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Oh my Gerard, guys

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Guys, if you read Darkness (this account)'s stories, you might want to read this...

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Hey guys, I'm Darkness's older brother, Light Perez. Huh, opposites much? Our parents were unique. Were as in we never knew our parents. So we live with my aunt. And three weeks ago, she walked in on the eldest brother we have (17 years old) overdosing. Luckily he was saved just in time, but it scared Darkness really bad. So long story short, Darkness killed herself (unfortunately sucessful). So she asked her best friend and brother, me, to continue her stories. She has five chapters saved for each story except for her one shot and the rest I have to finish. It's really depressing news, but I thought you guys should know. It's sad, since she was only 15, but I wanted to warn you guys just in case it starts to suck.

Unfortunately this is not a joke. But I'm still keeping the bio as memory of her. (That sounded really cheesy).

Sorry guys,

Light Perez
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