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Chapter 9: She will be loved

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Sorry. I love Maroon 5 too.

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A/N: Ok guise. Sorry about Gerard in the last chapter. Hope that wasn't to confusing. But Alex had to be brought in. thanks you :)

"DANNY" I screamed down the hall. I was running after the tall man. He was able to see through the crowd of people. I shoved him into the closest classroom.
"HEY WHAT THE-" He looked down at me and frowned finally coming to his senses.
"Oh. Hey Frank"
"Shut up. Who the FUCK is Alex?" I stood there tapping my foot across the dirty floor.
"Oh, Gerard told you? I have a twin. Sadly. He didn't like Gerard so.."
"Who is he, why does no one know who he is?"
"He goes to the private school on first street. He's the smart one im the jock"
"Okay, why did he beat the shit out of my GeeGee?" He frowned an shook his head. A tear rolled down my cheek and I left the room. Gerard was at home sleeping, Mikey was watching him for me.

I walked into the gym lockers as I got apologies from the guys. I Shook them off and headed to the coaches room.
"Iero? come in man" the coach was a short, tough, bald guy. We called him Mr. Badass, he wasn't afraid of anything. But he was the best teacher in the school.
"Um, can I talk to you?"
"Always buddy take a seat"
"Thanks" I did as he asked and he looked at me with his large brown eyes.
"Go on dude"
"Um, you know im gay right?" He was always like a second father to everyone. The cheerleaders, the nerds, kids like me. He was the best. He could keep a secret if he needed to.
"Yup. Same as like half my lacrosse team" He chuckled.
"Yah" I giggled a little.
"Umm, well im in love with Gerard Way" He smiled at me and pulled me out of my chair and grabbed me into a hug.
"Have you told him?" I shook my head. I've said 'I love you' but never really meant it like I do now.
"Kid, get the fuck out of my locker room an go tell him" I smiled as I told him about school and that he was at home.
"Oh, well gym starts in 10 so get your clothes on. GO!" He yelled, I jumped a little and he laughed as we both left the office.
I walked to my gym locker and pulled off my shirt to replace it with the grey one, covered in spray paint. We were allowed to fuck up our gym clothes, cause they were ours, so Mikey and I covered them in black and red fabric spray paint. 'The Misfits' was sprayed to the back of mine.
My shorts were longer then everyone elses. The coach got me a size bigger cause he knew I was insecure about my body. I pulled on the black shorts and left for the gym.

The gym was like 4 libraries together. We were an athletic school so it had to be. I walked into the cold gym and the guys from lacrosse team suddenly lifted me on their shoulders.
"Awe look, little midget thinks we care" they laughed and hauled me onto the stage.
"If this is a joke. YOUR SICK IN THE HEAD!"
"Shut up" Ashley smiled as he handed me what looked like a bass guitar.
"Play" They all smiled. Everyone was watching me on the stage.

I use to play all the time. They knew that. But I stopped when Kyle use to tell me I sucked. Gerard and Mikey would try to get me to play but I just couldn't. I would occasionally play mine when no one was home. Write songs about Gerard and I. But that was atleast a year ago.

I grabbed the guitar. It felt so nice. I ran my thumb over the chords. It was beautiful. I handed it to CC.
"No, why do you want me to?"
"The talent show is coming up. We're going against that stupid private school on First Street. We need that money for the lacrosse team. You can win this for us Frank"
I shook my head. Wait, First Street.
"Play us something now?" Jinxx laughed as he handed the guitar back. I led the lacrosse team into the extra room off the back where we kept the Hockey nets.

I took the guitar and sat on one of the wheely chairs. I strummed something. It felt so nice.
"I can't play in that show. But i'll play now"

I took the guitar onto my lap and played an old song I knew. It was like perfection.
I sang along to it. I knew they wouldn't mind, they would probably understand the lyrics too.

Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life

Let him know that you know best
Cause after all you do know best
Try to slip past his defense
Without granting innocence
Lay down a list of what is wrong
The things you've told him all along
And pray to God, he hears you
And pray to God, he hears you

I stopped to get their attention. Jinxx and them looked so sweetly at me.
"Frank. Your amazing. Was that about Gerard?"
"Ugh, why would you th-think that?"
"An pray to God he hears you? Frank, your so obviously deep in love. You need to play that for the talent show. Please?"
"Can I think about it?"
They nodded their heads and left the room.

We always compete against a school for about 1000$ dollars. Each school does fundraisers, and the school chooses one act that compete and the winners get the money for sports. It was a brilliant idea, and an honor that they needed me to play. They really thought I could win.

I would talk to Gerard.

A/N; ok short story, can you guess where its going? anyways yes this song is by The Fray how to save a life. I needed a song and this one always makes me cry. Just see how it works out in the end.
I love The Fray because of this song too. so ...

anyways ill update soon.
love you guise.

-bloodi detonator
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