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Chapter 15

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Disclaimer: I do not own Yu Yu Hakusho/its plot/characters/etc. and make no money from this story.
Recap: Komeko defeated Roto’s brother and Kurama defeated Roto with his death plant. Hiei turned Zeru to ashes, but now another demon has appeared.

The demon was predominantly human looking, besides his height. He had a violet, near blue, mohawk that was banded down his back and split into two more banded parts. He let his bottle smash onto the ground and approached the stage, speaking in an almost unintelligible Australian accent. He slurred and fell from the stage as he came forward.

“Oh dear, a drunk madman has escaped to the ring.” Botan commented.

He yelled to Koto and called her sexy before belching into her face drunkenly. Apparently, he was their alternate fighter and wanted to go against the last two opponents on Team Urameshi.

“I think that’s really rippa’.” He cuddled on Koto. “Thanks for everything, sheila!”

Even though he was drunk, he was very perceptive, since he had killed his own teammates.

“Let’s go, you sods! I wanna get a good brawl in before my fun wears off. In that case, they bettah all fight me at once!” He called drunkenly.

Yusuke jumped into the ring, apparently woken by Chu’s liquor.

“Waking up from the smell of alcohol, can’t help but feel a touch of home.”

“Are you kidding me?! After all that noise and booze makes him move?” Komeko commented.

Kurama looked over like he was agreeing; the entire stadium erupted in noise.

“Kill Yusuke! Kill Yusuke! Kill Yusuke!”

“Yusuke’s become something like a boogey man for the apparitions.” Hiei commented.

It made perfect sense, honestly. Fluidly, Chu stole the microphone from Koto in a blur of movement, like he completely disappeared. The fighter went off on a tangent about how awesome he was, sans rock-paper-scissors. It helped when Koto explained that he was only the alternate because he lost at the game.

Everyone sweat-dropped while Chu defended himself.

“I’m strong, okay?! Do you even get what I’m trying to yeb to yah?”

Insults from the stands made Chu run up there and steal some more booze after strangling a random demon.

“I don’t believe it. This guy goes for Sui Ken fighting. I’ve never met anyone who practiced that before.” Komeko blanched.

“What’s Sui Ken?” Kuwabara asked.

“It means that the more this wacko drinks, the better he gets.” She explained. “If he gets super shitfaced, his moves will be totally unpredictable.”

“Sounds kinda dumb to me.”

“I agree, friend, I agree.” Komeko nodded solemnly while patting Kuwabara’s shoulder.

Chu began to ‘stumble into his groove’ as he called it. He moved very fluidly and his energy flared around him in a red aura. He almost instantly lost his drunkenness and became even more confident. Everyone felt it when Chu powered up. The alcohol mixed in with his energy and moved so fluidly and quick it was like he was floating around the ring.

“Hit that ballerina, Yusuke!” Komeko yelled to him while Botan laughed.

Soon Yusuke caught on to Chu’s moves, but it went into the opposite when Chu landed several hits. However, Chu was surprised when Yusuke popped back up.

“His evasive techniques are impressive.” Kurama noted.

Kuwabara yelled some erroneous options and Yusuke landed a punch. Again, it was short lived as Yusuke was thrown from the ring by Chu’s kick. Koto managed to count up to 9 before Yusuke landed back in the ring.

“Yeah, rip him a new one!” Keiko yelled excitedly.

Komeko and Keiko’s eyes connected and Komeko winked at her.

Yusuke and Chu exchanged a few more words before powering up with their own sorts of spirit energies. Eventually, they cancelled each other out since Chu had taken an extra large swig of Ogre Killer alcohol. When they were both shirtless and laughing together like maniacs, they agreed to a final set of rules – a knife edge death match.

Komeko felt a shiver run down her spine, like someone was watching her and the team that hadn’t been there before. Kurama noticed her movement and questioned her with his eyes. She shook the feelings off and smiled at Kurama in assurance. She brought her gaze up to the stands and eyed an entrance wearily. She swore she had seen a flash of black.

Lightning struck both knives, but affected neither opponent as they kept grinning like fools at each other. The second the committee approved the match, fists flew. Blood dripped down both their faces and Komeko felt a bit of Yusuke’s adrenaline rub off on her. Battle was just so exciting.

Blow for blow, back and forth, the two kept going – upper cut, side swipe, one to the stomach, one to the chin, bleeding feet. They were solely focused on each other and completely zoned in on their own battle. Komeko noticed Keiko run down the stairs, followed closely by Shizuru. Not wanting to get between the two, she shadowed them until they split up. Shizuru could hold her own, but she wanted to make sure Keiko was alright. She didn’t realize how wrong she was after Shizuru got chased by four different demons to run into a very peculiar and dangerous man – Sakyo.

