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3. My Date With Harry

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*i just want to thank cherryBOMB96 and chickiepoo97 for the reviews. Like honestly, you both are my favorite readers because you guys leave so many comments and I'm so happy you both enjoy my story. I feel like we're best friends already! :'D lol jk... But thank you so much! I'm updating for you two :3 

Carlos and I were at the studio early in the morning. We were in class with our ballet teacher Ms. Sodàn. We're not rehearsing for any performance so we're just working on technique. 
"and plié, smile Alice." Ms. Sodàn called as she walked around the room checking on everyone. 
"take class as if it was a performance. Smile and relax. Don't mark it. Feel the movement and follow the music. Take it all in." 
I glanced over at Carlos who was on the other side of the room in another barre. He was very concentrated. 
Finally, he looked up, But not at me. At Emily, who he has been watching these couple of days. He tells me she's so hot and what not and she has such a cute butt. Do you know how annoying that is to hear everyday? And now he's also talking about Annie. 
I heard a door open and inside came Mr. Turner with a group of photographers and...Harry 
Oh god, did my heart just skip a bit?! I'd have to admit, he looks cute today with his messy blonde hair and black T-shirt and black pants. Oh my..
I watched them walk around the room and in the distance... I think I see... Is that Annie?! Oh my gosh what is she doing here? What is she wearing? I mean, no offense but she looks so much different from last night. She's wearing normal skinny jeans, converse, A7X shirt and her hair is in a low ponytail. Wow, she looks like her old self back in middle school. 
They're all taking pictures and looking around. Taking pictures of the studio and the dancers. Has she noticed Carlos and I? 
Harry is talking with Mr. Turner. I wonder if he's talked to Mr. Turner about me.. 
"okay, 5 minute break." our teacher yelled when we were done with our exercise. 
It's like if mine and Carlos' mind just connected because we both seem to have the same face expression as we walk towards each other. 
"Annie is here." he whispers to me, "and she looks so different!"
"I know! That's what I was about to say! Let's go talk to her?"
"no! I'm shy! She looks so decent and untouchable! I'm in tights and I had a wet dream about her last night!" 
"uhh, eew! C'mon let's just go." I pulled him with me and walked across the room to go talk to her.
"Annie!" I said. She turned around and smiled instantly. I assume I also caught Harry's eye because he also turned around to see me. 
"oh my god! I didn't know this was your ballet company!"
"well it is! Oh my god! What are you doing here?"
"well, our group form NYC is taking pictures of ballet dancers to take back home and display at our studio."
"fancy, take us a picture?"
"sure! It'll be our main display." 
Carlos and I decided to do our favorite pose. He holds me in his arms while I'm on pointe and we look at each other as If we're deeply in love. 
He let go of me and Annie turned her attention to Carlos. 
"nice to see you again Carlos."
"I can say the same. You- you look different."
"uhh, yeah. I suppose.." she blushes a little and bows her head. I've known her for so long to not know what that means. She has a crush on Carlos. 
She doesn't really do that when she's not really into a guy. She's very outgoing with guys but If there's a guy she really likes, she does that. I just can't believe it's Carlos..
"you look nice.." Carlos also blushes. Ooh, that's gotta be something. 
"anyways, I think we have to go back to our spot or we'll get in trouble." I interrupted the almost awkward moment. 
"alright. I'll watch you guys and take pictures."
"Kay, thanks."
"bye Annie." Carlos said. 
"bye." they both waved a shy goodbye and then Carlos followed me back to our barres. 
As I went to mine, I noticed Harry talking with Ms. Sodàn, close to my barre 
"okay, let's work on our developpés." She puts on our regular classical music for our developpés and we have to start. 
I normally don't feel shy to dance in front of any size crowd and just having Harry standing there gives me the chills. But he's not even looking at me. 

Class was ending and we were doing our revéréncé. Throughout class time, Harry did not look at me once. Not that I want him to but, it's just weird because one day he was all over me and now it's like if I don't even exist. Even when he was walking around and looking at dancers. He would nod and smile at some but never got close to me. At all. Does he not remember we have a date today? Or does he not notice me? Does he even remember me?! Oh my gosh if he doesn't than that's so embarrassing. 
