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Halfway through Aladdin Ray and Raven fell asleep which me and Mikey thought was really funny. Raven still had her earphones in and was leaning on Ray’s shoulder. Ray’s mouth was hanging open slightly and he snored softly. I pulled out my camera and took a picture, giggling.

That was when Ray’s little sister Megan noticed my nails and cheered “Yay! All Time Low are my favourite band too!”

I looked at her for a long moment before saying “I think that you and me are going to be great friends.”

We talked for a while and then I noticed that Mikey had fallen asleep as well (on my shoulder so I couldn’t move around a lot in case I accidentally woke him up). Megan suggested we play ‘snog, marry, avoid’ with Caitlin, Nyasha and Astrid who were sitting on Megan’s table opposite mine. Megan started off and Caitlin asked “Gerard, Ray and Mikey.”

Megan flashed a look at me “Is it fair to have Mikey I mean his girlfriend is playing-“

“Oh I don’t mind.” I grinned “But I warn you Megan, choose wisely…”

Megan laughed and said “Okay, I guess I’d avoid Mikey because I don’t want Hozzie to kill me… I’d snog Ray because I don’t want Raven to kill me and I’ll marry Gerard.” Megan grinned “Okay, Nyasha’s turn. Umm Penina, Raven and Hozzie.”

“Why?” I cried.

“Nah man, nah, I can’t do that…” Nyasha said “Give me another three.”

“No come on, you have to.” Megan said “Come on, Hozzie, Raven and Penina!”

“Fine… I’ll avoid Raven because Ray looks like the strongest so he could like beat me up man. I’ll snog Hozzie and then I’ll marry Penina because I think she’s really pretty man.”

“You think she’s a pretty man?” Astrid cries.

“No, I said she’s pretty man!” Nyasha yelled “You’re so weird man!”

“Don’t shout, they might wake up!” I whispered loudly, gesturing to my friends “Come on then, Astrid’s turn. Nyasha gets to pick the people.”

“Okay Astrid man, pick out of Mrs Bradbury, Abbie and Bob.”

“Umm avoid Abbie, snog Mrs Bradbury and marry Bob.”

“I knew you loved me Astrid!” Bob yelled from the back.

We all went bright red. How many people were listening to us play this?

“Hozzie’s turn!” Astrid grinned “So Hozzie… Ray, Frank and Gerard.”

I thought about it “Umm avoid Frank because Penina would slap me round the face like she did with that other girl. And I guess I’d snog Ray because I’m sure Raven will forgive me. And I’d marry Gerard.”

“Oh would you?” Mikey asked with a small smile, making me go bright red. How long had he been awake exactly?

“Isn’t this game kind of childish?” Anna shouted from the back.

“You’re not playing so what does it matter?” I shouted back then said quietly to the others “I actually don’t wanna play anymore.”

“You’re just embarrassed because Mikey’s awake.” Megan teased.

I stuck my tongue out at her.

We pulled up outside a French service station “Thank Christ!” I yelled “I am dying for a tinkle!”

“Hozzie, you’re still wearing your slippers…” Penina told me but I ignored her as I ran away to use the bathroom. Unfortunately there weren’t any normal toilets in there, only holes in the floor that you had to squat over. And also, I managed to pee a little on my purple fluffy slippers. Brilliant.

We queued up for dinner and I stood in between Mikey, Penina and Megan and the four of us talked about All Time Low until we got near the front of the queue and Mrs Bradbury started telling us what we could have for dinner and the vegetarian options “How do you say chicken and chips?” I cried as I looked at all the food.

“Copeaux et de poulet.” Mrs Bradbury told me with a small smile.

I got to the front of the till and the lady said something to me in French. I blinked at her for about half-an-hour before crying “Copeaux et de poulet!” The lady looked at me like I was an idiot and then went off to get my dinner.

She handed me a plate with a glass plastic dish above it and I said “Merci!” before walking away. Merci does mean thank you in French right?

I took a seat with Penina, Frank and Mikey “What the hell are you two eating?” I asked Frank and Penina.

“Well there was only one vegetarian option and this was it.” Penina replied in a disgusted voice as she pushed green beans around her plate “I think it’s disgusting too but it’s this or nothing basically.”

I giggled and popped a chip in my mouth “Oh my god these are the nicest chips I have ever eaten in the entire world.” I cried “Om nom nom!”

After dinner I met up with Raven “Do you wanna pee one more time before we go?” She asked, raising an eye-brow. She understood that I had the bladder of an old lady.

“Yeah but I don’t wanna use the gross squat thing.”

“Well there’s some real toilets right over there…”

“You mean I fucking peed on my slippers for nothing?” I yelled.

“I’m tired Hozzie!” Mikey moaned as he leaned on my shoulder.

“Go to sleep then Silly!” I laughed, kissing him on the cheek.

“But I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep!”

“Well you won’t know if you don’t try…” Mrs Bradbury came downstairs and I asked “Miss, can we watch another Disney movie please?”

“No sorry Hozzie, when the driver was trying to sleep all he could hear is Disney and he’s not in the best mood.”

“Aww…” I moaned “But I love Disney!”

Mrs Bradbury shrugged her shoulders and walked away “Mikey, we should complain to the Queen. They’re depriving us of Disney! Mikey-“ I looked down. Mikey was already asleep. He is silly.

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