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[A/N] – Hey guys I’m back from Somerset! It was okay there except for the shortage of wifi and the fact that my parents kept complimenting my friend Raechel and then insulting me but what did I really expect? Also, I wasn’t allowed to take my laptop with me so I can’t update three times today… I would’ve tried to update three times today but this chapter took me forever to write, I’m really sorry…

The next morning we went down for breakfast at nine instead of eight. I was extremely grateful for that extra hour of sleep after being woken up so rudely the night before. Raven had to wake me up though because I just wanted to sleep “Hozzie, come on, it’s our last full day in Spain!” She yelled “Get up butthead!” Then she had to pull back the duvet and I groaned “Don’t give me that. Come on, get up.”

“But it’s so cold!” I moaned.

“Get dressed and stand on the balcony then. It’s hot out there.” Raven told me before grabbing my hand and forcing me out of bed “The bathroom’s free. I’d hurry up and pee before Penina goes in to do her make-up.”

That made me move really quickly and get dressed “I want breakfast now!” I moaned.

“Let’s go then.” Penina smiled “Do you know what I like best about Spanish breakfast? You can have chocolate for breakfast! It’s not like pure chocolate but you know it’s so tasty! We should make the most of it now that we’re in Spain. It’ll be back to crappy old cornflakes in England.”

“I hate cornflakes.” I told her as we walked past the lifts “All the cereal that I eat is chocolate based.”

“I normally just eat toast.” Raven said “Why are we discussing what we eat for breakfast anyway?”

“Because we’re too cool to discuss anything else.” Penina replied “So Hozzie, where’s Mikey going today?”

“To the beach.” I said as we walked into the breakfast part. We filled up our plates and then Penina went to go sit with Frank while I sat with Raven, Ray, Mikey and Gerard. Mikey kissed my cheek and I went bright red but smiled at him. He smiled back and we ate our breakfast “So, where are you guys going today?”

“We’re going to the water park.” Raven told us. I assumed we meant her and Ray.

“I’m going to the beach.” Gerard said “I’m worried I’ll get really sun burnt if I go to a water park.”

“And you wouldn’t if you went to the beach?”

“Well if I were at a water park I’d probably forget to put sun cream on and it’d keep washing off and do you see my problem here?” Gerard cried.

A couple of hours later we had packed our choir stuff in a bag and then set off for the beach and shopping.

[A/N] – This is stupidly short but tomorrow I’ll try and update a longer one? I’m going out tomorrow during the day but I’m not going out with my brother tomorrow night so I can write then :) I’m really sorry! :( Also, this chapter literally has taken since like 2 in the afternoon until 10 at night to write because this part was kind of boring to write :L
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