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Chapter 13

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Disclaimer: I do not own Yu Yu Hakusho/its plot/characters/etc. and make no money from this story.
Recap: Realizing the Toguro brothers were still alive and the Dark Tournament loomed ahead, Komeko helped out with training.

Komeko, Shizuru, Botan, and Keiko stood outside of the stadium. With her sensitive ears, Komeko could hear a female voice announcing the battle that would ensue between Team Urameshi and Team Rokuyokai. Botan was garbed in a beautiful orange kimono that had floral accents around the base and a purple obi. Keiko was clad in a blue skirt with matching top and maroon jacket. Shizuru was more dressed up in dark green pants, a light green vest, white undershirt, and red tie, looking bored as ever. Komeko wore dark jean shorts, a black tank top, her normal black converse and a gray sweatshirt with the hood pulled up. Her hair was pulled back in a braid and her face was hidden by the jacket.

Most of the demons around them were scrawny, but she didn’t want to be snuck up on. She had no intentions of leaving the boys alone; she was going to come and watch the fight regardless, but her new purpose was to keep an eye on the girls. They may be able to hold their own against a very weak demon, but there are still higher class ones around. Her eyes shifted wearily at the thought.

“These ugly things are the apparitions?” Keiko questioned.

“Yes. Keiko, please watch what you say.” Botan tried to quiet her.

“Why? Do you think it’s dangerous? Well don’t you think it was dangerous not letting us know about all of this? You’re too easy on him. Yusuke can’t keep lying to people he cares for.” Keiko faced Shizuru. “Come on Shizuru, let’s go find them.”

Quickly, they were both off and weeding through demons.

“You look for Koenma and I’ll follow them, okay?” Komeko asked Botan.

Botan saluted and turned around; Komeko was off.

Eventually, they reunited when they realized they didn’t have the tickets. While standing next to Botan, Komeko faced a different direction.

“Whoa, is that you, Koenma? That’s a doozy of a costume.”

Komeko turned around and her eyes widened in shock, even her eyebrow shot up to her forehead in disbelief. She heard a demon behind him speak.

“Whoa, I see my majesty is a stud. Are all these girls with you?”

Koenma explained their presence and they made their way into the stadium.

The announcer, Koto, said that they needed to pick their fighting options. It turned out that they were going to have Kuwabara be the captain, because Yusuke was passed out over his shoulder. Kuwabara and a demon with blonde hair, Zeru, stood in a stare down and agreed to a one on one fight. The electricity in the air was tangible and it got more intense as the demon emitted flames with his spirit energy. Fire was a tricky and dangerous substance.

He shot the fire around the team and one up into the stands, obliterating many of the demons. Kuwabara tried yelling at Yusuke to wake up, but nothing happened. Koto peeked above the side of the ring and called the first fight to start. A small demon in red and yellow garb stepped up first. Yusuke cheered on Kuwabara as he jumped up, in his sleep, and mumbled about hiding Easter eggs.

The two exchanged a few words and the battle started. Kuwabara offered the first hit, but regretted it when the demon phased around and landed a kick to his head.

“What is this, recess?”

Shortly after, he was shut up by a kick to his chin. He raged on.

Now seated, the girls watched along.

“Oh dear, Rinku is incredibly acrobatic and quick, isn’t he?” Botan noticed.

Komeko watched the child and hoped that Kuwabara could catch the right image of Rinku. It just took concentration.

“My brother’s just standing there.” Shizuru spoke.

“He’ll get this, don’t worry. I’ve got faith in him to at least catch the right one.” Komeko tried to help ease their worry.

“It’s awful.” Keiko said.

Rinku kicked his speed up and phantomed the ring with his after images, until Kuwabara found him and landed a punch. The demons in the stands were surprised by the hit and Rinku was frustrated. It seemed that Kuwabara had the upper hand for a while and Komeko felt a little pride at his improvement.

Then again, they say pride cometh before a fall, because Rinku darted off in a flash not a second later.

“You really shouldn’t take so long with those attacks of yours.”

Komeko sat on edge as Kuwabara’s head bent at a very unnatural angle with Rinku’s kick and the girls gasped. The crowd cheered around them as Kuwabara lay on the ring, but it was a little too quick. Komeko could still hear his heartbeat loud and clear as she decked the demon next to her.

“Shut up, stupid, before I break your neck!”