I went to grab my dance bag that was at the back of the studio. He was standing there and I just walked on by. Not even a goodbye or "good job Edith."

After I was done in the shower and dressed, I went out to the lobby and waited for Carlos. 
A few minutes later, I saw him coming out talking with Emily. 
I watched as they stopped walking and bought a bottle of water. Then, the photographers came out of Mr. Turner's office and into the lobby. 
"hey Annie!" I called. She turned around and walked over to me. 
"hey! That was great! I've never seen you dance. You were amazing."
"thanks. So, what exactly are you guys doing this for?"
"well, my group and I are taking pictures to display in New York like I said but this is also like some type of field trip on our visit here."
"oh I see, so what's this visit about?"
"remember when I told you on the phone about an art gallery?"
"well yeah. We're here for that. We were invited slash promoted. We did an art project and we came to display it here as well. And you know, we got fans so we sign autographs and stuff."
"that's cool. I never guessed you'd have an art career."
"never guessed you'd become a dancer." 
"ha, true. We learned something new about us today that we didn't know."
"yeah and, there's one other thing... You should have really told me that you don't like clubbing and stuff like that anymore cause I'm not like that anymore."
"then why did we go to a club?!"
"because I thought you liked them! Trust me, what you saw yesterday, isn't me at all. I'm what you see now."
"down to earth person slash photographer slash artist?"
"yup, you can say that."
"well, I like the new you!"
"thanks." she glanced over at Carlos who was still talking to Emily. I see anger in her eyes. She use to be a hardcore jealous type. I guess you can't really escape your DNA. 
"so listen.. Um.. Who's the chick Carlos is talking to?"
"oh, just a friend... Why?"
"oh no, just asking." she turns away. I know exactly how she feels. I wrap my arm around her shoulder and squeeze it. She turns around to face me and smiles. 
I elbow her signaling her that Carlos is coming over. 
"hey ladies" Carlos greets us. 
"hey." we both say and make our way out.
"so, I have to go with my group. I'll call later."
"bye Annie." I say as she hugs me goodbye.
"bye Carlos." she shyly hugs him and he hugs her back tightly. 
She leaves and turns around to smile at us again. 
"what were you talking about with Emily?" I ask Carlos as we walk back to his car. 
"just about class and Harry."
"yeah. That we heard his company is holding auditions in New York."
"oh. That's all?"
"yeah. Oh and also that he's a great dancer and stuff. You know, complimenting him. Then she asked me out on a date. Can you believe that? SHE asked me out."
"I sure can believe it. Are you going?"
"I dont know. Maybe."
"what? Carlos turning down an offer from a hot girl?"
"yeah weird isn't it?"
"why so?"
"I dont know.."
"I dont know, Annie... Gives me the butterflies." I stop in a split second and drop my water bottle. 
"what's wrong?!"
"I've never heard you say that Carly!"
"yeah yeah.." he opened the car door and stepped inside. I hurried to the passenger seat. 
"wait, are you fucking with me?"
"no, I'm serious. She's really cute and sweet and.. I dont know, just something about her makes me feel.. Bubbly. I think it's her petite body."
"I have a petite body."
"but..she's pretty."
"jerk!" I say and throw him some water. He just laughs, starts the car and makes his way out of the parking lot. 

For the afternoon, I lied in my bed listening to music. I was done for the day so I wanted to chill before I go on my date. 
If he remembers, since he didn't even notice me.
What kind of guy does that seriously? He just completely shut me out! And to think I was considering to date this guy. Ugh...
I heard a low, muffled sound coming from under my covers. It was my phone. I looked for it and looked for it and finally answered before I got a missed call.
"hello?" I said not checking the caller ID. 
"hey Edith? It's Harry."
"oh! Hey! How are you?"
"I'm fine. Just wanted to say hi. Umm.. Are we still up for the date?" 
even after you ignored me?
"yeah sure. Why not..."
"okay great. Can't wait to see you.."
"right. So um, see you at seven?"
"yeah... Bye"
"bye." I clicked my phone and threw it angrily at my pillow. 
