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I barely slept at all the entire night. Most of the time I was awake, thinking about the most random stuff. For a long time I was really cold because I’d given Raven my snuggie since she was freezing cold and only had a baby blanket with her for some reason. Halfway through the night we stopped at a service station so that if anyone needed to pee they could.

On my way back to the coach from the service station I noticed Lucy standing on the pavement crying. For the entire journey home she had been annoying me so I wanted to just walk away and leave her there crying. But I couldn’t, I’d feel guilty forever if I did that. So I stopped and asked “Are you okay?”

She shook her head, wiping away her tears “I feel sick.”

“Have you told Mrs Bradbury?”

She shook her head again “I told Miss Bolton though and she said she’d get me some tablets or something.”

“Oh, well, that’s good.” I paused “I hope you feel better.” And then I went to get back on the coach. Why do I have to have such a stupid guilty conscience?

When I got back on the coach Mikey was still sleeping. So were Raven and Ray. God, these three sleep all the time! I haven’t slept at all yet but for some reason, I’m actually not tired. I’m not wide awake and in the mood to talk to people but I’m just not sleepy.

But I did sleep once for about twenty minutes. I know that because I had a weird dream about my History teacher playing the piano.

At around seven in the morning I heard Mrs Bradbury arguing with the driver who wanted to keep driving to get to the train straightaway but Mrs Bradbury wanted us to eat some breakfast first “If we stop now it’ll be a while before we can get on the train.” The driver told her.

“I don’t care.” Mrs Bradbury replied “We need to feed the kids.”

Aww Mrs Bradbury is lovely. So we all stopped at another French service and again, I couldn’t be bothered to take my slippers off. I was watching my hands in the bathroom when Penina told me “Hozzie, they’re laughing at your slippers.” I looked around found a random French lady laughing at me. She left the bathroom then returned a few minutes later with a couple of friends who all started laughing at me. It was really weird.

I ignored them as I left the bathroom but noticed that more French people were laughing at me as I joined the long queue for breakfast. My face went bright red but I managed to continue to ignore them as I talked to some random people about how much sleep we’d all got the night before. I noticed Abbie was standing at the back of the queue by herself, shooting us all nervous glances. But I didn’t feel sorry for her.

“I barely slept at all…” Mikey complained.

I raised my eye-brows “Really? You barely slept at all? Are you really going there right now Mikey? Are you? You slept heaps!”

“Did I?” Mikey asked, all confused. I nodded “Really?”

“Yeah, honestly, you slept for ages.”

“I slept pretty well.” Penina said “Frank let me sleep on him so I was okay.”

I got myself a plain, small baguette and some butter then sat down with the others who either had the same as me or a croissant “Oh my god, Mrs Bradbury had a ‘talk’ with Abbie last night.” Penina told us “She made Abbie sit on a seat by herself and sat down next to her and was all like ‘why are you snogging all the boys?’ And Abbie was all ‘Miss, I’m lonely and I’m looking for love.’ And Miss looked a bit awkward and just said ‘Well, good luck with that.’” Penina laughed “I really dislike that girl.”

“Trust me, we know.” I replied, buttering my bread “What time are we going to make it to the train?”

Everyone shrugged their shoulders and that was when Anna sat down at our table and gave me a dirty look. I shot her one back. What the hell is her problem? Is this really all because I didn’t want to have lunch yesterday? Or is she still mad that she woke me up?

Raven rolled her eyes and carried on the conversation “Well I’m glad we’re going home. I can’t wait to get away from some of these stupid people.”

“I don’t wanna go home, I loved Spain.” Penina pouted. I felt bad. Penina didn’t have the best time at home so going back wasn’t going to be good for her.

“I’m kind of glad to be going home.” I said “I’ve been really tired all week and I know that’s put me in a bad mood. That’s because I woke up at two in the morning on the day we were leaving and I haven’t had a decent sleep since then. It takes me ages to fall asleep at night and we were all going to be late and getting up early in the morning and I’m just not used to that. So sorry if I got mad at any of you this week.”

“It’s okay, you weren’t that bad.” Raven grinned “We might as well spend the last of our euros; this is the last stop before England.”

So we all got up and went to the small shop. I picked a packet of cookies and was paying for them when I saw that the rest of our school was leaving “Hozzie, we have to go!” A small girl called Chloe cried while Raven, Ray and Mikey waited for me as well.

I looked at the French lady behind the till and yelled “Keep ze change!” Because I was worried she wouldn’t speak English. I did it with a hand gesture as well.

The lady at the till looked up at me and said “Alright, tar.” In an English accent. Oh fuck.

When we got off the train in England we were meant to swap buses. We were leaving the double decker bus to get two single decker buses. Everyone on the bottom floor was on one bus and everyone on the top floor was on the other “Hozzie, come on we need to swap-“

“Shut up, I have missed out on a whole week’s worth of FanFiction!” I yelled “Pack my stuff for me!”

Poor Mikey got stuck carrying my bags over to our bus as well as his own bags as I read all the updates I’d missed on Ficwad. I posted an author’s note about how I was back and planned to write a fic about my time in Spain and held auditions for it. An awesome girl with the username tmbfucks wrote me a personalised story that I could read on the way back. She uploaded it after we had lunch.

Lunch was weird. We all had a McDonalds that the teachers paid for. We ordered our food but instead of giving it to us straightaway they told us to sit down and they brought out the food on trays. Have you ever seen ten trays filled completely with fries? Because it’s weird.

Ray and Megan brought the latest Kerrang magazine since it was Wednesday and the new issue was out and we all read it together. I got a little concerned when Ray started fangirling over a picture of Andy Sixx but Raven didn’t seem too bothered about it.

We pulled up outside the school. As we pulled over so did another bus that was coming back from an Alton Towers trip “What are you doing tomorrow?” Mikey asked me as we pulled our suitcases out of the trailer.

“Work experience.” I reminded him “A bunch of Primary School children who think I’m the bee’s knees.”

Mikey laughed and kissed my cheek. I giggled. It was good to be home.

[A/N] – Sorry for the crap ending… I have literally been working on this since like eleven this morning and now it’s five past ten at night… I kept getting distracted by my nephew coming over, my Spanish homework (which I still haven’t finished), going to ASDA with my Mom and playing Sims. Also, I got an idea for a sequel in ASDA! Unfortunately, I don’t remember what the idea was…
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