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Galaxy Ripper

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When Frank gets dragged to a men's club by his friends, they didn't go for the dancers. They came for the ladies there for ladies night of course! But Frank gets.....distracted....

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"Guys, come on!" My so called 'friends' just pushed me along by my shoulders. "I'm serious! I don't wanna be here."

"Okay." Gil spun me around and took me by my shoulders. "Think about it. There's a SHIT TON of hot single chicks getting wet in there over guys they can't have."

Nate spun me to him. "Now, when three guys such as ourselves walk in, we'll be swarmed like moths to very sexy flames." He rubbed his hand down my chest.

"Ah!" I shoved away from them. "No! No touchy feely!" I sighed and ran my hands through my hair. "I'll go if you promise to never touch me like that again."

"Sure!" Nate smiled and wound his arm around my shoulders. "Unless we're both so hammered and neither of us will remember, of course." I scoffed.

Grudgingly, I let them lead me through the door they opened. Music pulsed through me instantly, flashing lights nearly blinding me. Screams echoed around my head from the mobs of women.

Like voltures, Nate and Gil swooped down on the ones with the reddest faces and the most ragged breathing. Almost instantly, they were tackled by lips and arms. "Alright ladies!! If you liked that little jewel, get ready to soak yourselves!!! Here's the Galaxy Ripper himself, G!!!!!!"

A fully dressed man stepped out. All the lights flew toward him, leaving the room blackened.

He was.... I was mind raped. The girls went wild as he nodded to a man behind a huge setup.

The most known song came on, loud and proud. Too Sexy blasted into the silence, making me jump. The roar grew to a roit as women scrambled for money.

He took off his jacket slowly, unzipping it so each tooth gleamed in the lights. He tossed it behind him, his short black hair puffing up with the breeze it made.

I....couldn't look away. He unbuckled the skull of his black leather belt and smirked at fhe ladies and he left it hanging there. As slow as he could, he inched his shirt up his muscled, snow colored torso.

My heart jumped as he whipped his belt off, the snap echoing over the music. I felt my throat close as he unbottoned his pants, undid the zipper and stopped.

He shook his head and bent over, grabbing them by the knees. In a fluid motion that made every muscle on him I could see ripple, he tore them off.

The huge buldge made me realize why he was called Galaxy Ripper. My heart was beating so hard I nearly choked.

Once I was able to feel my body, I nearly ran to the bathroom. Well, in an awkward fashion. I mean, name one person who can run with a hard on.

And not Chuck Norris. He can do anything. I shut the door and locked it like there was a psychopath behind me with an ax.

I felt my heart racing. Not once in my life had I had a feeling like this. Not for anyone.

Especially not a guy!! It was like he was fucking me from the damn stage with those eyes!

A shiver rocked through me. Uh....think of something else. Old ladies naked. Dead puppies. Frozen tampons. MOM SHIRTLESS!!!

"Ew!" I gasped and opened my eyes. My stiffy was gone. Thankfully.

I hid in the bathroom for a good five minutes before I slipped out, keeping my eyes away from the stage. As I ran to the car, I let the cold night air flood my lunvs and mind.

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