He called. I didn't expect that.. 
Before I knew it, I was giggling and hugging my pillow tightly. I can't stay angry for long with the thought of him in mind. 
"eeeep!" I yelled and jumped out of bed and went to my closet. It's 6pm, I have an hour to get ready. 

Carlos' POV 
I'm sitting here in my room, with the lights turned off looking up at the night sky through my opened window. The night breeze is pleasant and calming. It's a perfect day for a date. Lucky Edith
I hope she has a good time with Harry. She needs it. She's got to stop living in the past. I can't relate because I've never experienced anything like her relationship with Gerard but I just think she has to let go. Give it one last tight hug and let it escape. Gerard is the past. It wasn't meant to be between them and I'm sorry for that because, she was really happy... She doesn't have the same smile anymore and sometimes, when I see her in the mornings when she wakes up, she has puffy eyes. I know she was crying. And I don't say anything because, I don't want her to get more hurt so I just leave my comments to myself. 
I really do hope she can start something nice with Harry... 

zzzz, zzz 

Huh, new text message...
It's from Annie. 
what's up?
I reply. And I don't get another one till a few minutes later.
She's something different. I dont know why but she makes me feel different. From the moment I saw her, I thought she was hot. But from the moment Edith left me alone to dance with her, it was something I've never experienced. 
And trust me, I've danced with a lot of girls. Including Edith. But none of them compare to the fragile touch mixed with lust and shyness that I felt with Annie. 
"how long have you known Edith?" she asks me over the music. It's quite hard to hear. 
"since she was 15. She was new to the ballet academy I was in. And get this, I tried to hit on her.."
"really? That's interesting. What happened?"
"she told me she had a boyfriend. I still tried but she seemed loyal to him because she wouldn't crack. So I just stopped and we became really good friends. She's like my sister now."
"that's cute. I've known her since middle school. She's changed a lot over the past few years. She's also like my long lost cousin." I laughed at her comment. Then the music changed and it was a slower, grinding song. She wrapped her arms around my neck and I snaked my arms around her hips and waist. I felt her hot breath on my neck and it just made me feel more excited, if you know what I mean. 
"you know Carlos, you're pretty sexy.." she purred in my ear. I'm not sure if she meant it though.. She was pretty drunk...
"you are too.." I lowered my hands even more. She moaned in my ear and pulled away to look at me. Then she kissed me lustfully. I smelled her breath of alcohol and mint for some reason. I didn't mind it though.I have also drank and have tasted way more stronger alcohol in someone's breath.  We moved our way deeper in the crowd and suddenly, I hit a wall. She pushed me against the wall hard and pressed her body against mine while she kissed me and entered her tongue in my mouth. I felt so aroused as she made her way all over my body. She gently tugged on the hem of my pants and I moaned so loudly but she was the only one that heard me over the loud music. She pulled away and giggled mischievously. 
"here's my number." she whispered as she slipped the little piece of paper in my pocket. She kissed me one more time and pulled me in the crowd again and we ended up in front of Edith.
"I'm tired. Drink please?" she said to the bartender. 
"make that two." 
The memory is fresh in my head and I feel my boxers get tighter.
And now today, she looked so different its not even funny. I could see the embarrassment in her eyes. She blushed red. Does she remember? I hope she does. That was amazing. If I get to have her as a girlfriend, I want some more of that.

Edith's POV 
"okay, all done" I looked at myself in the mirror once I was done with my make up and everything. I'm not sure where we're going but I tried to put on something that goes with any occasion. 
I wore my new black sleeveless Mesh dress that went right to the middle of my thighs and black spiked Lita boots. I put on black eye liner and red lipstick and carried them around in a small black purse. I waved my hair a bit and put on my favorite perfume,"P.S I Love You" from Victoria Secret. 
My phone startled me as it rang loudly on my bed. 
"hey, I'm downstairs."
"okay, I'll be right out."
"okay" I hung up and slipped my phone in my purse. 
I walked across the hall to say goodbye to Carlos. 
"hey Carlos? Can I come in?"
"yeah, it's open." I step inside and find him in the dark.
