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When we got there it was boiling hot and I thought I was going to burst. Also, due to the fact that I’d been having so much fun yesterday at the theme park I had only slapped on my sun cream really quickly on my arms and a bit on my legs. I hadn’t put any on my shoulders and had managed to burn them. It didn’t exactly hurt but it was extremely uncomfortable, especially in the heat. Penina had told me that Frank had some after sun but Frank wouldn’t lend it to me unless I asked him face-to-face and I was too shy to do that.

Mrs Bradbury hired three sunbeds for her, Miss Chiverton and Josh then gave us ten euros each “Well it only seems fair. The people for the theme park were charged ten euros to enter so we decided to each give you your share of the money.”

Me, Mikey, Penina and Frank decided to go shopping straight away so took our euros and walked towards the shops “There are gonna be a bunch of sale’s people in there aren’t there who only speak Spanish and I bet they really confuse us.” Frank laughed as he took Penina’s hand.

We walked into our first random shop “What exactly are we looking for?” Mikey asked.

“Well I need a present for my sister.” Penina replied, looking around “But I guess I could just get her nothing.”

“Hola!” A random Spanish man randomly greeted us “Bienvenido a mi tienda! ¿Le puedo ayudar en algo?”

“What did he just ask us?” Mikey asked nervously.

The Spanish man looked a little confused when Mikey spoke before beaming and asking “Oh! Are you English?”

We nodded uncertainly. He was talking English but he still had a Spanish accent so we still didn’t fully understand “Might I help you find something? What about this mug?” The man asked, holding up a mug that said ‘I love Spain’ on it “Or perhaps a little something for the ladies?” And then he held up a bra.

“We were just looking.” I told him “But thank you anyway. I mean gracias.”

All of us went out the shop and I blushed bright red as Mikey took my hand. He smiled at me and I smiled back at him. Then I said “I’m hungry, I think we should get some lunch now.”

Nobody else was hungry so I brought myself a chicken wrap from a shop and then put it in my bag. After that the others we went in a few more shops until we found a large shop that sold a lot of stuff that Penina could possibly buy as a present for a sister. They also sold some really cute bags. Mikey noticed them “Hozzie, aren’t these the bags that you always say you love?”

“Oh my god yes!” I squealed.

“Well I think they only sell them in Spain so you should get one.” Mikey told me with a smile.

“How much do they cost?” I asked “Can you get down that white one for me please Mikey?” He was taller than I was and easily managed to unhook the bag and hand it to me “It’s only three euros! Oh my god, I’m totally buying this!”

Mikey laughed and I ran to the till, handed the man the money and then thanked him in Spanish. Once that was done we bumped into Anna and Genevieve who told us they were going to get lunch so the four of us went with them into a random Spanish restaurant. As we walked to our seats Genevieve showed me how she’d brought a pack of moustaches and we both agreed to wear one after lunch.

We waited a couple of minutes before a Spanish man walked over to us and said “Hola!”

We all turned around at the same time and said “Hola!”

The Spanish man pretended to be a little afraid and we all laughed “¿En qué idioma?” He asked.

All of us sat there dumbly for a minute before Mikey told him “We’re English.”

The man nodded and smiled “Oh good; I can speak English, Spanish, whatever you need. So you kids are from England?” We nodded “Where in England?”

“We’re from… Near London.” Genevieve told him.

“No we’re not!” I laughed “We don’t live anywhere near London!”

“Well he’s never going to have heard of Telford.”

“And why are you here?” The man asked.

“We’re here to sing!” Mikey grinned.

“Ah and when do you leave?”

“Tomorrow.” Penina pouted “It’s gone way too quickly!”

“Ah! Anyway, here are your menu’s!”

“Gracias!” We all said as he put them on our table and walked away.

“I think we should order two large pizzas!” Frank smiled “One vegetarian one because of me, Penina and Anna. And the other one can be meat?”

“But Hozzie doesn’t like pizza.” Mikey pointed out.

“Don’t worry, I brought that chicken wrap, remember?”

“I don’t think they’ll let you eat your own food.”

“I’ll eat it ninja style.” I grinned.

So they order two pizzas and then started counting out their money. The pizzas were pretty expensive plus everyone had ordered a drink so this started to get a little confusing but soon everyone, except me, had paid an equal share and there was a large pile of money on the table. The pizzas arrived really quickly and were massive. As everyone munched on their pizza I ate my ‘chicken’ wrap under the table. It was mainly just cheese and I couldn’t taste any chicken at all. How misleading!

After we’d paid for dinner we all went back to the beach “Did you bring a towel?” Penina asked me “Or your swimming costume or anything?”

I shook my head “No, I didn’t even think about it.”

“Oh well, just paddle in your shorts. You can borrow my towel afterwards.”

