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[A/N] – Hey guys, I wrote this last night so that I could update one more time before leaving. If I can get some wifi in Somerset then I’ll totally use it but I don’t think there will be… Anyway, enjoy!

I stayed in Mikey’s room for half-an-hour but I was extremely tired. I hadn’t slept properly in ages. Mikey insisted that I should go downstairs and go to sleep. He took my hand, pulled me down two flights of stairs to my room and then kissed me goodnight. He’s so sweet.

I went into my bedroom, got into my pyjamas and got under the covers. I didn’t want Penina and Raven to feel bad about switching the light on when they got back upstairs so I decided to just leave it on. It took me a while but I finally managed to get to sleep…

… For ten minutes. And then I was woken up by Raven coming into the room. She didn’t know I was asleep and when she noticed me in bed she was quiet and muttered “I think she’s asleep…” to someone.

That someone turned out to be Anna who leaped onto my bed and started jumping up and down singing the tigger song and shaking me “Leave me alone!” I yelled. Raven waking me up by accident was one thing but Anna waking me up on purpose? What the hell?

“God, I was just messing about!” Anna snapped “Oh well. I’d better go Raven and leave you here with her.” Umm wow. Was she mad at me because she woke me up? That made loads of sense.

Anna left the room and Raven said “You didn’t have to yell at her.”

“She woke me up; all I did was ask for her to leave me alone!” I sat up “Raven, I’ve been exhausted all week, that’s why I went to bed early. Mikey told me it was a good idea. And then she woke me up on purpose. I’d only been asleep ten minutes. And now she’s mad at me for getting mad? That’s ridiculous! What did she expect me to do? Wake up, laugh and start singing a long? I’m sorry but how many people do you know who do that?”

“There’s no need to get mad at me.”

“I’m not mad at you, you were polite!” I cried “I’m mad at Anna! Anyway, now that I’m awake I might as well tell you. I went up to Mikey’s room and he asked me to be his girlfriend.”

“Oh my god what did you say?” Raven asked as she pulled on her pyjamas.

“I said yes.” I told her. Raven squealed excitedly and then there was a knock on our bedroom door.

Raven got up to answer it “Hey, is Hozzie asleep?” Penina asked quietly. Raven shook her head and the two of them came back in.

“Thank you Penina!” I cried “Thank you so much for being considerate unlike some people in this hotel!”

“What happened?” Penina asked.

I told her about Anna “So thank you Penina. You are obviously a good friend.”

“That doesn’t sound like something Anna would do.”

“Well she did! She has these random bursts of random sometimes.” I explained “You know, most of the time she’s in ‘mother hen’ mode and she’ll be all sensible but then randomly, out of the blue, she’ll just let herself go. And it always ends in disaster.”

“Penina, Mikey asked Hozzie out!” Raven squealed.

Penina grinned “Awesome! Now you can’t moan at me for always hanging out with Frank!”

“I don’t moan that much anymore. It was kind of awesome when we hung out at the theme park today.”

“Yeah, are you going to the beach or the water park tomorrow Raven?”

“The water park.” Raven replied “Did you hear that Lucretia isn’t allowed to go to the water park due to health problems.”

“What’s happened?” I asked.

“She’s been making herself deliberately sick so I got worried and told the teacher. And Lucretia told the teacher that she just had a tummy bug and they were like ‘oh well if you’re sick then no water park for you’.”

“What is it with our school and drama?” I cried.

“And oh my god the most stupid thing has happened.” Raven moaned as Penina started getting changed and switched on the kettle “I didn’t tell you guys this but it happened a few weeks ago. Basically, Rose’s Mom came into the school and said that if I ever got more solo’s than her at one of the concerts that they were going to pull Rose out of our school.”

“Are you serious?” I asked. Raven nodded and Penina handed me a plastic cup of hot chocolate “What is it with our school and solos?”

“Well when you get asked to do a lot of solos it means you have a lot of talent.” Raven told me “It feels good to get asked to do solos.”

“But it feels like nearly every argument at this school is about how many solos somebody has.” I said.

“I like getting solos.” Penina told us as she dipped some bread into her soup and started eating “I don’t get many though.”

“Neither do I.” Raven sighed.

“I don’t really care about solos.” I said “I mean yeah it was nice to be picked to sing Princess of China but I don’t think they’re a big deal.”

“I hope that Astrid is the new Rose if you know what I mean.” Penina commented “You know how Rose gets picked for nearly everything? I hope that happens to Astrid because she has heaps of talent.”

“Ray has heaps of talent but he’s not really appreciated that much.”

“Frank is very skilled at guitar but his singing voice isn’t the best.” Penina bit her lip “And when he was doing the sound board for Disco Inferno he kept telling me how he shouldn’t be at the sound board, he should be on the stage playing the main part. I love Frank to pieces but he can’t sing.”

“Mikey’s awesome at bass.” I said and blushed when the two of them smiled at me “Anyway, I think we should go to sleep.”

[A/N] – Just thought I’d let you know that I think Frank has a lovely voice really. Also, that this scene was actually a lot worse on the night because Sam and Olivia got really mad at me (even though they woke me up?) and Sam kept making mean comments and made me cry basically…
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