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Shooting Star

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Oh my....

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I walked down the street to the parlor, hands buried deep in my pockets. The cool fall morning breeze licked at my face.

My first appointment wasn't for about thirty minutes. And I didn't have to open. Nate was opening today.

God I'd love to stick the sharp end of my machine into his eye. Both his and Gil's.

Dicks..... I shook my head and sighed. The Starbucks on the corner made my mouth twitch up into a smile.

"Yes!" I practically groaned. I crossed the street, dodging cars, and opened the door.

The smell of roasting beans and the sound of whirring blenders violated me instantly. I smiled and relaxed.

People sat in pairs at circle tables and in booths. I bit my lip as I got in line, excitement making me bubble and bounce.

I ordered a black with three sugars to go. Grabbing a stir-stick, I turned and took off the lid off, getting ready to stir it better.

A huge body bumped into me, sending the cup crashing to the floor. I jumped back from the spill like it was lava spitting at me. "Shit! Sorry!"

"My fault." I looked up. My mouth fell open.

Green eyes. Pale face. Black hair. My face burned as I looked away quickly, moving out of the works way.

"I can buy you another if you want." He said, his lips turning up into that smirk.

Oh my god..... "Uh. I'm good. I gotta go, actually. Work." I saod stupidly and stepped around the mop.

The guy followed me. "C'mon I feel bad!" He laughed. "Let me make it up to you." He fell into step next to me. "Making someone drop their fresh coffee is like making someone drop a newborn baby to me."

"It's fine, really. It was just a small anyway." I smiled at him. "But, if ya feel so bad, you can keep me company on my walk."

I saw the parlor just a block away. "Okay." He smiled back. "I'm Gerard."

"Frank." I found myself relax slightly. My arms stopped shaking from the cold. The parlor was only two buildings away.

"Well Frank, where do you work?" He asked as I slowed my pace.

"Here. Later Gerard." I slipped into the round about glass door and into the sweet background sounds of buzzing machines and quiet metal.

I started setting up my station, wiping down the padded bench and chair and everywhere else with wipes. The door spun. "Frank, your guy's here." I looked up at Gil's voice.

Two guys stood against the glare of the door. "Come on over." I waved, spinning around and grabbing a pair of thick black gloves.

"Well Mikey, this is the guy I made drop his cup baby." Gerard's voice made me jump.

"Well, I am sorry for my brother." The taller sat in the chair, rolling up his sleeve. "I'm Mikey." He gave me his hand.

"He's fine." I laughed. "What'd you want?" I asked, grabbing a sketch pad.

He handed me a picture from his pocket. "He drew it already." I looked at it.

It was....good. Baddass! I looked at Gerard, who was looking away.

"I'll transfer it and we'll get started." I stood and moved to my sketch area.

I don't think I can ever make it as good as Gerard could......

New chapter! What's with all the twists? Who knows? Who cares! Xp

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