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Chapter 14

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Disclaimer: I do not own Yu Yu Hakusho/its plot/characters/etc. and make no money from this story.
Recap: The entire gang made it to the Dark Tournament and Rinku beat Kuwabara. Then, Roto revealed his hold over Kurama by telling him he had his brother following his mother.

Komeko’s feet pounded on the pavement as she ran with all her speed to find Shiori. She needed to untie Kurama’s hands in this battle so the team could get the win. She also did not want any harm to befall Shiori. For all anyone knew, the demon could have pressed the button just to spite Kurama. There was no holding him to his word. She had met the woman on several occasions while she was undercover and Shiori had been nothing but sweet to her.

She rounded a corner and stopped in her tracks quickly. Shiori was walking this direction, probably on her way to work, considering her briefcase. Komeko thought on her feet for a place to hide and jumped over the wall beside her before she was seen. She watched the woman walk in front of her and sniffed the air for the demon that would be following her. She honed in on him quickly as he smelled very similar to the demon that Kurama was fighting. Worry edged her mind, but was taken over by her adrenaline for getting this sucker.

He was hiding in a tree not five feet from her current spot. With all the speed she had, she was on him in a minute.

“Who are you?!” he cried.

“One pissed off demon, you dumbass.”

She socked him in the face and he teetered unsteadily on his branch. She tackled him into the yard below them and knocked his head on the wall. Much like his brother, he formed a blade from his arm and slashed at Komeko. She dodged him easily, until he managed to land a slice on her leg. She bled from the shallow cut for only a minute; it had already coagulated. Now, she was even more pissed off.

Rage fueling her, she pulled out her knife from her hip and stabbed him right through the forehead. She did her best to reach her mind out to Hiei to get him to let Kurama know. She grabbed his body and jumped in a portal back to the island. She was lucky that Botan had given her a device that would allow her to call them so quickly.

She arrived to see Kurama continuing his battle. While she was gone, he had managed to gain a few new bruises and one new slice on his cheek to form a cross. She watched from the doorway to the field and lightened her load before returning her gaze.

The crowd thought that Kurama was hypnotized, with his hands behind his back. Kurama was quiet for a moment before refusing to lick Roto’s boot. She took that moment to give the man a prize. She approached the ring and threw Roto’s twin brother’s head onto the arena.

“What?! What’s this?!” Fear filled his eyes and he began to stumble backwards.

“What did you do, Komeko?!” Kuwabara was shocked.

“Shut up, idiot.” Hiei told him with a smirk.

Everyone’s attention was now back on the fight. Kurama dusted his shoulders off and Roto withdrew his sword back into his skin; he froze, button in his hand before Kurama smacked it down.

“Fighting on the strength of one threat is a very risky battle. What if I truly didn’t care? Or what if I made you completely immobile? I’ve sewn the seed of the death plant in your body and it’s had plenty of time to take root.”

A green leaf grew from the demon’s chest.

“I feed it with my energy. I have but to will it and it will instantly move. I’m afraid there won’t be anything left after that.”

The demon begged for his life.

“I don’t know any better. You believe in mercy, don’t you?”

Kurama was walking away, turned slightly, and spoke coldly. “No.”

Chills ran down Komeko’s spine at Kurama’s viciousness. How ruthless, but appropriate. Flowers spread from his body and Kurama continued walking again.

“What irony, such beauty sprung from such an ugly soil.”

Kurama descended from the ring and stood next to Hiei and Komeko. In a very quick motion, he leaned down towards her ear and whispered to her.

“Thank you so much for doing that. I’m forever in your debt.”

He lightly graced her cheek with his lips, just past the edge of her jacket hood. As quick as he had been, he had gone. No one seemed to notice, unless they chose to ignore it. Komeko’s cheeks flushed lightly.

“Not a problem, boss!” She saluted Kurama, who chuckled.