"why are you in the dark?" I say turning on the lights. He takes a look at me and raises his eyebrows. 
"you look beautiful Edith."
"thank you." he gets up from his bed and comes over to hug me. 
"hmm, smell good too. I see you finally took a shower."
"oh shut up. I'm nervous okay?"
"why?" he says pulling away and looking at me with furrowed eyebrows. 
"well... It's my first date in so long."
"ahh, well everything is going to be okay, okay?" he kisses my forehead.
"thanks. Are you sure I look good?"
"I'm sure. Now go."
"Kay, goodnight Carlos. Want the lights off?"
"sure. Goodnight." I turn the lights off and step out of the room closing the door behind me. 
I step out of the elevator nervously. I make my way to the lobby and as I step closer to the main glass doors, I see his car. A black Range Rover. Then, someone steps out of the car and comes to the front of the building. I can see his blonde hair. Oh god..
I open the door and step out and he greets me with a smile. He looks amazing tonight. He's wearing all black. A black dressing shirt tucked in with black dressing pants and shoes. 
"hey, you look gorgeous" he tells me as he opens his car door for me.
"thanks." I reply and get in. He runs around to the other side and steps into the drivers seat. 
"you look handsome tonight."
"thanks. The color black suits you. I've always thought so when I see you dance and you're wearing a black costume." 
"really? Wow, you remember.."
"of course I remember an outstanding performance with a beautiful ballerina." I look at him and he winks at me and starts the car. That last comment made me blush and the wink made me melt a little. 
"wanna hear music?" he asks 
"no I'm fine. Do you?"
"no it's cool. Um, let me guess, you fancy the color black right?"
"yeah why do you say?"
"you wear it a lot. I mean, I haven't seen you many times but every time I do, you're at least wearing one piece of black clothing."
"ha. Yeah, I like the color black a lot. Do you?"
"I like black and white. My two favorite colors. I wear them a lot." 
He's right. He's always wearing those colors. 
"may I ask where we're going?"
"I'm taking you to a cool place. I love coming here every time I visit Canada. They sell amazing European food."
"ooh, I like European food."
"oh god, it's the best food. I love it." 
We got an easy head start at a conversation. He's a really easy going guy. We talked about food most of the time. Looks like he enjoys food a lot. 
"and we're here." he makes a right turn and enters the parking lot of what seemed to be a castle. No kidding. The restuarant was big and it had a castle like figure with gleaming colorful lights. Big windows and balconies and the entrance was a big set of stairs that lead to a big opened entrance with the doors open but a curtain covering the entrance. Imagine how heavy that curtain is. 
"wow.." I say amazingly staring out the window like a little kid. 
"I know, that's what I said the first time I came here with some colleagues." we stepped out of the car as the chauffeur parked our car. 
"was this a real castle?" 
"not sure actually. But I heard a rumor that it was. It belonged to a British family and then I dont know what happen to them. And then some rich British man made it into a restaurant. The story goes something like that."
"ahh, interesting."
"yeah I know. Let's go inside?"
"sure." I smile as he extends his arm. I grab it and we walk towards the main entrance. He's a muscular man but his muscles don't look so strong from far but once you feel them, they're as hard as a rock. 
"hello, welcome to the European Eats." the front man said as we arrived the front door. 
"hello, dinner for two. Carson"
"ahh, Mr. Carson, right this way." Another man approached us and we followed him inside. They opened the curtains wide enough for us to step inside. 
Inside, the place contradicts the figure of this building. It's very juvenile. I'd expect it to be all fancy and full of snobby rich old people. But no, it's more like a lounge. Then I look up at the sign that's inside, European Eats Lounge 
So it is a lounge..
The place was full of lights. There was a bar at the far corner and on the first floor, there was the restaurant. There were servants everywhere. On top was the dance floor. But it doesn't compare to a club. In a club, there are more wild people and the music is very inappropriate and there is drunk people everywhere. Right here, there are people dancing and they have some kind of electronic or trans music. Then there is people socializing and drinking and stepping out in a balcony. It's very pretty. Right across from where we were standing a moment ago, on the other side of the room, there's another big entrance and people step outside. It's like a garden from what I see. 
