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Little Dripper

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Frank has an.......interesting dream when he gets home

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I moaned again, my hair clinging to my sweaty face. He laughed from over me, pounding into me harder.

"Oh God!" I screamed, scratching his back with my short nails. He gripped my hips and pulled me back into each of his thrusts.

He hit something in me that nearly made my heart stop and race at the same time. "Ah! Dammit..." I moaned louder.

That evil smirk crossed his bruised, bitten lips as he angled himself right to slam into that spot again, making me scream again. Over and over, he drilled that spot, making the rest of my body go numb.

My back was arching me up into him with each thrust. I felt like I was going to die.

I rolled my head to the side, silently begging him to bite me. Like a fucking mind reader, his lips attached to my skin, sucking a little into his mouth and biting down, making me shiver in joy.

"A-a-a-a-ahh." I moaned, my voice being jolted by his thrusts. "S-s-so c-cl-ose." His hand wrapped around my member, making me gasp heavily and loudly.

Within seconds, I was coming all over the snowy skin of his chest and his hand. I felt him shiver and cum inside of me, slowly pulling out.

I lay panting, trying to calm my heart and breathing. But I felt like laughing. Or just hugging everyone I saw.

If I could move, that is. I forced my eyes open to see him licking his fingers clean.

A small whimper escaped me as I watched his tongue twist atound the slender things. He smirked again and leaned down toward me, putting his lips to my ear and blowing his warm breath into it.

I shivered again, making him laugh. He pulled back to look at me.

He opened his mouth. What came out was a quack.


I snapped straight up in the bed, my heart racing. My alarm quacked away at me from my night stand. I picked up my phone and shut it off with a groan.

I don't even work today! Do I?

With a quick check, I groaned and put my phone under my pillow, rolling into my stomach. "Fucking shit." I sat up, my underwear clinging to my thighs and skin.

I sighed and got up, heading to the bathroom for a quick shower.

As you can probably tell, this is gonna be a smutty Frerard. Maybe a few scattered fluff chunks here and there. Anyway, I'm tired.

Hugs and Dove,
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