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[A/N] – Hey I went to Blackpool for two days which is why I haven’t updated since then :) There won’t be many updates after this because the story is nearly over :(

I grabbed my suitcase and chucked it on the bed so that I could start packing it for tomorrow. Last year Raven had packed the night before while me and Penina had just messed around and then the next day Raven was ready to go straight away. Me and Penina still couldn’t be bothered so I locked her out on the balcony and she dragged her nose down the window. And then we heard that the suitcases had to be on the coach in ten minutes so we had to rush to pack everything and I nearly lost my Mom’s necklace.

A few minutes later Penina and Raven came into the room “Are you coming down to the beach?” Raven asked me. I shook my head “What are you gonna do then?”

“Pack my bag and eat dinner because I couldn’t eat any of that disgusting pizza.” I shuddered “Eugh…”

“Yeah, I’m gonna come up early tonight to pack my bag and shit.” Raven told me “So that you won’t be by yourself.”

“Don’t worry, I’m fine.” I replied going a little red. I didn’t want Raven missing out on fun because she felt bad about me being by myself.

Penina didn’t seem to have the same worries as she dressed up in her ‘captain’ dress “Frank said he doesn’t want me to wear this dress but I don’t care.”

“Why doesn’t he want you to wear it?”

“Because it shows off my boobs quite a bit.” Penina said, adjusting her dress “And he doesn’t want any boys looking at me apparently. He gets jealous really easily.”

“Wear it anyway, he can’t tell you what to do.”

Penina rolled her eyes and left the room with Raven.

An hour later I’d packed my bag, had dinner and was reading The Hunger Games when Raven came back “Oh my god, everyone is in such a bad mood!” Raven cried “Apparently Abbie has been bitching about Rose and so Rose yelled at her and made her cry, I told you that, right? Well tonight it was Rose and Lucretia having a go at Rose because she kissed Bob again before going off and- Actually, I better not tell you.”

“No come on, what did she do?”

“Well she kind of tried to get off with Mikey.” I rolled my eyes “Don’t worry, he said no and they didn’t actually do anything. She tried it with Ray as well. She’d probably have tried it with Frank but that was when Rose and Lucretia started getting all up in her face. And I tried talking to Abbie and Rose about it but neither of them wants to know!” Raven flopped herself down onto her bed “And Genevieve and Penina have had an argument as well. Apparently Genevieve was flirting with Frank and Frank told Penina and Penina kind of slapped her round the face.” Raven started laughing “Ahh man it reminds me of when Penina slapped Joe round the face.”

We sat there in silence for a moment before I asked “Would you like a piece of chocolate?”

“Oh my god, yes please!” Raven cried. I handed her a piece of milka and she got up to start packing. She popped it in her mouth “Jesus, I really needed that.” Raven smiled.

She started packing her stuff away into her suitcase and I asked “What’s wrong with Abbie exactly? At the start of the week she said she wanted to stay away from all boys and just focus on her friends but now she’s trying her best to get off with everyone that’s on tour?”

“I don’t know, I guess she’s trying to show everyone she’s grown up since she’s only in year eight?” Raven suggested “She’s not going about it in the right way but some of the year eleven’s can be dicks when it comes to the younger ones and think they’re way above them.”

“You’re friends with most of the year eleven’s.”

“I know but I’m only one year younger than them.” Raven shrugged her shoulders “Or maybe she’s just an attention seeker.”

“It’s the time that we were supposed to be in and Penina still isn’t back yet.”

“I wouldn’t expect her back for a while.”

At that moment there was a knock at the front door “I’ll get it.” I told her then got up to answer the door. Ray and Mikey were standing outside “Raven, Ray’s here!”

“YAY!” Raven cheered, ditching whatever she was packing away and running to the door. She leaped into Ray’s arms and he kissed her.

Mikey smiled at me “We just came here to say goodnight.”

“Oh, okay.” I smiled back and hugged him. He kissed my cheek “Night Mikey.”

“Night Hozzie… I love you.”

“… I love you too.”

He kissed my forehead and then him and Ray went back to their room “I wonder where Penina is-“

“Mikey told me he loves me!” I squealed “Eep!”

Raven laughed and returned to packing her suitcase “Can I have some more chocolate?” I nodded and handed her a few more squares.

The door knocked again and I answered it. This time it was Penina who looked just as stressed as Raven had when she came back to the room “I can’t believe that slut hit on my boyfriend!” Penina cried “I totally slapped that bitch!”

“Genevieve? Yeah, Raven told me about it.” I offered her some chocolate but she told me she was going to have some soup.

“Oh and also, some other stuff happened when Raven came upstairs.” Penina said as she flicked on her kettle, got out the soup and a plastic cup with hot chocolate powder in it for me “Some boys were running around knocking on these girls doors on one floor and they accidentally knocked on a random family’s door. Anyway, the Mom went and yelled at Mrs Bradbury in Spanish and told her she was going to complain to the manager so it looks like we’re never coming back here.” She sat down on her bed “Also, in one of the guys’ rooms their toilet is leaking. There’s shit coming out of the bath.”

“Eugh, that’s disgusting.” I replied, pulling a face.

“Yeah, they’re having to move rooms at the last minute. Also everyone was playing spin the bottle. Abbie was proper getting into it.”

“Did you play?”

Penina shook her head “No because I have Frank so it didn’t seem fair. Frank didn’t play either and neither did Mikey or Ray.”

“Good otherwise I’d have kicked Ray in between the legs.” Raven giggled and Penina handed me a cup of hot chocolate “I have officially packed all my stuff!”

“Hozzie, your stuff is all over the floor!”

“Penina, I packed my stuff away. That’s your stuff.”

“… Oh.”
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