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Chapter 10: 10 million fireflies, im weird cause I hate good-byes

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F*CK YOU OWL CITY IS AMAZING !!! Yes that is lyrics from 'Fireflies'

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Shits been going down guise. sorry for not updating. But I got my nose pierced yesterday, looks really fucking awesome. anyways, here is your chapter

"FUCK NO! NOT IN A MILLION YEARS FRANK IERO. NO" He flipped a stool across his room. We were standing in his bedroom, it was a Friday night. I was sleeping over and I asked him about playing in the talent show.
"Well, I just thought may-"
"YOU THOUGHT! HOW COULD YOU THINK SOMETHING LIKE THAT?" I Stared at him. I wanted to play the song I played for Andy an them. I was willing to for the lacrosse team. I asked Gerard about what he thought. It went a little something like this.

"Gerard? hon, what would you say if I said I wanted to play guitar again and win the talent show?"
"Oh my god FRANKIE! THATS AMAZING! Do it, I'll be there one hundred percent"
"Seriously? I thought you wouldn't want me to play"
"What? why would you think that?"
"Cause the songs about you'
"Frankie, im honored and I Want you to play'
"Thank you Gerard. I Really thought you would say no. Tell me to find a new hobbie"

Thats how that went if you were confused. He picked up the stool as I chuckled a little. We sat on the bed and played some video games before Mikey decided to come join.

"Get your clothes on. I'll be entering his lair" Gerard threw a pair of boxers that was near the TV at the door and we laughed as he squealed.
"Oh Frankie. Oh God FRANKIE!" He yelled out to scare Mikey.
"MOM! MOM MOM MOM! OH GOD GROSS EWWWW" He ran up the stairs and we started laughing so hard.
Gerard's mom walked into the room 3 minutes after with a smile on her face.
"Keep all clothes on, and don't scare your brother. no matter how fucking hilarious it is" she chuckled and left the room.
"Well played" I planted a kiss on Gee and we finished the game.

We played for atleast another 30 minutes before Mikey decided it was safe.
"How do you know we weren't still fucking?" I asked as he sat on Gerard's leg.
"He doesn't last long" I stared open eyed at him.
"How do you know that?" Gerard chuckled as Mikey's face looked horrified.
"OH SHUT UP! I hear him with his gay porn for god sakes. 5 minutes later, he's in the shower" Mikey smiled as Gerard rolled over and burried his head in a pillow. His face was cherry red.
"Then what do you masturbate to?" This was getting awkward. I just sat and smiled as Mikey teased his brother.
"Umm.. I don't wanna answer that" Mikey stood up and walked into Gerard's bathroom. I could hear him rummaging through the baskets. He came out with a horrified face as he dropped 7 magazines on the bed.

I grabbed them and dropped them as I said their titles.
"Down and dirty?" He buried his head more into the pillow with embarrassment.
"Umm. Stalk naked? Oh god. Really. Dicks Galore. Seriously Gee?" I threw the magazines on the ground and a picture fell out of some candle catalog. It was the only normal one there.
I picked it up and blushed.

Me. black skinnies that framed my legs perfectly. My black skin tight top, with my silver nose ring and silver lip ring. I looked amazing in this photo. It was last year, the school had a fair and I went with Mikey. It was just me standing there looking at the cotton candy stand. I blushed.
Mikey grabbed the photo and looked even more horrified.
"YOU MASTURBATE TO MY BEST FRIEND" Gerard groaned with embarrassment and rolled off the bed to land in more pillows.
"Kill me now" I grabbed him back on the bed and smiled. I kissed him and tucked the picture into his ass pocket off the boxers he was wearing as PJ's. Mikey gagged but Gerard smiled.
"Ugh.. You dont care that I have a pic of you, looking all sexy in with my porn?"
"Nope. Cause that means those magazines never get touched" I giggled and shoved him on the bed.
"I can tell this is gunna go all PG-13. So imma leave" mikey ran out of the room as fast as his little legs could carry him as I smiled and Gerard and I started the make-out session on the bed.

We got as far as Gerard was shirtless with boxers and he was struggling with the boxers laces on me before his mom stepped in the room with pizza boxes.
"AWE! Gerard honey, it'll help if he does it. Your fingers never could untie those" Gerard yelled as she laughed, dropped the boxes on the desk and left.
"MIKEY YOU WERE RIGHT THEY ARE DOING IT" His mother yelled walking up the stairs.
"MOTHER" Gerard called after and I dragged him back to my boxers to finish what we started as we heard her laugh at the top of the stairs.
He finally managed the string on my boxers when he slid them down and I heard someone call from my phone.
"SERIOUSLY WERE HAVING SEX HERE!" Gerard leaned over to the side table and grabbed my phone and answered it sweetly.
"City morgue, you kill 'em we chill 'em. Gerard Way speaking" I burst out laughing as Gerard Chuckled.
"Could you tell Mr. Iero that his mother called. She needs him to call straight away"
Gerard apologized quickly an handed me the phone. I laughed a little.
"sorry bout him mother. Whats up?"
"Frank, When you wake up I need you home straight away" My face looked worried and I tied my boxers an watched Gerard frown.
"Mom, whats wrong?" He got worried too.
"Nothing. come home in the morning okay?"
"No im coming home now mother" I hung up the phone before she could say anything. Gerard and I threw on pants and sweaters, grabbed him keys and raced to the drive way.

We were there in 10 minutes flat. Maybe less. I couldn't see cause Gerard was speeding.
I burst through the door and saw my mother standing in the kitchen. I ran to her and put my arms around her.
"MOM!" She spun around an hugged me back.
"Frank" I looked at her. She never called me Frank, I was always her Little Frankie. no matter what? Gerard even knew that he looked around worried.
"Ms.Iero" she wrapped Gerard in a hug and smiled.
"My boys. If Mikey was here I would hug him to" I giggled then pried her off.
"Mom, whats wrong?"
"Little Frankie" I smiled again at the usual name I loved.
"Your father is in the hospital. He got in an accident, He broke his leg, but he's fine. I needed someone to be here tonight. I'm sorry" I pulled my shaking mother into my arms.
"Its okay. Gerard and I can stay the night mom. It's fine" She smiled kissed my cheek and went back to bed shaking.
"Come on geeGee" I led him to the living room, turned on Power Rangers and we drifted off to sleep.

I woke up with Gerard in my arms. My mom left a note on the coffee maker.

Made this at 8 this morning. should still be warm. On the way to the hospital for your father. Ill be back around 5 tonight. Gerard is welcome for another night, but clean up your messes.
love you little Frankie.

Love mommy dear

I smiled and poured 2 cups of coffee. I walked into the living room to my sleeping angel on the couch. He was speaking in his sleep.

"God, Fran-" I giggled and sat beside him to listen. placing the coffee on the table behind me.
"Frankie. Right th-there" I giggled again.
"RIGHT THERE BABY" I screamed as he jumped forward and made me spill the coffee.
"MORNING LITTLE FRANKIE" He laughed at his joke.
"Your a dick you know that" He kissed my cheek. Then licked my neck where the coffee was.

SO TELL ME. What do ya think so far eh? but anyways. R&R please. thanks guise.

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