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Ask Prince Vegeta _2_

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Just another episode of everyone's favorite talk show.

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Disclaimer: I still don't own DBZ and i still wish i did.

Vegeta seens even crankier than usual today.
Vegeta: After a VERY long and tedious disscussion with the author, we have decided to rename the show: Ask The DBZ Cast.It doesn't have the same ring to it, but it is what it is. Now, on to the first question.

Question One:
MuffinButton asks:
Do you ever get sick of OVER 9000 jokes?

Vegeta: Do I ever get sick of them? Some days I feel like shoving a Scouter down the throat of the first person who says 9000!
Goku: Remember when you actually did that?
Vegeta: (laughs) Yeah. Stupid fanboy.
Goku: (sighs) Good times. Good times.
Bulma: I am never taking him to Comicon ever again. Mainly because he was banned for life, but you know.
Vegeta: Next question.

Question Two:
SkittleSocks ask:
Do any of you have an imaginary friend?

Vegeta: Why would you even ask that? Of course none of us have an imaginary friends!
Ghost Nappa: Vegetaaaaa!
Vegeta's face pales.
Vegeta: What do you want from me? I killed you for a reason!
Everyone stares in silence at Vegeta.
Bulma: ... Honey, are you feeling alright?
Ghost Nappa: Is that your wife, Vegeta? She's hot.
Vegeta: Stay away from my woman! I'm trying to host a talk show!
Ghost Nappa: I know. I watch this show all the time.
Vegeta: How can you watch it all the time? This is only the second episode!
Ghost Nappa:(shrugs)) Whatever. Aren't you supposed to be answering questions?
Vegeta: I was trying to answer it, but you interupted me!
Ghost Nappa: Because you lied.
Vegeta: What do you mean? I don't have an imaginary friend!
Ghost Nappa: What about me?
Vegeta: You are not imaginary nor are you my friend!
Goku scoots aways from Vegeta.
Ghost Nappa: Awwww. You're so mean, Vegeta!
Vegeta: I'm mean because you're stupid!
Goku: Ok! On to the next question.

Question Three:
Mr. Dude Guy asks:
Why does Freeza wear lipstick?

Vegeta stares at the paper for a moment.
Vegeta: Different question!

Question Four:
Cheese Pants asks:
Do any of you have hobbies besides fighting?

Vegeta: Well, i believe Chich enjoys screaming at people and hitting them with cookware.
Chichi glares at him and pulls her Frying Pan of Death from nowhere. She gives Vegeta a quick whack over the head before returning to her seat.
Vegeta: (rubbing his head) Thank you for the demonstration, Chichi. Well, thanks for watching. See you next time on Ask the DBZ Cast.
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