We step in farther in the restaurant and we pass a variety of rich people--or it seems in my perspective. We walk to a far table close to the back entrance. 
"here you are sir and your menus. I'll be back." 
"thank you." he replies and looks at me instead of the menu. Since I notice this, I put my menu down.
"so, what do you think of this place so far."
"well, it's really fancy. Didn't expect something like this. It's very nice. Thank you for bringing me here."
"my pleasure."
"umm, is this place like.. Expensive?"
"a little. But it's cool."
"are you sure? I wouldn't mind if you had taken me to like McDonald's or something. I mean, I really appreciate that you brought me here.."
He chuckles, "no I'm serious, it's a bit expensive but it's okay. If I didn't have the money for it then I wouldn't have brought you here but I do so why not bring my date here? But if you'd like we can go to McDonald's." 
"no thanks, I'm good." I giggle. 
"thought so." he laughs and picks up his menu. I do the same. 
The food here looks good and expensive. Some of the appetizers  are like $15! Wow. Hmm..
From my peripheral vision, I see him put his menu down. I glance up at him then back at my menu. 
"what are you getting?" I ask. 
"I'm getting chicken piccata. It's my favorite. They season the chicken so well. It also contains parsley and capers and oh my god, they add this lemon flavor to it. Hmm, so good." 
"wow, sounds good. I can't decide what to get."
"well let me tell you, the sizzling cheese salad is really good. I guarantee you'll like it."
"alright I'll try that." 
There is a young man who approaches us, "good evening mister and miss, I'll be your waiter tonight. My name is Arnold. What can I get for you tonight." 
"I'd like to have the chicken piccata with extra lemon with an ice tea and she'd like the sizzling cheese salad with what kind of drink?" their attention turns to me. 
"I'd also like an iced tea." I answer.
"okay, is that all?"
"okay, may I take your menus?"
"yes please."
"I'll be right back with your orders." he said leaving and leaving two glasses of water.
"so tell me Edith, how long have you been dancing?"
"I've been dancing since I was very small. Took a short break when I was 15 and then continued till now."
"that's very nice."
"how about you?"
"I've also been dancing since I was small. I was 7. I started off with ballet but got bored of it when I was in high school. I was introduced to Modern dance in high school and liked it so much. Later I was introduced to contemporary and stuck to it since then."
"huh, interesting. How did you become artistic director of American Visison?"
"well, I met Mr. Turner in college and we teamed up. So he made two companies, the ballet one and contemporary. I became the artistic director and choreographer of AV Contemporary Dance Co. and he took over the Ballet company."
"wow, so you guys are close friends?"
"yeah we are. We went through so much in college. Good and bad. He's a cool friend."
"I'm sorry to say but you guys are very different."
"in what way?"
"well he's.. Mature and.."
He starts to laugh at my comment. 
"I'm not mature?!"
"I mean you are just... He's more strict."
"well obviously, he teaches ballet! He has like some kind of love for ballet. I do but I don't. I enjoy Contemp. better than ballet. And Contemp is so much funner than ballet. It's more free and I'm free spirited in my styles of dance."
"I've noticed. I've seen some of your choreography and it's really good. Very free and sometimes cultural."
"yeah I love culture. Thanks." he takes a sip of his water and then continues.
"talking about this, I talked to Mike, or I mean, Mr. Turner and he said that your welcome to join my company." I slammed the table lightly. 
"really!? Oh god that's great!!" I grinned. 
"I'm glad your happy. I brought you the contract you have to sign. But it's in my car."
"alright thats fine. But oh my god, thank you Harry. Thank you so much." I get up from my seat as well as him and gave him a tight hug. I pulled away to face him and I smiled. I dont know why but I had the urge to kiss him. He smiled at me and looked up at my eyes and down to my lips. I did the same but decided to go against my feelings. I don't want to kiss him right now.. It doesn't feel right..
I pulled away and sat back down. 
"I'm sorry, I probably say this a lot but your very pretty Edith. I just feel like saying it all the time because your beauty amazes me. But that'd be weird if I say it constantly." 
