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Where Oh Where Could My Little Brother Be?

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Brad hasn't seen his brother in eight years, and Matt sure has changed.

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"Zatto." Gontier says quietly, walking up to him and pushing him against the wall, holding him by his throat. "I think you have something to explain. The death of one of my righthand men's parents, maybe? They were innocents. You had no right to touch them." His voice had slipped into a growl by the end of this. "Your place is surrounded. Anyone who tries to escape will be tortured to death, instead of dying quickly by a bullet to the brain. Now..... Explain yourself." He growls again.

"I did have a right. Their son got into the gang business. They were fair game." Kyle replies, the position he's in sobering him up.

"Wrong. But, what about his brother?" Gontier hand tightens on Kyle's throat briefly before letting him speak.

"Never heard about a brother. But now that I know, I'll kill him too, if I get the chance." My fiance says, grinning evilly.

"Good thing you'll never get the chance." Adam growls. "BARRY! SAL!" He yells towards the staircase. The two men with the mohawks come down the stairs. The bigger of the two, and this man is huge, like 6'2 and muscular, takes over the task of pinning Kyle to the wall. The other, skinnier but just as tall one, runs outside.

"Wait..... What do you mean, never get the chance? Are you calling the police on my fiance?" I find the courage to stutter out. Gontier laughs quietly.

"You're a naive one, aren't you? Call the police? I'd get arrested too!" He says."I have a feeling you don't know much about what we do. Maybe we'll have to spare you. But your fiance, however, gets the real treatment." Spare me? He means I won't be killed?

Thundering footsteps come back down the stairs, and one of the blond men appears in the room, looking pissed. "Where the fuck did you get this picture!? My brother and myself were the only two with copies!" He screams at Kyle, holding the small frame. I can recognize the blue around the edges, and know what he is holding.

"What do you mean, only you and your brother? Only my brother has another copy of that picture. It was taken when he was a kid........ I haven't seen him in years." I stumble over my words but get them out. It's an old picture, taken eight years ago, when I was 18 and my brother was 12. I'm standing with him on my shoulders, his arms around my neck, in it.

The blond looks at me for a second before recognition fills his eyes. I still don't see know who he is.

"Brad.......?" He says softly. Fuck. Now I recognize him. Eight years without my younger brother, and I find him in the gang that my fiance hates.

"Matt.....? WHAT THE FUCKING HELL, MATT!!! EIGHT YEARS AGO I TOLD YOU TO STAY OUT OF TROUBLE!! GUESS YOU DIDN'T LISTEN!!!!" I didn't mean to explode at him, but this is insane. I wasn't there to protect him. Matt was my little brother......

"Brad," He starts as he walks towards me, "before you get pissed at me, which one of us is holding a gun? And which one of us is in the house of a person who murdered innocent people? Our parents, Brad..... He killed them" He whispers softly, pulling himself behind me, placing the end of his gun beneath my chin. I glance my eyes to my fiance.

"Kyle wouldn't do that to me. Would you Kyle?" I say, my voice slightly choked from the gun against my skin. Matt laughs softly.

"I doubt he knew that we were related, Brad. Probably never checked my last name. Never made the connection." Matt whispers in my ear.

"I didn't know, Brad. Come on sweetie, don't look at me like that...." Kyle says sweetly. That soft sound is what I fell for, originally.

"Y-you killed the-em....." I mumble acusingly, tears starting to stream down my face.

"I'm sorry, sweetie. I didn't know, please.... Believe me. He betrayed you the moment he joined Gontier." Kyle pleads, trying to turn this back onto Matt.

Gontier, who had left the room for a bit and brought in some reinforcement, walks towards me. His strong pace makes it look like he's about to hit me.

"Lay your hands on my fiance and I'll fucking kill you, Gontier!" Kyle screams. See, he cares about me. The raven haired man infront of me just laughs and pushes my brother away from me. I let out a breath that I didn't know I had been holding. Then I feel soft lips pressing against my own. I just barely hear the man's whisper of, "Just go with it." Oh, but I do. I let my lips press back and feel his tongue push through my lips.

His hands wind their way up my shirt for a second while my fiance screams. Then it's over.

Gontier turns around quickly, pulling the gun out again and shooting, seeming at random. Then I realize, all the men that hadn't been part of his gang, except for me and Kyle, had just had a bullet put through their head.

"Bring Brad to my place, Zatto to the execution chambers." Adam says, walking out the door.

My brother looks at me for a moment, then yells up the stairs "NEIL!! COME ON!!! BACK TO ADAM'S!!" So, apparently the other blond is Neil, who comes stumbling down the stairs.

"Yea, yea, I heard the shots go off." He says. The smaller one with the mohawk walks back in with a length of rope, and quickly ties off Kyle's wrists. "Oh, Barry and Sal are taking him?" Matt nods to this and Neil looks at the bigger of the two before saying, "Barry, let Sal handle him for a moment and give me a kiss before you go." The bigger one, whose name I now know, hands Kyle off to the smaller, who is Sal apparently and has blond in his mohawk, and walks over to Neil. Barry leans down over Neil and gives him a peck on the lips before helping Sal carry Kyle out.

Matt looks between me and Neil and sighs. "Neil, this is Brad, Brad this is Neil. Come on, Adam wants Brad at his place for some reason." Neil smiles at me comfortingly, and I try to smile back. Then I try to step towards the door..... And fall flat on my face. Matt snickers before picking me up and carrying me out. "Neil, you have the keys!" He calls.

A/N This is the actual first chapter. Most of these will be short, I'm not good with longer stuff.
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