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Penina visits her older brothers for the summer and finds a surprise upon arriving. I hope you like it!

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Hey guys! Here is the first installment of my personalized stories! I really hope you enjoy it tmbfucks! Lol I also hope I didn’t kill it :D

Erm…this is awkward, but I made you from New Jersey since I have no clue where you live/want to live so….you can review if you want me to change :3


Penina eagerly pressed the doorbell as she looked around at her new surroundings. She was staying with her older brothers for the weekend and couldn’t be more ecstatic. They had rented an apartment in New York while she stayed in their hometown in New Jersey. Since she was still in high school she only saw them in the summertime or long breaks.

Gerard had become a graphic artist for an up and coming comic book series so he moved closer to his job. Mikey had gone with him purely for the fun of it. Secretly Penina planned to move in with them as well once she went off to college, but didn’t have the heart to break it to their mom yet.

As the door opened Penina was pulled out of her reveries.

“Little sis! How’ve ya been?” Gerard asked as he wrapped her in a bear hug. His Jersey drawl still hadn’t seemed to wear off after two years.

“I’d be a lot better if I could breathe.” She said, referring to his tight hug. Gerard released her smiling in apology as he ruffled his black hair. “Is Mikey home?” she inquired further as she walked into the apartment.

“Nah, he went out with a friend. They’ll be back in a half hour or so. They had a coffee emergency.” Gerard said with an added eye roll.

“You still addicted to the stuff?” Penina asked as she dropped her bags off on the fold-out sofa.

“More than ever.” He said with a grin that could rival the Cheshire cat himself.

Penina flopped down on the couch and flipped through the channels. Gerard sat down in the armchair next to her and they made small talk. He asked her about her grades, she asked about his job.

“It’s crazy you got such a good job already! You’re not even out of college yet!” Penina told Gerard in disbelief. Gerard just shrugged. “I hope I can be as successful as you when I’m 21.” She added jokingly.

An hour of bad tv shows later and Mikey was back from the grocery store. As he walked in the door Penina flew off the sofa to embrace him, accidentally making him drop his bag of groceries.

“Hey Pen, long time no see.” He said as he hugged her back.

“I know, right?” During the little exchange Penina failed to notice the boy walk in behind Mikey.

“Um…hey Mikes, I’m gonna put this bag in the kitchen.” He said as he walked to his destination.

Penina looked up and saw the boy’s back as he wandered off. The mystery guy was dressed in black skinnies with a red hoodie on top. He also had shaggy, mussed up chocolaty brown hair and worn out converse on. She didn’t know why, but she felt instantly attracted to this boy.

“You went to the store and brought a boy home?” Penina asked, raising an eyebrow.

Gerard snorted, “Not even close Pen, that’s Frank. He and Mikey are attached at the hip almost.”

As Frank returned to the living room she offered him a smile. “Hello Frank, it’s nice to meet you! I’m Penina, Gerard and Mikey’s little sister.”

“Yeah, they told me a lot about you.” Frank said with a chuckle as he stared at her intently. Penina saw he had fair skin with a mildly clear complexion. His eyes were a warm greeny-brown color. Up close she could see he was only her height if not an inch taller. At his response she couldn’t help but smile once more.

“Are you staying for dinner tonight, Frank?” Gerard asked from the kitchen, unpacking the groceries no doubt.

“Sure,” he said, still not looking from Penina.

“Hey! Do you want to go play some video games in my room?” Mikey asked excitedly as he practically dragged Frank towards his room. Penina chuckled and made her way over to the kitchen, picking up Mikey’s discarded grocery bag.

“He seems nice.”

“He is. A bit of a trouble maker, but he really likes Mikey. As long as he’s nice to us, he’s fine by me.” Gerard said as he unpacked his sacred coffee.

“So…how old is he?” Penina asked, attempting to fake nonchalance.

Gerard spun around to face her, “Way. Too. Old. Bottom line.”

“Oh come on, tell meeee!” she begged. “It’s not like I’m going to go hit on the guy.” That, she thought to herself, was a total lie.

“19,” Gerard finally said giving up, “and YOU, my dear are not. legal. yet.” He playfully snatched up the coke cans she was holding and stuffed them in the refrigerator.

“Oh come one Gee, I turn 16 in a matter of months. Then I can have consensual sex without permission from a legal guardian.” Penina stated casually.

Gerard blanched and almost dropped his coffee mug.

“Kidding,” she said raising her hands in defense. “It’s a true fact, but I’m just stating not promising.”

Gerard rolled his eyes and sighed. After shooing her away he started at making a very bland, simple dinner. Four grilled cheese sandwiches and store-bought Doritos.

After about fifteen minutes he told Penina to go collect Mikey and Frank from their lair. Complying, she got off the sofa once again and knocked on the door. After a few seconds of no response she barged in.

“Game's over boys, that is assuming you want to eat.” She said as she watched them play COD.

“Okay.” Frank said as he stood up and paused the game.

Mikey stared up at him in disbelief, his eyes wide. “But…but…you never leave a game unfinished.”

“The lady says we have to go eat.” He said as he winked towards Penina. She chuckled in response and walked away.

On the way out Mikey slapped Frank on the shoulder. “Pedophile.” He said not so subtly.

“Shut up.” Frank murmured in response.

Dinner was nice. Mikey and Gerard mostly tried to get caught up in Penina’s life while she did theirs.

Frank listened intently and added some comments of his own. It turned out all four of them had mostly everything in common to Penina’s delight. She found as hard as she tried not to stare, her eyes kept dragging back to Frank. More than once she found him returning her gaze.

Once dinner was over she went to help Gerard clean up. He just shooed her away. “Oh no you don’t, you’re a guest here for now. Go get Mikey to help me.” She did just that. After much complaining she finally dragged him into the kitchen to help Gerard. That left her and Frank on the couch together. She was sitting on one end and he was on the other side.

“So…” he started, “what do you like to do in your free time?”

Penina laughed, “I love listening to music. I could live off the stuff. I also enjoy surfing the web.”

“Well,” he said, “It just so happens I love music too.”

“Oh do you now?” she asked raising an eyebrow.

“It just so happens that I also have an extra ticket to an up and coming Green Day concert. You brothers said they’d kill me if I tried anything, but I really can’t help it. You’re a really cool girl and I’d love to get to know you better.”

“Are you kidding me!? I’ve been trying to score tickets to see them for weeks!” Penina shouted jumping out of her seat.

“So you’ll come with me?”


“Good, it’s this Friday.” He said as he turned his eyes back to the television.


After a few very persuasive phone calls to her parents, Penina convinced her mom to let her stay for another week. She had enough clothes and she could always wash them.

On the days leading up the concert Penina spent every moment with Frank. That is the moments when he wasn’t with Mikey. Gerard still didn’t really approve, but he didn’t try to stop it. They had grown relatively close, you could almost call them a couple.

On the day of the concert he picked her up at six o’clock sharp. She was wearing a Green Day hoodie with black leggings and her standard black boots.

“Why, don’t you look lovely tonight,” Frank said as he took her hand.

“You don’t look too shabby yourself.” Penina said with a laugh.

At the concert they were enjoying themselves to the maximum extent. They were on the ground floor in the heart of the mosh pit. When Penina’s favorite song came on she was so caught up in the moment that she just kissed Frank impulsively. He was initially shocked, but then eased up.

Afterwards as they were walking from the venue to his car, he stopped. “Penina, I’ve been meaning to ask you this for a few days but…will you be my girlfriend?”

“I thought you’d never ask.” She responded back happily.

Then they shared another kiss as they walked away. Music from the concert was still blaring in the background.
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