"thank you. I think you're very handsome as well." I giggle cocking an eyebrow. 
"thanks." moments later, our waiter comes with our food. 
"ooh, thank you so much." he says digging into his plate with his fork. 
"thank you." I say and the waiter nods and smiles and leaves. 
nods and smiles 
I just remembered Harry ignored me this morning. I watch him eat his food like if it's the tastiest food he's ever eaten. 
Should I bring it up? 
"here, try it." he says bringing me back from my hateful thought. I lean in forward and take a bite of his food.
"hmm, that's really good!" I say savoring the food in my mouth. It's exactly how he described it.
"take a bite off yours!" he's says eagerly. I take a bite off my food and it's like if I tasted food heaven. 
"wow, you're right, this is really good."
"see, I told you." he takes a fork-full and looks at me in a childish manner which makes me laugh. 
"hey can I ask you something?" I ask sipping my tea. 
"yeah." he doesn't even look at me as he keeps eating his food. 
"do you really enjoy food? Like, I'm not sure how to explain it.."
"I know exactly what you're asking. I get that a lot. I do, I love food. I love talking about it, I love describing it, I love making it. I think I have a passion for food and dance."
"so you cook? Wanna cook me something one day?"
"oh sure. Whatever you'd like pretty girl."
pretty girl
I choked on my tea when I heard those words. 
"excuse me?" 
"I'm sorry, what did you call me?"
"I said pretty girl." I close my eyes tight as I get flash backs. 
"is there.. Something wrong?"
"oh it's nothing. It's just.. I um, I had an ex boyfriend call me that and it just.. Hit me."
"oh I'm sorry. I won't call you that again."
"thanks I appreciate it."
"do you mind if I ask if it was a bad brake up?"
"um no, not at all. It kinda was.."
"I'm sorry to hear."
"it's okay. But it's the past now. Who cares." I say and continue drinking my tea.
"okay." he said. He has a pity look on his face with regretfulness. He eats his food a lot slower now and then, silence fell between us. 
For the rest of the night, we mostly talked about family and our background and stuff. I found out he is half Russian and American. He's an only child and he loves the wilderness. He visits Russia every summer and his favorite girl name is Hailey. I told him my middle name was Hailey and he thought it was awesome. 
I told him about my family. I told him my mother is half American and Spaniard and my dad is fully American. I have a sister that plays flute that goes to a university in England and that my mother lives alone in New Jersey. But again, I didn't tell him anything about my relationship status when I was younger in New Jersey or anything that happened in high school. Then again, he didn't ask. Probably because of our incident with the words pretty girl.

When we were done eating, we ordered wine and stepped outside in the garden. I guessed correctly, it is a garden and a beautiful one. It's full of roses and large plants. There are extraordinary lights and figures everywhere. It's like going to Disneyland. There is a little river that travels all along the edge and there is little gnomes placed around as well as fairies and tiny castles. 
"the garden is extraordinary. It's like a fairy tale." I tell him admiring the plants. 
"yeah, it's really pretty." 
We stand next to the ledge looking over the garden and up at the beautiful sky lights and the moon with the stars. It's a breezy night. A bit chilly. 
"what's your favorite type of rose?" he asks me looking straight at me as I stare at the moon.
"it's not necessarily a rose but a leaf; I love lily pads. They're so cute."
"ahh, I love tulips. Their color reminds me of my mother."
"why your mother?"
"she loves the color purple. More like bright colors actually. She would always wear colors that would match her atmosphere. She was very creative."
"that's nice. My mother has a love for art. I guess you can say she was very creative as well." 
He looks at me admirably as I look back at him studying his features. He has a perfectly shaped nose and his face is flawless. His blue eyes are deep; you get lost in them. His lips are thin and a soft pink and his hair...Oh his hair, it is tousled and it makes me want to brush my fingers through his hair. And his blonde hair goes great with him. He looks back at the entrance and grins. 
"I love this song. Come on, slow dance with me." he places his hands on my hips and pulls me closer to him gently as I accept his request to dance. We slow dance and watch each other as we start moving around in the garden. He's very light on his feet. How can he not possibly like ballet. He's probably very good at it. He spins me and pulls me back closer to him. We're so close I can feel his breath on my cheek. Then he leans in and our lips collide together. 
