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2. Phone Calls 

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That night I couldn't sleep. I would drift off for what seemed to be half hour but then wake up to a dream about Gerard. 
For the first few months that I was here, I would cry everyday. In the morning, at night, during school. If it was during school, I wouldn't say why I was crying. I would say I had cramps or I missed my mom that was in the US or I-just-read-a-sad-story-so-I'm-crying kinda stuff. I would never say the truth. Not even to my close friends that I had named Peter and Candice. We were close and shared secrets but never did I tell them about my life in the US. It would just bring memories and lots of crying. 
They would call me crazy because 
I got asked out a few times but turned every one of them down. But one day, second semester came along during junior year and a guy I had thought was cute for quite some time asked me out on a "study" date. We had the same pre-calculus class. I said, "sure why not?" and we were together about 3 months. We broke off 'cause he didn't know where this relationship was going. I guess I wasn't ready for a relationship yet. So we went our separate ways. It hurt some way... but I have felt worse. So it didn't bother me too much.
After high school, I went into college to study about teaching dance and choreography. It was fun. I got my bachelors degree in dance. It kept my mind off things. I had already stopped crying--of course--but I would have my moments when I would not speak to anyone and lock myself in my room. There was once when I didn't go to school the whole day. That's how sad I was. To even add, I was on my period. 
I also met some guy in college. He was Carlos' friend. He was really sweet. Reminded me a lot of Frank in a way because of his clumsiness and dressing style. He also reminded me a lot of Gerard because of his hair. It was 2 in 1. He was a musician. He played violin, piano and drums for some band I can't remember the name of. We lasted 8 months. Our relationship was nice. Something I needed for my shattered heart. I actually thought that he might be the best thing after Gerard and would help me forget my past. Out of everyone I met, he's the only one that knew partially of my past. I told him he's the only boyfriend I've had in 5 years since my last brake up. And that a loved my past boyfriend dearly. He told me, "I understand your pain. I'll help you through this." He kissed me and played a song for me on his piano. It was sweet of him. 
And that night, I kissed him passionately like I kissed Gerard. My troubles went away for that second and I just let my love for him lead me. 
He's the only one other than Gerard that I slept with. It was a night to remember. But that was the only time that it happened. 
5 months later, we broke up. But not for any bad reason. He was going away for college. Some university in England. It was a nice relationship and not a bad ending. 
And now here I am, remembering my past. It's been 2 years since my last relationship and now, maybe another one is coming. With Harry. I dont know, I just met him and I'm going on a date with him. And he will maybe be my artistic director and choreographer! Kinda like my boss. I dont know if it's a good idea. 
But I'd have to admit, he is cute and funny. And has a great body and personality. Oh god.. I dont know what to do. 
I heard my door open and pretended to be asleep as I felt someone come closer to my bed. I felt weight push my cushion down and I felt a large body get under the blankets and snuggle behind me. 
"are you okay Carlos?"
"no." when I turned around, I saw him burry his face in my pillow. 
"what's wrong?"
"I feel bad for what I said."
"oh c'mon Carlos, I forgive you." I lied on top of him with my stomach on his back. 
"shut up. I'm not heavy." 
We laid there like that for a while. I felt him breath in and breath out calmly; peacefully. Till I felt a vibration in his chest meaning he was saying something. 
"I'm gonna shower." he said and pushed me off almost making me fall. 
"watch it Carlos!"
"sorry!" he called closing the bathroom door. 

I fixed my bed and picked out the the cloths I was going to wear today before I went to take a shower after Carlos. He was cooking breakfast when I went in. 
"what's for breakfast?"
"pancakes with banana's and whip cream with iced coffee and a movie on the side." he makes irresistible pancakes. 
"yummy. What movie?" I said sitting at the counter. 
"I dont know. What movie do you want to watch?"
"whatever you had in mind."
"you always make this complicated. Fine, I'll choose." I smile as Carlos passes me hitting my arm. 

We sat on the couch eating our pancakes as we watched Finding Nemo. He insisted watching it since he hasn't watched it in a long time. I didn't complain. Same thing goes for me. 

