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Chapter 16

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Disclaimer: I do not own Yu Yu Hakusho/its plot/characters/etc. and make no money from this story.
Recap: Chu was beaten by Yusuke, giving Team Urameshi the win. After the battle, Toguro and Karasu surprised Komeko in the forest.

Komeko stood in the stadium the next day with Kurama. She was dressed in a pair of lavender shorts, a gray tank top, a black hoodie, and her normal converse. They were trying to get a heads up on the next battle to see who the group would be fighting. The last opponent for Dr. Ichigaki’s team was annihilated before their eyes, completely decapitated like the last two demons. As the last fighter came back to his team, a large hooved demon came up to the ring and wanted to battle. He had a large ring through his nose and spoke in a very gravelly voice.

“You have unleashed the fury of the Minotaur!”

He charged and three of the fighters went against him; two took an arm each and the third took his head clear off in minutes. It was a horrible way to die and Komeko flinched at the battle. Something was very wrong to her.

“Kurama, they smell so chemical and oily. It’s very odd because they feel human.”

He briefly wondered how she could tell that from where she stood, but didn’t voice it.

“I agree. We’re supposed to be the only humans here to my knowledge. Their movements aren’t right either. Something’s up.”

Komeko nodded her agreement.

“I’ll be right back, Kurama. I’m going to go check on the girls.”

“Be safe.” He warned.

She made her way to the hotel in record time so she wouldn’t miss the next fight, since it was supposed to be Team Toguro. Komeko walked in to see Botan with curlers in her hair and Keiko in a red night shirt. Apparently, she come in during the middle of an important conversation and paused.

“Sorry guys. Just checking up to make sure everything’s okay. Is it?” She cocked her head to the side with the question, hood down now.

The girls nodded and Shizuru came in with three drinks.

“Enough with emotional hour. Feel like sharing? Then let’s share a few brewskis.” She tossed the other two cans to Keiko and Botan on the bed before turning to Komeko.

“Want mine? I’ve got more.”

“Nah, I couldn’t drink right now.”

“Come on and loosen up, girly.” Botan nudged her.

Komeko declined again. “I’ll have some drinks when we win this tournament and we can finally relax for a while, but until then, drink up and be merry, friends!”

“Three cheers to our team and their next big fight. May they kick some demon butt!”

Komeko took that as her signal to leave and get back to the stadium. She made it just in time to catch Koto’s review about the tournament so far. She stood behind Kurama and her face became mischievous. She brought her open palm back and quickly slapped him on his behind. He turned around in surprise and didn’t see anything, but when he turned back to the fight, he noticed Komeko next to him and nearly jumped again.

“Hiya! Miss me?” She said playfully.

He just rubbed the back of his head and smiled, embarrassed; their attention was brought back to the ring quickly. Toguro was walking forward and spied both Yusuke and Komeko dead on in the stadium. She had her hood up again, but could feel his eyes for the millisecond he hesitated on her.The other team blasted a huge wave of spirit energy into the crowd, appropriate for being called the Spirit Warriors. In response, Komeko stepped a little closer to Kurama.

“If you don’t mind, I’d like to fight against your team single handedly.”

Needless to say, the Spirit Warriors were offended at Toguro’s offer to take them all on, but like the egotistical maniacs they were, they agreed.

“If you’re a fool with a death wish, then so be it! Five on one, right now!”

Koto ran to the edge of the ring and the fight started. The sumo-like opponent, Dosukoi, broke the ground with his steps, but Toguro was unfazed. Toguro powered up to 45 percent of his energy while his brother and Karasu watched from the ground. As Dosukoi ran towards him, Toguro slammed his fist into his abdomen and killed him instantly. This technique was repeated with the other three members until it was down to him and Topaz, a very tall and round, but muscular black skinned demon. His axe was huge and he let his energy coat the crowd. It became apparent that the energy from before came solely from this demon.

Toguro evaded his axe swings easily until he slashed into Toguro’s shoulder. Toguro pulled the axe from his skin like it was absolutely nothing at all, much to Topaz’s and the crowd’s surprise. Topaz was killed in the exact same manner as the other members, prolonged merely by seconds. After slaying the demons, Toguro scanned the crowd and stared down Yusuke again, like a challenge.

Komeko’s limbs felt heavy as she walked through grass desert rose in color. The feeling cleared nearly immediately as she walked closer to a large, white table decorated with tea cups and colorful cakes. A monarch butterfly landed on her nose and made her cross her eyes to see it. It fluttered off its perch a second later and she vaguely followed it movements.

She went to turn from the table, but was stopped by a small tug on her dress. She looked down to see she was clothed in a sky blue dress with a white under layer and light frilly sections. It went past her knees, but she noticed a small fist bunching the dress, stopping her from leaving.

“Please don’t go.” A light voice said.

The small fist was connected to a little girl dressed in a small gown precisely like the butterfly she just saw. Was this the Monarch she had seen? She had light brown hair and green eyes that looked up pleadingly at Komeko.

Komeko picked the little girl up and sat on one of the chairs with her in her lap. Suddenly, things came to life around them. Several pastel colored characters appeared in the table’s seats, like princesses with lavender, bubblegum pink, and sea foam green hair. They talked to themselves in tones that didn’t necessarily hit Komeko’s ears. Strange.

“What are we doing here?” Komeko asked the little girl.

“I’ve got something important to tell you. It’s a warning and I need your help.” She looked worried.

Komeko mirrored the emotion. “My help with what?”

“They’re coming. We’re the last of our kind and they’re coming to take me away. I don’t have much time. You need to hurry.”

Panic bubbled up from deeply within Komeko and the little girl in her arms disappeared while a very complex scent evaded her nose in just the slightest. The sky around her turned a deep red and vulgar creatures, true demons, peeked at her from the forest edges. Bright blue lightning struck the ground at her feet and caught fire to the edge of her dress.

Komeko woke up with a low yell breaking from her lungs against her will. Her head turned left and right quickly before she calmed slightly. Botan mumbled in the bed next to hers.

“Wha’s wrong, Kommy?” She slurred.

Her gaze landed on the sleepy deity and calmed even more. “Nothing, just a bad dream.”

Successfully avoiding Botan’s worry, Komeko swung herself from the bed to get ready for the day. The dream plagued her and she couldn’t put her finger on her emotions, but she felt compelled to do something. Someone was in danger and she didn’t know what she could do.
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