His lips are so soft and fragile. They remind me of... 
I instantly pull away. 
"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have."
"no it's okay. I dont know what.. I dont know, I'm sorry." I rest my head on his shoulder and he hugs me. He doesn't speak but I can tell he's feeling sorry. Man, this is exactly what I didn't want to feel. His thought invaded my mind and it just ruined everything. screw you Gerard, screw you
After that, he pulled me away and just grabbed my hand tightly as we made our way back in. We sat back down and he took his wallet out and left the money and the tip on the table. 
"do you wanna leave?" he tells me so softly. I nod and we get back up and head towards the front entrance to the parking lot. 

We drive in silence at first but then he turns on the radio and starts to giggle. He explains to me that this song brings back so many memories with Mr. Turner. Then we just kind of start talking and telling jokes. He's a very nice guy. I don't deserve him..
"well, I had fun tonight." he says as we park in front of my apartment.
"I did too, thank you."
"oh thank you for such opportunity ... Listen, I have something to confess."
"what is it?"
"I've watched you dance so much. Like, I've been to a lot of your performances. The first one I went to was when you were 15, Swan Lake. Mr. Tuner invited me to go since he bragged about you so much saying you were really good. I was 21 at the moment. And ever since, I was amazed of how good you were. And as the years past, I took notice in your beauty and I've always wanted to tell you how beautiful you are. I guess that's why I can't stop saying it. I even went to watch your contemporary performance. And when I saw you in my master class, I felt honored... Fuck, I feel like some type of creep. I'm sorry..." I laughed so hard at his story and his face blushed red. I feel rude but that story is pretty funny. He also joins my party of laughter. 
"oh my, I'm sorry for laughing but I think that's very cute. I mean, wow, I had no idea you were at the Swan Lake performance..that's very interesting. I'm glad I have a big fan. Thats really cool. Thanks" 
He nods and smiles and rubs his sweaty palms on his pants. 
"have you been itching to tell me that?"
"sorta. I just had to say it."
"it's okay." I say. And before I knew it, my emotions take over me and I lean in and kiss him. He's tense for a second but he softens up and places his hand on my neck and caresses my cheek with his thumb. I stop and pull away and rest my forehead with his. 
"thank you for tonight" I whisper. 
"your welcome." he replies and I hug him. I pull away and smile and step out of the car. 
"goodnight" I say and close the car door. 
"wait!" he yells and gets out of the car. 
"I'm sorry but.. that kiss was really unexpected. Can we um, do that again?" 
I chuckle loudly, "wow, you really know how to make someone laugh..." I look at him straight in the eye and nod, "sure, why not." and he closes the space between us and pulls me closer to him. He wraps his arms around my waist as I pass my fingers through his hair. Just what I have been dying to do. We make out for a while till I hear a whistle coming from above. I let go and look up at this perv. 
"oh my god, Carlos! You're so embarrasing!" I yell and take my hand to my forehead. 
"who's he?" 
"that's my best friend slash roommate. He's so annoying." we could hear him in the background laughing. 
"oh, isn't that Carlos? He's in AV too right?"
"yeah. I feel so embarrassed. I'm sorry."
"it's okay" he chuckles, "he's immature. THAT'S immature. Pfft, calling me immature." he rolls his eyes and crosses his arms. 
"I'm sorry, I guess I was wrong about you. But you are childish."
"I know."
"well, again, I had fun. Thanks."
"your welcome. Goodnight Edith." we hug goodbye. 
"goodnight." we let go and he goes back to his car laughing as I open the door angrily. 
"I'm gonna kill you Carlos!" I yell. All he does is laugh. 

While I wait for the elevator, I think to myself, "what a night." then I take my fingers to my lips. I could still feel his soft touch. I exhale like a teenager who's in love and rest on the wall thinking about Harry. 
I smile to myself and wait as the elevator arrives and when it opens, I'm startled by a laughing Carlos. He yells and takes me into a tight hug. Oh, sibling love...
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