We were half way through the movie, all done with the pancakes and our 2nd cup of coffee when I got a call on my cell phone. 
"I'll be back." I said getting up. 
I stepped in my room and checked the caller ID. unknown caller
"this is her. Who's speaking?"
"oh my gosh girl! It's me Annie!"
"AHHHH!" I screamed like a little girl making Carlos run in through the door.
"what's wrong?!?" he said rushing inside. 
"nothing! I'm just speaking on the phone."
He squinted his eyes. "bitch, don't scare me like that." and then shut the door with force. 
"who was that?" Annie asked. 
"it's just a friend. But oh my gosh! How'd you get my number?! It's been so long since we've talked!"
"I know! Like what, 8 years?! Shit Thats long!"
"oh god I know! So how'd you get my number?"
"oh I got it from Henry. He told me the whole story about you guys making up and stuff. So then I asked for it and then he gave it to me."
"and you call me till now?! It's been 8 years!"
"I know I'm sorry but I barely asked for it because.. Guess what?"
"what?! Tell me!!"
"I'm in Canada!"
"Nu-uh! Shut up. Get the fuck out!"
"I'm serious! There was this art gallery I was invited to and signing shit to do so I came. I told Henry and that's how the whole thing came up."
"wait, art gallery? Signing? What are you talking about?"
"ugh, I'll explain later. Now c'mon! We have to hang out! TODAY!" 
"um I dont know about today.."
"c'mon Eddie! We have to!"
"ok fine. But.. Can I bring a friend?"
"sure! We'll all have fun."
"alright. Can you come by my house at 6?"
"sure. What's your address?" 
"It's 1677 Roseman street. It says Roseman Lofts."
"ok cool. Can't wait!"
"me either! I'll see you at 6?"
"Kay, bye!"
"bye!" I hung up and threw my phone on my bed and screamed once more running out of my room. I found Carlos standing in the hallway and I jumped on him hugging him tightly. 
"whoa, why are you so excited?" he put me down on the ground. 
"well, one of my friends that I hadn't seen in like a kazillion years just called me and she said she was in town and wants to hang out tonight!"
"Thats great Eddie!"
"yeah I know! And you're coming with me!!"
"yeah! Wanna come?"
"sure why not? I'm always up for a party."
"course you are playaa!"
"don't hate the player baby, hate the game." he shot me one of those "flirty" winks he does when he's trying to hit on a girl. 
"shut up player." I slapped his chest as I walked back to my room. 
I lied down on my bed and made another phone call. 
"hey Henry!"
"oh hey what's up? Haven't talked to you since like what? 2 months ago?"
"yeah I know! You don't call me anymore!" 
"I've got better stuff to do honey."
"uh, excuse you?"
"just kidding. What's up?"
"well I just want to thank you for giving Annie my number."
"oh she called you already?"
"yeah! We're hanging out today."
"great! Where?"
"I dont know. She didn't tell me but I'm pretty sure it'll be cool. You know her."
"yup. Party whore."
"you're so mean!"
"yeah yeah. Anyways, how are you?"
"I'm pretty good. You?.." 
We continued talking for about an hour. Catching up on stuff. The last time I saw him was.. I don't remember actually. It's been a while. I think it was when it was my birthday. The last time I talked to him was two months ago. When I called to wish him a happy 25th birthday. Bitch is getting old ha! 


"hey! Carlos!"
"I'll be back, my friend is downstairs!" 
"oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!" I repeated as I ran down to the elevator. I can't believe she's here!! 
The elevator door opened and I walked to the lobby. 
There she was, standing looking at some painting in her party cloths. She looks so much different but the same at the same time. Her hair is long and light brown. She's wearing make up that makes her short purple cocktail dress look amazing. Her eyes are a deep blue and it makes her face pop with beauty. She's gotten taller too. Or maybe it's her 6 inch heals. 
"oh my god girl!" I said approaching her. 
"Eddie?! I can't even recognize you!" we met half way and hugged each other so tightly I couldn't breathe. I heard her sniff and I pulled away to face her. 
"I don't want to cry. My mascara!" 
"don't worry. I have some." I said also sniffing. 
"you look great! Beautiful!" she says. 
"you do too! C'mon, I want you to meet my friend."
"okay." she followed me to the elevator. 
"you're not going in those jeans are you?"
"of course not, I haven't changed yet."
"why not?"
"I dont know actually. But I'll change now."
"Kay, cool." 

"hey Carlos! Come out!" I called from outside his room. When he came out, he was in a bathrobe.
"oh god Carlos, look, this is my friend Annie. Annie, this is Carlos."
"nice to meet you Carlos." she said extending her hand. 
"my pleasure. I'm sorry I'm in a bathrobe."
"it's cool."
"okay, I'll go change now."
"hurry!" I said. 
"look who's talking. You're not dressed either."
"I'm getting to it. Now go change!"
"fine fine."
He walked back in his room turning around once again and stared at Annie. 
"you didn't tell me your friend was hot!" she said as she followed me into my room. 
"yeah well.." 
"does he have a girlfriend?"
"no, well.. Yeah, no"
"what is that suppose to mean?"
"he can't exactly settle with a girl"
"who said I was looking for a boyfriend?"
She started to laugh. I threw her the shirt I had in hand.
"I'm kidding! But it wouldn't hurt to have a little fun with him." she winks at me which makes me gag. 
"he's like my brother. Please don't tell me this."
"c'mon hurry up! I want to leave already!"


