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After the theme park we went straight to the concert that was at the top of a random hill. It kind of sucked because we had to carry all the equipment up there but luckily I was just given a bass to carry while Penina had to carry a large (broken) bag filled with microphone stands “This is really heavy…” Penina moaned the whole way up the hill. And then when we got to the top we were nearly ran over by a go-kart.

“Looks like some kind of festival.” I told her “Apparently a choir of old people is coming on after us.”

“Aww man I love old people.” Penina smiled as we dumped the equipment and walked over to the shade “What are we doing tomorrow?”

“It’s another split up day. We can either go to the water park or go to the beach.”

“Me and Frank are going to the beach, where are you going?”

“The beach. Water parks aren’t really my thing.”

Raven came over and stood with us “My hair is still soaking wet. This isn’t fair; we should’ve been able to go back to the hotel first.”

“I don’t like the concerts.” I moaned “I hate sitting in the heat and listening to Rose sing. She has talent but I’m getting a bit sick of listening to her.”

“Me too.” Penina sighed “I wish we were singing Princess of China.”

“Don’t worry, you still have your solo during ‘fix you’.” Raven told her.
Then we had to go on stage and get ready for our performance.

After the performance we went back to the hotel to dinner “So what are we gonna do tonight?” Mikey asked me.

“Well we could hang around in your room like we planned to last night?” I suggested “I won’t run out crying like I did last night…”

“Oh, good…” Mikey replied with a smile.

Once we’d finished dinner we told Mrs Bradbury we were going to our rooms and then I went to Mikey’s room. Gerard and Frank were there getting ready to go out to the beach “Hozzie, I never got to say this face-to-face but I’m sorry for making you feel so awkward on the first night.” Frank said “Am I forgiven?”

“Of course you are.” I smiled.

“I hope Miss Bolton doesn’t go crazy again tonight.” Gerard commented “She practically forced everyone to play duck, duck, goose last night.”

“Ahh it is funny when the teachers go crazy.” Frank laughed “Let’s go then. We’ll see you two later.”

We waved goodbye to them and they left, leaving us alone. We sat in the bedroom alone for a few seconds awkwardly before Mikey asked “So you don’t hate me for last night?” I shook my head “Well good. What exactly happened?”

I told him everything I had told Penina and Raven last night “I didn’t want to run out but… I don’t even…” My eyes filled with sudden tears “Oh shit, I’m gonna cry again.” I moaned.

“Hey, don’t cry…” Mikey whispered, putting his arms round me “It’s gonna be okay Hozzie, I promise…” I leaned my head on his chest and let him comfort me “Why are you crying?”

“Because I don’t wanna be so awkward!” I sobbed “I like you and you kissed me. Any other girl would be over the moon! But no, I burst into tears.”

“You’re not awkward. You’re just not used to being kissed.”


“Yeah Hozzie?”

“Will you kiss me again please?” I asked quietly, going bright red.

“Y-Yeah, I will…” Mikey muttered before kissing me gently. This time I didn’t freak out and pull away. Mikey was the one to pull away after a few moments “Are you okay?” I nodded, wiping away my tears “I really like you Hozzie.”

“I really like you too.”

“So Hozzie… Will you be my girlfriend?” I nodded and Mikey smiled.

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