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Chapter 8: Never too Late

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Ok, yes I love 3 Days Grace. Anyways, what happens when Danny's secret is exposed?

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A/N: ok guys, What happens when Danny's secret is exposed? well, lets find out shall we? *Creepy stalkerish voice inserted here

I walked into school with a smirk. I passed some boys on the lacrosse team who stopped me to ask if Gerard was okay. I told them he would be fine as long as he got some rest today. They told me if he was in school, they would send me a text. I thanked them and walked to period 2.

The teacher was telling us about a new assignment. We were all given a small composition book.
"This is a journal. For the next few months you will write down your feelings, your secrets, anything about your life. I will not read them. But you will hand them to me every day. This book is a chance to get everything off your chest. Everything you've ever wanted to say to anyone"
I smiled. A chance to get everything off your chest? This is something I could ace. She explained that we would be marked on how much we were writing an how much time it took. She told us when we finished for that day we would just work on homework she was giving us.

I walked out of the classroom with a smile on my face. Mikey was trying to talk to me but I wasn't really listening.
"FRANKENSTEIN!" He yelled which made the cheerleaders jump and glare at him. I laughed but they stopped glaring when I passed. I have some gay trance over them or something now that i'm with Gerard. It's awesome.
"Yah, what sorry Mikes. My head is in the clouds today"
"I asked you how Gerard was last night" He smiled. I knew his mind was thinking dirty. He's such a fuck-tart sometimes.
"Haha very funny Mikes. He drove me home from a therapy appointment, how do you think he was" Mikey always knew about my therapy. He would sometimes come sit and wait for me, talking to the sweet nurse.
"Yah, but how was he last night?" He nudged my shoulder a little. I looked at him confused.
"Ugh, He dropped me off, we kissed and he left. How should he have been?"
"What? What did he do?" Mikey stopped and whipped me around to face him. He looked so scared.
"Umm... He uhh.. He dropped me o-off, and we-went home?"
"OH NO HE DIDN'T!" He yelled and whipped out his phone.
"What?" I was so confused. He dialed angrily.
"Shut up midget, for 10 minutes okay?" I nodded so confused. I could hear the phone ring on the other end and someone picked up after 6 rings.


"Where the FUCK are you Gerard Arthur Way?" Mikey yelled into the phone. We walked out the back of the building and he put the phone on speaker.

"Ugh, home where else?"

"Where were you last night Gerard?"

I, I ugh told you last night Mikes. I was at Frank's"

I stood there. Frozen. Gerard didn't go home last night? Where was he? Oh my god. I can't breathe.

"No you weren't" I managed to squeak out as Mikey wrapped his arm around my waist in an attempted hug. I hugged back waiting for the answer.

"Oh ugh, Frankie? Yah.. umm. I Gotta go babe, I'll call you later ok. I really do love you"

Before Mikey could stop him, we heard the dial tone. He hung up on his boyfriend & his brother.
"Frank?" I stopped him before he could go on.
"He says he's home?" Mikey nodded. I got up from the wall and started walking to the driveway.
"Then we go home" I grabbed the key to his house out of my pocket on my ring and Mikey smiled as I jingled the keys infront of his glasses.

We walked the 20 minutes it takes to Mikey's house. We decided the back way was easier into the house and more silent. I took out the key and slowly turned the handle. We walked into the kitchen. Empty. We walked into the living room. Empty.

I turned around quickly when I heard something shatter upstairs. I lost all faith in being quite and I ran to where the noise originated. I stood at the doorway of Mikey's bedroom. Gerard was lying on the floor, unconscious, with a bloody-fisted Danny standing over him.

"WHAT DID YOU DO?!" I ran to my broken baby. Mikey shoved Danny off of him and started kicking his face.
"Mikey Stop" He did as I said and let Danny bleed out onto the floor. I helped Gerard onto Mikey's bed. Danny got up and Mikey smacked him across the face, he took a seat on the chair in the corner and just looked at the broken Gerard laying there.
"WHY? HOW COULD YOU?" Mikey was screaming at Danny. Danny sat there with a smug look on his face.
"I needed to" I sat there, holding my broken angel in my arms. He was bleeding out of his nose and mouth. I kissed his sweet, bloodied lips and felt the blood in my mouth. I licked the blood away from his mouth. I didn't like the metallic taste but I did it anyways.
Mikey was talking to Danny but I couldn't hear them. My mind was filled with thoughts of my broken angel.