Komeko returned to her previous position with the team and watched Keiko enter from the door way to smack straight into Kuwabara with a hug. She wanted Yusuke to stop as worry filled her and she beat her fists on Kuwabara’s chest halfheartedly. He explained why he couldn’t stop the fight and Keiko fell into Komeko’s arms, crying softly for a moment. She gave into the affection and rubbed the back of her hair softly, until she pulled her away slowly and lifted her chin.

“Cheer up, Keiko. He’s got this, just have faith in him. Just watch how he feels while he’s fighting like this. He’s in this amazing bubble where he can’t let anything get him down. He’s home.”

Keiko smiled and turned back to Yusuke’s battle, but kept her arm linked with Komeko’s. The two met in a head butt and Keiko hid her face in Komeko’s jacket. A few seconds passed and Chu fell to the ground, breaking the floor with his skull. Komeko’s head hurt just thinking about it. Koto hit the ten count and declared Yusuke the winner. Kuwabara raced up to go greet him while the rest of the team was also very happy.

“Yes! We can’t be beat!” Kuwabara celebrated.

Rinku ran up to Chu and was amazed at what happened. Chu stirred and asked Yusuke to kill him based on the rules they agreed on. Yusuke declined and said he wanted to fight him again sometime as he left with Kuwabara. The crowd grew wild at Yusuke’s choice, so he gave them all a good talking-

“If you have anything to say, then say it! But say it to my face or else say it to my fist!”

Everyone quieted and the team took their moment to leave, but before they got too far, Yusuke noticed Toguro in the stands and flipped him the bird. Komeko followed his gaze and paled a second before dropping her face, but Toguro and his teammate had gotten a halfway decent look at her.

Komeko’s shoes made little noise on the ground outside of their hotel. She had been with the girls for a while now, but she wanted to get away from them to clear her head. This tournament was no joke and required focus. If there was any way she could help the team, she wanted to.

She stopped around the edge of the forest and sat beneath one of the trees. The ocean breeze carried towards her and she smiled contentedly. Her thoughts drifted towards the next fight the team would have to complete. The team they would face would be revealed tomorrow and she didn’t intend to miss it. She had made plans to go with Kurama and watch.

Her entire body froze and she hardly had time to react when Toguro’s scent caught her. He was in front of her in seconds and she stayed still, face to the ground so he couldn’t see her. He was alone.

“I’m not going to beat around the bush with this. Who are you?” He questioned, staring down at her with his glasses firmly in place.

“No one special.” She replied, staying alert and unmoving.

“Not the answer I was looking for.”

Toguro brought his leg out in a kick towards her head and she ducked, rolling away to spring to her feet. He stared at her and she dodged his fist as it cratered into the tree behind her. She jumped up a branch and looked down at him stoically. He moved his line of sight up to her and a grin broke out over his features.

“Miss Minobe, how good to see you again. I’m sure that’s not your real name, but-”

“Who is this creature?” A demon interrupted the younger Toguro.

Komeko’s vision shot to him as he spoke. He was only a foot shorter than Toguro, had completely black attire and black hair to match. She saw his mask and caught his scent. She had definitely smelled him before, and it hit her. This was the man watching the team earlier.

A slight frown passed over Toguro. “It’s none of your business. Go back with Bui, Karasu.”

Karasu gave Toguro a bored look and brought his gaze back up to Komeko. Staying for a second too long for Toguro, he punched Karasu and kicked him clear across the front of the forest and far away. He slammed into a tree, dusted himself off like it was nothing, and left.

Komeko watched the entire exchange with distaste. She kept her eyes on Toguro as he spoke.

“Sorry about that clown. I’ve got a question for you.”

“Go to hell.” She spat at him from her position.

It didn’t hit him and she didn’t expect it to. He remained indifferent, until he jumped up to Komeko’s level. He was much more agile than she had thought a man with his mass could be in his movements, but she held her ground nonetheless. With his branch lower than hers, their eyes met evenly. He stared at her closely and let his eyes move down her body briefly in inspection.

“Why don’t you have a scent?”

This caught her off guard and she was pretty surprised he spoke at all. It normally took quite a while for anyone to figure out that something is missing, namely her scent, but he had hit the issue right on the head, perceptive bastard.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

His face was unmoving when she replied, then Toguro was gone in a flash. A sigh escaped her lips, but her eyes focused to where she swore she smelled Karasu again. She couldn’t see him, but he was keeping an eye on her very clearly. He could see her looking in the right direction, but she was gone, back to the hotel he assumed, seconds later.

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