So apparently, Annie had in mind to go to a nightclub. If I would have known, I don't think I would have decided to come. 
I told Carlos I didn't want to be there but didn't want to be rude to Annie and leave so he just stayed with me the whole night. 
"just go dance if you'd like Carlos."
"no, I don't want to leave you alone."
"just go, I'll be fine."
"come dance with me."
"c'mon, have fun at least with me." he held my hands and pulled me towards the dance floor. 
"fine, but only cause you're my best friend."
"oh god thanks!"
So he pulled me to the dance floor.
They were playing a pretty slow song. Sail by Awolnation. As we passed around people, everyone was just kind of on top of each other. People grinding on each other, people kissing, dry humping. It was kind of disturbing. But I just tried not to mind it and danced with Carlos. 
Later on in the night, we found Annie.  
"hey! Let me join the party!" she said and bumped into us, her breath smelling a little too much of alcohol. 
"hey! I'm gonna go sit!" I told Carlos and signaled my eyes to Annie. He knows when I do that is because the girl is interested. He mischievously smiled and made his way to Annie. 
"oh god" I told myself and made my way to the bar. 
I sat down and ordered a virgin margarita. 
"here you go beautiful." the bartender said. 
"thank you."
"here alone tonight?" 
"no, I'm here with some friends. They're dancing together." I pointed at them. They look pretty into each other. 
"why aren't you dancing?"
"I dont know, I don't really like clubs but my friend dragged me here."
"oh I see, you're very pretty."
"thank you." 
"here's my number." he said winking and passing me a note. 
"alright. Thanks" I said and smiled. 
I'm sure I won't be calling you. 

Later that night, Carlos and Annie finally came to sit with me. Ordered a drink and then we left.   
"I'll only be here for so long Eddie, I'm glad you came but you should have told me you didn't like clubs. Anymore." 
"how do you know I don't like clubs?"
"Carlos told me." 
I elbowed Carlos who was sitting in the passenger seat as I drove us home.
"don't worry. I asked so he told me. We could have gone to a restaurant or something."
"okay well thanks. The night wasn't so bad. When will you be leaving?"
"in 2 weeks."
"2 weeks?!"
"yeah I know! That's why I'm glad you came."
"I'm glad I'm came too."
"but I'm not going back to LA or Jersey."
"where are you going?"
"I'm moving to New York. I got a job there as a window display artist." 
"really? That's amazing! I'm- I have plans for New York too."
"really? What are you doing?"
"well, I might change companies. I might go into a contemporary one instead of the ballet one I'm in. It's the same company just different styles."
"oh I see. Hope you can get in. We can live together in New York."
"yeah! That'd be rad!" 
I made a right turn to park my car in front of Annie's hotel. 
"so I'll call you one of these days Eddie? See if we could possibly hang out?" 
"of course! I'd love to hang out with you again."
"I would too. Well, goodnight you guys." 
"it was nice meeting." Carlos said. 
"nice meeting you too Carlos. Bye Eddie."
"bye." she shut the door and hurried inside the hotel. 
I started driving. There was silence between Carlos and I. I glanced at Carlos and saw him half asleep. 
"are you sleepy?" I asked. 
"no. Just tired."
"did you have fun tonight?"
"yeah it was pretty cool. Your friend Is cute. We exchanged numbers."
I giggled, "really? That's funny. She said the same thing of you."
"I thought so."
"um, conceited much?"
"you know me. Anyway, did you have fun?"
"a little. I got someones number too."
"the bartender. Not calling him though. Not interested."
"huh, I guessed correctly."
Silence interrupted us again. I turned up the radio just a little but then Carlos turned it down. 
"what's up?" I asked, "is there something bothering you?"
"well, are you really planning to leave for New York?"
"well, I just kinda want something new. I've danced ballet for a long time. But believe me, I love it. But I want to experience something new and I love contemporary dance and you know it."
"I guess. Well, just know that I'll miss you. I'll go visit you often."
"I'll miss you too. I appreciate it. I'll like to have you around." 
Carlos squeezed my arm and then went back to his little sleep. I drove with silent music playing in the background. 
Tonight wasn't so bad. I mean, I really didn't have fun and I wasn't too comfortable with guys staring at my legs all the time. My dress was a little too short and tight. But it did keep my mind off things for a little. 
One thing that I did think about a lot was Harry. My date is tomorrow. This Is my first date in a long time. Oh god, I hope I don't regret it...
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