"ba-" I looked up to see Gerard holding my hair. It hurt but I didn't care. Danny was gone, Mikey was gone, and it was dark outside. Gerard was free of blood but his arm was bandaged. It looked broken. I heard someone come up the stairs and I saw it was Mikey.
"babe?" Gerard stuttered out again an I hugged him as we both cried.
"Frank? Your mom says you can stay here tonight, you fell asleep holding Gerard and the paramedics didn't wanna move you guys, so they bandaged Gerard when he was asleep and just left you guys alone" that was nice of them.
"Doesn't he need a hospital?" He shook his head.
"He would have been released today anyways. He has a concussion and a sprained wrist. Thats all"
I looked at my Gerard, he was smiling an I kissed his lips.
"Yes Gerard?"
"I love you"
"I love you too babe"
"Yes darling?"
"You-your on my leg. Get the fuck off" He shoved me and I landed on the floor on Mikey's room. We all laughed and I crawled back on the bed to lay with my angel.
"Why did Danny do it?"
"Umm. not now Frankie"
"No Gerard, Now. where were you last night?"
He sat up and looked at Mikey as he took a seat at the end of the bed.
"I-I was... I was" He started crying. Balling his eyes out. I hugged him tightly.
"Its ok Gerard"
"No its not fucking okay. On my way home, I stopped to see Kellin, Kellin Quinn"
"Gerard, no" I looked so puzzled. In all my time of knowing Mikey and Gerard, I've never heard of Kellin Quinn. Mikey saw me looking puzzled and explained who he was.
"Kellin was Gerard's old ex-boyfriend"
"Mikey, I thought you didn't know Gerard was gay"
"I didn't until you 2 happened. Thats when he told me about Kellin. Well, Kellin hit Gerard, so Gerard dumped Kellin. Kellin found out about Frank, and now Kellin wants to hit Frank"
I looked at Gerard who simply nodded his approval.
"Gerard? why did you go see him?" Mikey asked placing one hand on Gerard's knee.
"He-He sent me a text. So I went to see him at the strip mall downtown. Like he asked. We talked for a little bit, he said he was fine with me dating Frank. He understood that he was my 'trial run boyfriend' he didn't care. He's married now, hes 19 an married to some guy named Johnny Knoxville, Anyways, I went to the mall, an-and he-he ended up, ugh. Oh gawd im so sorry Frankie. I love you. I LOVE YOU!" He screamed it. He was in tears. He was shaking. I couldn't believe someone did this to my GeeGee.
"Gerard? What did he do?" Mikey was sitting beside him, we were both hanging off the edge of the bed but we didn't care. Someone hurt Gerard.
"Gerard? did he.. Did he rape you?" I stuttered. He faced me with those red puffy eyes and shook his head.
"No, he tried" Mikey and I sat there. Looking shocked. I couldn't believe someone tried to rape my Gerard. AND HES MARRIED! But where does Danny fit into this?
"Where does Danny come in Gerard?" Mikey could read my mind sometimes. So, Gerard told us the story.
"After Kellin told me he wanted me back, he threatened me with rape. So, I ran. I ran and ran and ran until I ran into Danny at some store in the mall. I begged him to hide me somewhere and he did. He sad we would take my car. He drove me home, but before I got out he asked if it was safe there. I said no so he took me back to his house. Guys, that man beating the shit out of me, isn't Danny" We stood there looking so shocked.
"WHAT? who the fuck was in my house?"
"Danny has a brother. Danny has a twin. Alex" Gerard put his arms around my neck and we snuggled together for a few minutes ontop of Mikey's 'Star Wars' sheets.
"Alex wouldn't let me stay. But Danny told him to. So in the end Danny won. Well, me and Alex got into it. We started hitting each other. Danny left for the store. He broke up the fight when he got home. I had Alex pinned on a broken mirror" I smiled that he could pin someone. Alex must have been as big as Danny. Probably not athletic but still as big.
"Well, he came back here to finish the job" I let Gerard cry on my shoulder.

When Mikey called 9-1-1 before. He only requested an ambulance. He let 'Danny' go free with a threat. Mikey grabbed Gerard's phone an dialed 9-1-1 requesting a squad car.
10 minutes later Gerard was explaining the story to the police man.
"I'll get a warrant for his arrest. It seems Mr.Way that when he hit you, he broke a nail on your face, leaving DNA. We can analyse that sample" The police man called the hospital for the Gerard's medical record of this. He was telling us what the nurse told him over the phone. Mikey smiled and the officer left for the warrant for Alex's arrest. It helped that Alex had a birthmark on his arm that Gerard could describe.

Gerard was traumatized. It was atleast 9pm. So I slept in Gerard's room with him. We cuddled that night. I kissed his forehead as he was snoring quite loudly. This was where I could be.

He was beaten, bruised and down right scared shitless of the outside world right now.
I felt so bad for not being there today.
Im sorry baby.
so sorry..

A/N: ok Im sorry to all the Sleeping With Sirens fans. He was the only name I could think of so GET OFF MY BACK !! I love SWS but I needed a name anyways R*R an tell me whatcha think.
Thanks guise. Update soon.

-Bloodi Detonator
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