The demons, at least the ones around them, quieted; Kuwabara got up.

“He’s okay!” Keiko cheered.

“That boy’s something.” Botan astonished.

“He’s my little brother, that’s what he is.” Shizuru spoke with clear pride for her brother.

Komeko stayed quiet for a moment and tensed when the clouds darkened above the arena. Lightning and thunder made themselves known as Rinku pulled out eight yo-yos.

“The Serpent Yo-Yo Attack!” His energy flared.

“Serpent yo-yo?” Komeko furrowed her brow.

Kuwabara pulled out his double spirit swords and the two fought back and forth with Rinku landing plenty of hits. Rinku’s yo-yo strings were alive with the demon’s energy.

“That little shit is pretty cocky for his age.” Komeko noted.

Unfortunately, it was no time before Kuwabara was tied up with the strings and flown into the sky like a kite. Fear pitted itself in Komeko’s stomach. They had bonded during his training and she had helped to heal all three of the fighters more than once during the two months with different medicines. Even Hiei was included when Kurama had nailed him particularly badly with his rose whip. She may have had to chase him down to do it, but it had gotten done.

The lightning grew worse and all four girls gasped and hoped he wouldn’t be struck. Kuwabara was bashed into the arena floor and Koto kept up her narrations with gusto over Kuwabara’s bloodshed. Their previous worry was revived as Rinku lifted him.

“Well at least baby brother is getting a good view of the stadium, right?” Shizuru jested.

“How can you joke at a time like this? Don’t you know what’ll happen if he falls?” Keiko exclaimed.

“That’s easy, he’ll die.” Shizuru rubbed it off.

“Shizuru! Shame on you. Keiko’s worried because he’s hanging by a thread.” Botan reprimanded.

“And us getting upset will make a heck of a difference, huh?” Shizuru countered bluntly.

Keiko stood up and yelled at Yusuke loudly. Komeko sweat-dropped. It looked like this girl would give her a run for her money. She ran after Keiko as she stomped her way down the stairs. Abruptly, a large demon blocked her and licked Keiko’s face; Shizuru put her cigarette out on his tongue followed by Komeko landing a kick to his groin.

“Yusuke! Kuwabara needs you!”

Kuwabara was surprised to see all four of them around the ring. The crowd cheered Rinku on to drop Kuwabara and the yo-yos were withdrawn. As he plummeted down, he put his hands together to javelin with his spirit sword, throwing himself at Rinku. Kuwabara’s spirit sword did the coolest trick to dodge the attack, it wove itself around Rinku’s yo-yo’s. They hit each other at the same time and Koto began counting while all four girls were shouting.

“Kuwabara! Get up!”

Rinku started to get up and so did Kuwabara, but Yusuke’s taunt stopped him. Soon after that, on Koto’s count of eight, Rinku’s yo-yos wound around Kuwabara and made it impossible for him to get up. He missed the count and the win went to Team Rokuyokai. Komeko face-palmed as he got back into the ring, but was happy they were both alive.

The next competitor stepped into the ring, a dark skinned demon by the name of Roto. Kurama jumped up to face him and Roto smirked. Komeko did her best to listen to the fight from where she stood. She heard Hiei tell Kurama to make sure he kills him. A few seconds later, Botan jumped down to be next to the boys. Komeko kept her spot by the girls for protection. She sweat-dropped as Botan ripped off her kimono, but was happy to see she was dressed in a pair of pants and a yellow shirt.

The demons in the ring stood in a glare. Komeko leaned onto the wall as the fight was declared to start. Quickly, Roto planned to try to work his way under Kurama’s skin.

“This red-headed boy, I don’t really think he’s human.”

Komeko eyed Shizuru. “What makes you say that?”

“What’s your point?” Kurama asked Roto as he dodged the attacks easily.

The fight seemed over already with Kurama’s ability, until Roto said something that stopped Komeko in her tracks.

“I have your human mother, Kurama. Or should I say Shuichi.”

As this caught Kurama off guard also, Roto sliced his cheek. Komeko listened very carefully to the rest of Roto’s words while clenching her fists angrily.

“Allow me to introduce my little button. If I press it, it’ll send a signal to my demon brother. He’s been following her for a while now and he’d have no trouble biting her head off.”

Kurama glared heatedly and Komeko was gone in a flash.
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