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The Gangmaster's Husband

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Brad Walst only knew that Adam Gontier was his fiance's arch enemy. But when Gontier steps into Brad's life, nothing will ever be the same. Auditioned Story!!

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"Hey! Brad! Get us some drinks, sweetheart!" Kyle yells at me, his voice slurring. He's meeting with his gang. Meaning that they're drinking and being stupid.

"Yes, Kyle." I reply, submissive as always. Kyle expects it, I'm about to be his husband, after all. Right now, though, the ring on my finger feels heavy, like it doesn't belong there. Being a gang leader's fiance isn't all that great. But he does it out of love, right?

"Brad! Where are our drinks!?" He whines. I feel like a servant, but I'm the only one around that is sober and can manage not to trip over my own two feet.

"I'm coming! Just one second!" And as soon as I yell that, the door explodes.......

Well, not really, but it's kicked in. And a raven haired man in a black shirt, grey vest, and grey tie, with simple black jeans to match, walks calmly in. Then pulls out a gun.

"Anybody fucking moves and their death will be a lot more painful." He warns, voice twisting at the edges.

I drop the tray holding the drinks, the glasses smashing on the floor around my feet. And then his grey-blue eyes are on me. A small smirk comes over his lips as two blonds and two guys with mohawks slip past him into the room. The black haired man slowly walks foward, the hand with the gun by his side. I can hear the other four pounding up the stairs, but my eyes are only for this man.

"GONTIER!" Kyle roars suddenly. His drunken mind has only just realized what is happening, but his roar makes me realize something......

This beautiful man is my fiance's blood rival. This man is the infamous Adam Gontier. A ruthless Canadian killer. Not that I can say anything about him being Canadian, I'm Canadian too. This man........ I'm not supposed to be attracted to.

A/N: I am going to give unitedsuck007 some credit. Some ideas in this story will sound like "First Of The Gang To Die" I am going to try not to steal though. May she rest in peace.

Oh, and auditioned characters will come in later.
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