“Thanks.” I grinned “That’s why you’re my best friend.” Penina smiled back as she pulled off her clothes so she was just wearing her bikini and then we ran down to the sea to meet up with Mikey and Frank.

I took my camera down with me and took some shots of Penina modelling in the sea, me standing in front of the sea and then a cute one of Frank and Penina kissing in the ocean “I should totally be a photographer.” I laughed as I showed it to Mikey.

Mikey giggled and put his arms round me “Hey Hozzie, think fast!” Penina screamed before splashing me in the face with water.

I squealed and splashed her back. It soon backfired when I realised that she could easily dry off and get into her clothes again while I was stuck in my soaking wet clothes. I pouted and stormed back over to Mikey. He just laughed and kissed my forehead. And then we were being told that if we were wearing swimming costumes or something we had to get dressed because we were going to be leaving soon. So Penina, Mikey and Frank walked off to get dressed while I borrowed Lucretia’s towel to dry off my feet and then slipped my feet back into my flip-flops.

It took us forty minutes to get back to the coach and get changed into our choir uniform. Raven was telling me and Penina about the water park while the boys got changed “There was this awesome ride where you took a water ring, got on it and then you were pushed off the edge and you went up this ramp then came back down and went up another ramp. It was pretty awesome. I went on that like three times.”

“Where’s the concert tonight?” I asked.

“You know the place we had our first concert last year?” I nodded and Raven continued “Well it’s there.”

“Do you want a biscuit?” Penina suddenly asked, munching on the disgusting biscuits that came with our packed lunches “Because these are really tasty! I could eat these forever. With that lemon flavoured coke. I might just buy heaps of bottles of that to take back to England.”

“Penina, what are you rambling on about?” Raven laughed, raising her eye-brows “Oh look, the boys are done. We’ve gotta get on the coach.”

The coach drove us back to the beach which irritated a lot of us since it had taken twenty minutes to walk to the coach and now we were back where we started. But we didn’t have long to complain about it because we had to unpack all the equipment and set up.

It was a small arena-type thing that was right next to a river. Penina grabbed my wrist and dragged me to a corner of the river “Look, there are a bunch of beetles here!” Penina giggled, leaning forward and shrieking as her sunglasses, which had been hanging off of her choir shirt, went plop into the water quite near the disgusting dead beetles “Oh shit, I don’t wanna put my hand in that! What should I do?”

“Get Frank!” I cried “He’s a man!”

“Frankie! Get your butt over here!” Penina yelled “It’s urgent!”

Frank and Gerard came running over “What’s wrong?” Frank asked.

Penina pointed at her sunglasses at the bottom of the pool and Frank sighed before reaching in and pulling them out “Thank you Frankie!” Penina grinned before drying them off on his shirt “By the way, look at those gross dead beetles.”

“I put my hand in the same water as fucking dead beetles?” Frank screamed “Penina!”

Penina giggled “Well I needed my sunglasses and I knew you wouldn’t do it if you saw the beetles…”

Frank rolled his eyes but hugged her close to show he wasn’t angry. Raven came over and told us the show was about to start and that we had to go and take our seats.

Once we put the band equipment away Gerard looked at the place we had just performed and said “That looks like an arena for The Hunger Games. Personally I think we should fight to the death. Whoever wins can go back to the hotel and eat all the pizza.”

“You’re a Hunger Games fan?” I asked. Gerard nodded “Oh my god, you are amazing!” I cried as I hi-fived him.

Once we were back at the hotel we were taken down to a small restaurant area near the beach and people brought our large pizzas for us on plates “Are they fucking serious?” I asked, rolling my eyes.

“Oh and as an extra treat,” Mrs Bradbury told us all at that moment “You can also order a fizzy drink to go with it!”

“For fucks sake…” I moaned. I turned to the year seven boy next to me “Excuse me but if I order a coke will you please drink it for me?”

“Oh my god, yeah!” He beamed “Why don’t you want it?”

“I don’t like them.” I replied.

Unfortunately there hadn’t been enough room at my friends table so I was stuck with a year seven boy called Jack, Lucy, Rebecca and Megan. Lucy and Rebecca were incredibly rude. First they told me I was stupid for not liking pizza, then moaned that Jack had accidentally picked up two slices and put one back and insisted he had to eat the piece he’d put back because it was too flaky for them to eat making Jack go bright red. Jack has eczema and he’s really embarrassed about it and wore long sleeved tee shirts and long trousers to cover it. It must’ve been awful for him in Spain due to the heat and Lucy and Rebecca were being bitches to make fun of him for it.

Mrs Bradbury told us we could go up to our rooms at any time but we definitely had to be in bed by twelve o clock. I went straight over to her and said I was going to bed because I wanted to pack and everything. I kissed Mikey goodnight and then went upstairs.

[A/N] – Extra-long chapter to make up for lack of updates :D
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