From up in the Black Black Club booth, Toguro watched the match finish. He couldn’t help feel some sort of recognition towards the person who threw Roto’s brother’s head on the stage. He knew the demon’s trick and it was nothing new, but he couldn’t help the feeling that came over him when he saw the girl in a hoodie. He knew it was a female from the shape of her body and the shorts she wore, but he couldn’t get any sort of energy signature off of her. What kind of human would be able to decapitate a demon, if that was what she was? This line of thinking plagued him as he watched the next opponent step up.

“Will the next fighters please step forward?” Koto called from the ring before losing her patience.

Zeru marched up and into the ring.

“What? Their team leader is fighting now?” Kurama questioned.

“But he should go last. Maybe this is a mistake.” Kuwabara offered.

“No, Zeru is definitely the strongest of the four remaining. He’s fighting angry. It’s obvious he’s not taking this seriously enough.” Hiei explained.

“And we’re just the picture of perfection.” Botan said while glaring down at Yusuke.

Komeko nudged Yusuke with her foot. “Huh, I guess he really is asleep.”

Hiei threw off his white scarf and stepped into the ring.

‘Wow, Hiei. I didn’t know real men wore scarves.’ Komeko thought.

‘Shut up, woman.’

‘Just kick his ass.’

Hiei smirked at his opponent and spoke of how he knew about Zeru’s technique. He understood exactly how well Zeru controlled flames. Zeru insulted Hiei’s Jagan before letting his fire energy explode outward. It rolled out from the ring and into the stadium with a raw intensity. Komeko blocked some of the energy with her arms while others dodged. Zeru attacked Hiei, who dodged with unparalleled speed as more of the stadium was destroyed. Hiei complained of being bored, so Zeru let more of his power lash out until he changed colors.

“He’s glowing like a poker.” Koto called it.

Hiei was struck through his chest and Komeko let out a gasp.


She wasn’t the only one who was shocked as she stood by Kurama and Kuwabara. Another hit smashed into Hiei. The man was savage. Hiei started to descend back to the stage and Koto said he was done. Hiei hit the ground and Zeru laughed at him before turning around. To everyone’s amazement, he stood up.

Hiei’s power started to ripple frighteningly. He was smoldering with the flames around him and most of his gear was burned off. His bandana, in particular, was scorched off to reveal his Jagan.

The smell of ashes and fire burned at Komeko’s sensitive nose, so she pulled the draw strings of her hood tighter. Hiei’s Jagan glowed with a dark power unveiled. Black lightning rained down from the sky and up from the oceans around the island, illuminating everything in an eerie glow.

“You know, it’s impossible to control it completely. Once I release it, I have no say, but I have the power to blow you into oblivion. I assume just my right arm will do. You should never have insulted the Jagan eye. Because you see, in a way, it has its own mind and it loathes disrespect. Resisting it is not something I would do.”

Koto retreated from the arena in fear.

“Dragon of the Darkness Flame!”

A shadowy dark-flamed dragon burst forth and went straight at Zeru before disappearing. There was nothing left but ashes of him. Hiei’s right arm was badly burned and his shirt had just disintegrated right off of him. Koto popped back up and noted what was left of Zeru.

“Let’s give it up for Hiei!” Koto yelled.

The crowd was completely quiet as the ruling was marked on the board. Team Urameshi was now two to one while Kuwabara was having a slight freak out.

“Yeah, we’re punching our way to the top! Hiei can beat anyone with that move! Hiei can beat anyone with that move. Am I listenin’ to myself? What if he decides to be a bad guy again? What if he decides to shoot us with the dragon?!”

“Don’t worry, fool. We’ve entered into an alliance and I’m not the type to break it. Of course, after we win the tournament, I can’t guarantee anything.” Hiei smiled at Kuwabara as he walked by, but faltered in his step slightly.

Both Kurama and Komeko noticed his catch and looked at each other worriedly. It must have really drained him more than anyone thought and obviously more than he wanted to let on. Full of fear, the other two members of Team Rokuyokai started to dash from the dug out, leaving Rinku alone.

“Don’t leave me here!”

A man, close to seven or eight feet tall, walked out with the two members dead in one hand and a bottle of booze in the other.
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