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[A/N] – Hey guys, just thought I’d let you know that I’m going to Somerset on Friday until Monday so I won’t be updating. But I’ll take my laptop and write a chapter every day that I’m gone so that you can have lots of updates when I get back :) Well I’ll certainly try to update but I’m taking a friend with me… I’ll just wait until she falls asleep!

Obviously Mikey couldn’t avoid me forever. He did sit by me on the coach on the way to Port Aventura “Mikey, about last night-“

“Look, I don’t wanna talk about it. I shouldn’t have kissed you. I’m sorry.”

“No, no, it’s just that…” I took a deep breath, trying to organise the words in my brain “I can’t explain it Mikey. I’ve wanted you to kiss me for a long time but I just… I’m not very good around boys Mikey.”

Mikey was silent and I sighed. Had I blown it with him? Then he asked “So do you wanna hang out again tonight?”

I smiled “Yeah, I’d love to.”

Mikey smiled back at me. He has a really cute smile.

“So what should we go on first?” Raven asked.

I was hanging out with Raven, Ray, Astrid, Penina and Frank “Let’s go on the rapids!” Frank suggested.

I’d never been on the rapids before but they sounded safer than any of the other rides so I followed them “Hollie, don’t worry about it, you’ll think their fun.” Penina promised me.

So we went into the cowboy section of the theme park and joined the queue “Oh my god I need a picture of me in my first ever queue for a ride.” I cried and pulled my camera out of my bag. I took several pictures of all of us until we got to the front of the queue.

“Hey Hozzie, do you wanna sit by me?” Raven asked “You don’t look so good.”

“I’ll be fine and yeah sure, I’ll sit by you.”

The small circular boats only contained six people which was perfect for us. It was weird because you had to step onto a moving platform and wait for the people in to get out before you got in. Of course this made me panic and start crying “Quick, get in, get in!”

I sat by Raven, Ray sat by Astrid and Penina sat next to Frank “I think I might freak out when this leaves the platform.” The boat left the platform “Oh my god, we’re moving!” I squealed as we started spinning round “I don’t like being backwards, I can’t see where I’m going!”

“Hozzie, calm down!” Raven giggled.

“I’m not exactly calmed up…” I replied “Oh my god, a tunnel!” Suddenly water splashed over all six of us “No! My Hunger Games book is in my bag! It’ll be ruined!”

“Why the fuck did you bring your hunger games book?”

“Well last year all I did was wait for people to get off rides so I packed it in case I had to do it again!” I squeaked as more water splashed into the boat.

“It’s over, don’t worry now…” Astrid told us as she saw the ramp that brought us to the end.

We all giggled then shrieked as the water guns turned on and we got wet “Well at least it’s really hot so we’ll dry sooner.”

It took a long time for us to get to the top of the ramp and then we were on the moving platform again.

An hour later we’d eaten lunch and walked round the park a bit but hadn’t gone on anything since “Can we go on that ride that everyone else went on last year?” I asked “I would’ve gone on with them but nobody asked me too so I just stayed there.”

“You mean tutuki splash?” Penina asked. I nodded “Yeah sure we can go on that.”

We went to the African section and joined a long queue for tutuki splash. It was heaps longer than the one for the rapids. While we were in the queue I showed Ray and Raven my present for Tyler (a small baby onesie with a baby cookie monster saying nom nom while he ate a cookie).

Soon we were at the front of the queue and we had to form six small separate queues to make up the sections of the ride “What, does this mean we’re at the front?” I asked as I stood in between Ray and Penina “I don’t wanna be at the front! I can handle being in the middle of this but not at the front!”

“Hozzie, stop freaking out, we’re about to get on.” Penina told me.

So we got into a large boat type thing and the guy put the safety belt down and we moved on “I wish I hadn’t gone on…” I whispered “I’m freaking out!”

“Hozzie, it’s gonna be fine…” Ray re-assured me.

I looked up “Wait, there’s a dip right here! Nobody told me there was gonna be a- AHHHHHH!” I screamed as we went down a ramp that was about a quarter of the size of the big one we’d seen on the way in.

“It’s the bump on the way down the big one that I’m not looking forward to.” Ray told me.

I didn’t really hear him, I was kind of panicking an awful lot “Dude, I’m freaking out…” I hissed “Oh my god, I wanna get off, I’m freaking out…” We started going up a big hill that would lead to the big fall “Guys, I need to get off.”

“Hozzie, it’s a bit late for that.” Penina told me “Let’s sing a song to calm you down…”

“I’m too scared to sing a fucking song!” I shrieked, holding on tighter to the safety bar as we made it to the top.

“Let’s put our hands in the air as we go down!” Raven laughed, letting go of the bar and throwing her arms in the air.

“No fucking way!” I yelled then screamed at the top of my lungs as we plummeted down the ride. I nearly threw up when we went over the bump halfway down then we hit the bottom. We stopped screaming. Then a huge wave appeared that went high above our heads “Oh shit…” Penina hissed before the wave crashed down on top of us.

“We got the most wet because we were at the front.” Ray grumbled.

I laughed “That was awesome!” I cried “Let’s do it again!”
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