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The next morning we had to go to breakfast at eight again instead of nine “Why do they insist on waking us up in the middle of the night?” I moaned as we walked downstairs “We’re not leaving until three anyway! What’s the point?”

“To stop us being so lazy. Everyone in England will be awake now.”

“No, it’s seven in the morning in England. No one will be awake.”

“Believe it or not Hozzie, some people get up at seven in the morning.”

“Those people can’t be you Penina. You’re late for school every day.”

“I get up early most days actually but unlike you, I bother to put make-up on.” Penina said.

I rolled my eyes “Excuse me for being natural!”

“There’s nothing wrong with being natural, just don’t go round telling me I’m always late for school.”

“… But you are always late for school. The amount of times that Davey used to turn to you and say ‘Penina, why are you strolling on in late?’ You’re lucky that we have Crossbow now because she never moans at you. She never really moans about anything actually.”

“I know right! She’s an absolute babe.” And then Penina remembered “Oh but she’s moving schools, isn’t she? We’re gonna get a new crap form tutor who isn’t as chill as Crossbow and will make us do stupid form activities. Unless it’s Davey Two.”

“I like Davey Two. One science lesson that he was covering for, he told me about every bathroom he’s ever peed in.”


“Because I told him about the toilets in the hotel that we had to use when we were queuing for All Time Low, you know the one’s with the see-through cubicle doors?” Penina laughed and nodded “Well I told him about that… And I accidentally told him that we’d seen Jack Barakat naked.”

“You didn’t mention that I was there did you?” I nodded “Well it’s no wonder that he looks at me like I’m a freak.”

“No, that’s probably because you, me and Raven kept singing Bohemian Rhapsody in RS when he was covering for us.” I told her as I reached for a chocolate croissant type thing “And he was like ‘girls, stop singing and get on with RS’ but we couldn’t because we were laughing too much.”

“Oh yeah…” Penina giggled before walking off to sit with Frank without saying goodbye.

I rolled my eyes at Raven who just laughed “Who do you have as a form tutor again?” I asked her.

“O’Hanlon’s so I’m going to be getting a new form tutor as well.”

I pouted “I wish O’Hanlon wasn’t leaving. He’s an awesome teacher.”

“I know right.” Raven pouted too “Look, there’s Ray and Mikey waving at us like loons. Let’s go and sit down.”

So we finished piling our plates with food and went to sit down “Morning!” Ray grinned “Did you hear Mrs Bradbury ranting last night?”

“Please don’t tell me you were one of those boys knocking on all the girls doors.” Raven groaned.

Mikey shook his head “No, they were some year eleven’s. But Mrs Bradbury hit the roof and says they’re banned from ever coming back to choir.”

“Wow. She must’ve been really angry.”

At lunch time we were handed those lunch boxes again “I’m gonna bin mine.” I told them “I don’t like any of it. I’ll just take the water.”

“You need to eat something Hozzie.” Anna told me.

I nodded “I will. I’ll go to the shop and buy something in a bit when everyone’s done with their lunch. I’ll be back soon.”

I left Anna, Raven, Penina, Frank, Mikey and Ray alone and went out the hotel to bin my lunch. I dumped the bag in the bun along with nearly everybody else’s discarded lunch. And then I went into the corner shop to find some lunch. But the teachers were in there and I was worried they’d get mad at me for not eating the assigned lunch they’d given me so I went back into the hotel to join my friends.

Once they’d finished Penina and Frank said they were going to do some more shopping and Mikey, Ray and Raven wanted to get some ice-cream “Come meet us when you’ve got some lunch, okay?” Mikey asked. I nodded and he kissed me on the cheek then went off with the others.

Anna turned to me and said “I need a present for my sister but first let’s get your lunch.”

We went to the corner shop and walked round until I said “There’s nothing I like in here. It’s okay, I’ll get something later. We should find you a present for your sister first.”

“No Hozzie, you have to eat something!” Anna suddenly snapped.

“Anna, I will get something, just not right now, it’ll be ten times easier to just get your sisters present first though.”

“Hozzie, we are not leaving this store until you pick something, even if it’s just a bar of chocolate. Do you want to end up like Lucretia?” She was getting really pissed off.

And so was I “Umm wow, just because I skip one meal that makes me bulimic?”

“Hozzie, you’ve barely eaten all week!”

“What the fuck? I’ve eaten heaps!”

“No you haven’t! And we’re not leaving until you get something!”

“Fine! Fuck you!” I hissed before leaving the corner shop. Who was she to preach me? In Year Eight she had been anorexic and had refused to take my help. I wasn’t trying to be deliberately awkward. I just didn’t like anything there. Is that a crime? Does that make me bulimic? Does that make me anorexic? No!

I walked down the road, feeling a tiny bit guilty because in the corner of my mind I knew that Anna was only trying to be helpful but I didn’t care. I was sick of her getting mad at me. Admittedly I hadn’t been in the best of moods this week but she was just as bad and she had the right to get mad at me all the time? At that moment I watched Anna storm right past me in the street. I sighed heavily before turning back and going into the corner store and buying a bar of milka. I wasn’t in the mood for chocolate but if it’d shut Anna up…

I huffed back into the lobby where Penina was sat with Frank. She showed me the few things she’d brought and I told her about how bitchy Anna had been “Remember what I did last year with that vase for my Mom?” Penina suddenly giggled.

“You mean when you took it into the corner shop and dropped it on the floor so it broke?” I laughed “Yeah, I remember. All that for a bar of chocolate.”

“Oh the milka bar with the hazelnuts in! And it melted on the coach and it looked like you were licking shit!”

“And you got really mad at me; it wasn’t really my fault though.” I giggled.

“Anyway, we need sweeties for the journey!” Penina cried “Let’s go and get some!”

At twenty to three we were all stood around the coach and Mrs Bradbury announced “I think it’s time we mixed up the seating and only put the students we trust downstairs because I, for one, am sick of watching year eight girls kissing year eleven boys.”

We all burst out laughing while Abbie went bright red and hid behind her hair. This was going to be an eventful trip back home.

On the way back we managed to get a table. I was sitting next to Mikey and Raven was sitting next to Ray downstairs. Penina and Frank were upstairs. Anna was downstairs too but I was still ignoring her. The journey back was started by Mr Billington putting on Aladdin and Mikey putting his arm round me. I smiled. The journey back was going to be way better than the journey there.
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