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Chapter 11: Dance, and Drink and screw cause theres nothing else to do.

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LOL! Sorry love that cover they do. If you don't know. It's common people cover by MCR original by The Pulp

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Sorry about being so slow on the update. Shit went down this week. Not in the happiest mood. Anyways, a few have been asking about the tree house .. so here it is !!!

My mom walked in at around 5:30 with my dad. They went to pick up Mr. Way actually. My dad stayed with Don last night because everyone else couldn't or they were working. My dad offered so this morning my mother went to get the 2 crazy men.

"We played poker till about 4am. I got cheated out of my pudding, but I won the extra pepsi" My dad giggled as he sat on the couch. Gerard smiled as he watched his father come into the Iero household.
"I didn't cheat. Hello son" he hugged Gerard and Gerard whipped his arms around his father's neck and shed a few tears.
"I'm so glad your okay" He cried into the older man's neck.
His father pat his back and walked over to the couch to sit with my father.
"So, How's the tree house coming along boys?" Don asks. I smile knowing he doesn't wanna go through the awkward conversation of the shed being burnt to the crisp.
"Well, Mikey is actually at the hardware store picking up the things we need. He's coming to get us around 7, we're gunna work on the floor's tonight" Gerard smiled as he spoke. He took a seat next to his dad and I sat on the chair across the room.

We sat and talked with our parents, we ended up playing truth or dare. I was scared as it was my dad's turn.
"Frank!" He called out.
I looked up from playing with my finger nails.
"TRUTH OR DARE! Pick your death" I smiled as I chose dare.
"Kiss. GERARD!" He swung his finger to point at a blushing Gerard. I crawled over to my angel and planted a kiss on his cheek.
"WIMP" my mother called out. I spun to see her as she bent over laughing.
I kissed his warm lips. It felt awkward infront of my parents, but they'd have to see it some time right? We eventually got into a rhythm. We moved our lips with one another, I sucked his tongue knowing he enjoyed it. I could sense him holding back a moan so I ended the kiss before it escaped.
"Wow" was all my father had to say.
"AWE!" Was all my mother could gasp into a sentence. She giggled and stated we should pack up the game quickly cause Mikey would be here soon.
"okay, Dad. Truth or Dare" I called pointing to my old man..
"Suck off a whale. DARE ME BOY DARE ME" I shook my head knowing THIS was my father. I'm so proud? I think.
"I dare you to kiss.. DON!" Gerard giggled like a school girl as he saw my father lean over and kiss Dons' cheek.
"GROSS" "EWW" "YOU CHEATING BASTARD!" My mother called out, we all looked at her strangely until she bent over with laughter and claimed she was kidding. Just to save us, Mikey rang the door bell and stepped into the front hall.

We pulled into the driveway just as 2 people were walking out of the house.
Bob and Alicia.
Gerard stepped out of the car and stomped his way to the house.
"Why I outta-" He raised his fist but Mikey yelled in protest. Bob stopped flinching long enough to see Mikey had Gerard's fist.
"Please, Gerard" Alicia started as I walked over to my angel and placed my hands on his hips.
"You must know. We didn't mean for your dad to be in that shed. We got paid to do it. By Ronnie's brother. Bob needed the money, so we did it. We swear we meant nothing. He really needed that money Gerard"
HE stopped and looked into her piercing blue eyes.
"It's okay" I heard him mumble. Alicia pulled him into a hug,
"I'm really sorry, and to show it. We brought you the money he paid us. It's dirt money, we don't want it"
He looked at the wad of cash sitting in Bob's palm.
"What do you need it for Bob?"
He hesitated the answer so Alicia spoke instead.
"Bob, rents his step-dad's basement room. If he can't pay rent he can't live there. It's the only place he has"
I could feel Gerard has a change of heart. He ran into the house, and shortly after returned with his mother.
"Bob, dear" She spoke sweetly grabbing his hand to hold.
"I have a spare bedroom, if you want it. No rent, just promise me you can help around the house, and stay in school. No drugs either"
Bob's face lit up.
"Seriously? You mean this?" she nodded. Ms.Way was an amazing person, and we did know Bob for forever. Always went into the same class. We were almost friends at one point but just stopped, he was a good kid. Donna knew that.

Alicia and Mikey helped Bob move into the spare bedroom. He didn't have alot. They left him in the kitchen to talk things over with the parents when Mikey's dad finally came home.
We all started on the floor boards for the tree house when Bob stepped out of the back door.
"Gerard, Mikey. I'm bunking with you for a while. Okay?" Mikey ran to Bob and gave him a hug. They were small friends, both in alot of classes together, both in chest club. Gerard gave him a high five and went back to working on helping me nail in some boards.

An hour passed an we ended up finishing the floor. We waited for walls tomorrow, but Alicia crashed in our living room. Her and Mikey had a thing for each other. We could all tell. She slept on his bed an he was on the floor.

Gerard and I crammed ourselves on his bed. Bob finally spent a night in a house where he wasn't afraid. Mr.Way accepted the apology understanding the circumstances for Bob. They made the deal and he lived there now. He wouldn't pay rent, only help around the house when asked. The room was his and he had to follow the rules like everyone else. He could have friends over, He could have small parties. As long as he didn't break the rules. We all ended up becoming small friends. Bob was awkward around everyone but we assured him there was no need to be. We were kinda happy we got rid of the shed, now we have a tree house.

I actually had friends, no matter if it was people who almost killed Gerard's dad.
He lived with them, he was a friend, it didn't matter anymore. All was forgiven. Mikey even may have gotten himself a girlfriend in the process.

"All's fair in love and war. What ever that means" Gerard giggled as he rolled over and went to sleep. My last statement of the night. What a good one too.

[*WELL! Im sorry if it was confusing for you. But you must understand BOB is important here. You'll see. Anyways i'll update soon I promise.

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