his hands placed softly on the small of my back, guiding me to the bar. My skin tingiling from his little touch.

"You want a drink" He said in my ear again.

"Sure I'll just have pepsi" I said back. He gave me a strange look.

"No alcohol?" He asked

"Nah, My coach would kill me" I told him

"Ah okay, the guys are over there why don't you go and i'll catch you up, ok?" He said in my ear okay. I just nodded and started pushing my way through until a beefy arm stopped me.

"Pretty little lady thinking she can push around everyone eh" He spat at me, he smelt like bad milk and made me cringe away.

"Hey girlie im talking to you" He shouted again grabbing the front of my shirt and pulling me towards him my heart was beating in my mouth and I was sweating like mad.

"I..M....S-sorry" I squeeked.

"We're gunna have to teach you a lesson" He grabbed the front of my dress and pulled it down slighly so my black bra was showing the stupid redneck starting grinning and sneering. So I did the automatic thing a slapped him across the face. He looked shocked for a moment before rage clouded his eyes and I felt my stomach twist in fear.

He ran for me, pinning me up against the nearest wall.

"You should let her go. NOW" Gerards voice came from behind him, I've never been so pleased to see his face. The redneck snorted.

"What are you gunna do, fag" He sneered. Gerard steped up closer.

"One more chance..Let.Her.Go" He hissed.

I was pushed further up the wall and a squeek escaped me lips. And before I could understand what was hapening. Redneck was on the floor holding a bloody nose.

"Mazy, I leave you for 5 seconds" He grinned teasing.

"I attract all the boys, what can I say" I told him jokingly.

He chucked and grabbed my hand. I automatically grinned.

I spent the whole night, talking mostly to Gerard, well joking with Gerard. We just sorta clicked.

"Take my number, I enjoyed tonight Mazy" He told me at my hotel door.

"I had fun to Gee, and by the way I can tell you've changed" I told him truthfully.

His eyes lit up slightly and he smiled warmly at me moving closer.

"Thankyou" He said slowly before moving in and lightly kissing my lips. He pulled away, kissed my hand and stalked off down the corridor. And there I stood for a long time after he left smiling to myself and blushing, that was untill a room service lady came back and asked me if everything was ok.

The next few weeks leading up to the olymics I hardly spoke to any of the band I was training and they where rehearsing. It was stressfull and tiring and before I knew it it was the day before my event at the olympics. And I was jittering and couldn't sleep at all. I was watching a movie that I didn't really watch at all.

There was a knock at the door which made me jump out of my thoughts. I got up slowly, getting ready to be murdered.

Umm.. Miss Iero? a young bellboy asked.

"Thats me"

"These came for you" He pushed a little black box and a huge bunch of roses at me then left.

What now? There was a note attached to the flowers so I picked it off and read it.

Mazy, Good luck for tommorow, if the olympics fail theres always beauty contests right? you'll do amazing. Ill be cheering you on, you're a winner to me, no matter what ~Gerard xoxo

I made a squeeky fangirl noise, hugging the flowers to my body.

I opened the little box and there on a delicate chain was a small gold medal. I gaped at it for a few seconds before putting it on and falling into bed smiling like an idiot.

I woke up happily with thoughts of Gerard and his gifts and a smile automatically made its way to my face. I then remembered that today was the biggest day of my life and nerves hit me like a tonne of bricks. I gulped.

The first of the day passed in a nervous blur, I wasn't aloud to make contact with people I just had to stay with my coach and run through rules and drug tests, all very professional and scary.

I was doing good, very good. I was currently in second place. This jump would make or break me. If I don't land it I would fall to 4th place, If i do I move to first. My heart was racing my palms where sweaty and my name was announced I put on my 'Game Face' but it broke into a grin when I heard the guys screaming for me. I shakily stood up to the beam, I steped up and put out my arms, I took this moment to compose push all thoughts of hot singers, and life dreams out of my head. I jumped anf fliped flying in the air and before I knew it, it came crashing to an end as my feet made a collision with the floor i shut my eyes and tryed to steady myself, and as soon as I was sure I was ready I put my arms by my side, smile dand bowed.

[I did it, I did it]

Screams and cheers erupted my ears as I broke into a grin. Ignoring the security Gerard ran down to my spot just off stage and kissed me, hard and happy laughing.

"Well done baby" He yelled as security dragged him away.
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